Farming Dark Elixir without Heroes at TH9

Since last week, I have been reading couples of questions and nice opinions about farming Dark Elixir at Town Hall 9 without Heroes. Today, I am going to write out you my humble opinion about this topic.

Farming Dark Elixir without Heroes

With awesome attack range and pretty high damage, the Archer Queen is the most powerful tool which can help you farm Dark Elixir Dark Elixir much easier from Town Hall 9. I am sure that we all know how bad it is while farming without her and lots of players find it is extremely hard or even impossible for farming DE in this case.

No, it is not that hard. Currently I am upgrading my Heroes simultaneously and I am still farming Dark Elixir well with those attack strategies below.

Before starting, I’d like to recommend you stay at Gold/Silver leagues for farming If your Archer Queen is not available.

Using GiBarch

10xgiant 10xWall Breaker 5x wizard 80x Archer 50x Barbarian 2xhealing spell rage spell jump spell poison spell

With this army composition, you can attack dead bases as well as break into the core flexibility. 10 Giants, 10 Wall Breakers and 1 Jump Spell are enough for reaching the core of most bases. Your 5 Wizards with their majestic damage can finish the job easily. You should avoid late TH9 bases as well as Anti-Barch/Giant Bases like this one. Your best targets should be TH8 with 1k-1k5 Dark Elixir and early-mid TH9 with 1k5-2k Dark Elixir. I’d like to recommend not using more than 2 spells each raid to minimize the training time (If you don’t want to boost your Spell Factory). Normally I just need to spend no more than 2 Healing Spells on attacking a TH8 base.

Using B.A.M

If you don’t want to boost your Barracks and want a fast-to-train attack composition, you should take a look at B.A.M!

Barracks 1 & 2 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Barbarian each

Barracks 3 & 4 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Archer each

DE Barracks 1 & 2 = 8 minion each

Spell Factorieshealing spell + rage spell + poison spell

Below is an awesome video which explains how to use B.A.M properly. You can take a look at this guide for more details.

Using LoonBAM


If you find farming with B.A.M is tough and requires lots of skills, this strategy should be the another great farming strategy for you! By using this strategy, I strongly recommend you boost at least 2 Barracks for the most effective. For more details, please visit the LoonBAM Farming Strategy page.

With Town Hall 8 players, I think GiBarch should be the most effective DE farming strategy for you guys. You can increase the number of Giant to 12-15 so you can farm flexibility.

Do you have any tip want to share?


  1. I’ve just gone back to basic barch. 1 Barracks Barbs the other 3 archers. I make DE hand over fist it builds up so fast. I find it slightly less efficient for gold and elixir than BAM but the fact it brings in DE so much quicker without the small cost being given up to the minions I find it still the best. Alternatively the lazy farming is still my absolute favorite for boost time

    • Farming strategies I gave above focus mainly on the Dark Elixir Storage.
      What league are you farming buddy? IMO I face it hard to break into the core without Giants but yeah Barch and B.A.M are always the best ones.

      • I’m sitting in Silver 2 or 3 at the minute. I’m hitting the core just on weaker designed bases, picking up stuff from collectors without noticing mostly in terms of DE. Its ridiculous how fast DE can build up even just using barch and getting like 5 DE per raid. Never use CC troops either cause I avoid clans like that plague. Good guide buddy.

    • great suggestion – of course barcher would be an all time efficient troop composition. But I guess that would depend on what League you are and what town hall level you are in. Specially if you are on a higher League, most of the Town hall levels you’ll find are at TH10(s) lesser TH9(s) and rare TH8(s).

      Personally, I would find BAM more effective, the League Win bonus will compensate the use of at least 20-25 Minions **if you’ve reached crystal and above. (w/c cost only 200-250DE if level5) (example. Win Bonus of Masters 2 is it 700 DE, so you gain 450DE). Why minions? there are some structures outside of those bases guarded by mortars and canons w/c of course would be useless if you drop minions. The trick here is to get at least 1 star to get the win bonus, regardless if you just destroy a TownHall or get to destroy 50% of the enemy’s base. Plus, by using minions, it would be faster to fill up your army camp, 20-25 minions would fill up 40-50 of your capacity.

      Lemme know your thoughts =) clash on buddy!

  2. So far so good with my Troop Composition;

    Barracks 1 – All Barb
    Barracks 2 – All Archers
    Barracks 3 – 3 wallbreakers, 6 Giants and 10 Archers
    Barracks 4 – 3 wallbreakers, 6 Giants and 10 Archers

    Dark Barracks – 5 Hogs (better at taking out Wizard towers and Mortars)
    Dark Barracks – 5 Hogs

    Spell factory – All Heal Spells
    Dark Spell factory – 1 Poison spell
    Maximum DE Cost would only be 650 DE per attack but don’t worry, you’ll find alot of TH8 and weak TH9 to get 1,500 – 2000 DE per attack. If you find dead bases, don’t have to deploy your hogs anyway. Only use your heal spells to assist your Hogs, only use at least 1-2 heal spells per attack. I get Gold/Elix averaging from 300k to 600k per attack even without Heroes. The Good thing about this is by cooking some hogs to your troop composition, it’ll be faster to have full 220 troops. And if you compare cooking 5 archers vs 1 giant, cooking 1 giant will be faster by 5 seconds, calculate 12 giants wherein your saving 1 min vs just cooking 1barracks barb and 3barracks archers.


    Note: This strategy would require you to have at Level 6 Giants and Archers and at least Level 4 Hogs (Level 5 would be better of course) and Rank should be in the range of Silver 1 to Gold 2

    With my Troop Composition with 8-10hours of Loots I can max out both my Gold and Elixir at 8m each, while getting Loads of DE.

    Try it, lemme know if this works for you guys. I know i have shared this already in another section! Right will? hehe

  3. dunno why but my BAM strategy isnt working

    Minions lvl 3 barb & archer lvl 6 and wb lvl 5

    Im cleaning buildings outsides and make a funnel, then i use the wallbreakers to get trough the walls ofc, and then everything is going wrong xD

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