Dark Elixir Farming Tips

This post is a ultimate guide from gamer88. I think this guide is really helpful not only for who are confused about farming Dark Elixir, but also all of us. In this guides and these below attack log videos, he usually uses King, Queen, 28 Balloons, 40 Minions and Healing Spells for raiding. All these troops are trained by Elixir, except Minions, but Minions just cost a very small amount of DE, so I think this strategy is reasonable. By the way, how to use Dark Elixir is always a big question in Clash of Clans. You should read this post for more suggestions: Spending Dark Elixir Guide.

farming dark elixir

Tips and Tricks for farming Dark Elixir:

  1. Gold League is the best place for farming DE.
  2. Don’t attack under 1500 DE villages.
  3. Try to use just 4-8 Balloons for each Air Defense.
  4. Attack from the closest side to the DE storage.
  5. Don’t use Rage Spells instead of Healing Spells because it just takes only 30 minutes for training and your troops can be trained in this time. 2 Healing Spells are enough for a raid.
  6. Use Healing Spells when your Balloons are next to the Wizard Towers or on the way to the Air Defenses.
  7. You are doing farm, not pushing rank so save as many troops as possible once you’ve destroyed the DE storage.
  8. Don’t use all Balloons together. Use them wisely.
  9. Don’t care all other defenses, which are not on the way to the DE storage.
  10. You don’t need to use your Heroes for all matches. Sometimes they are the best way to clean the defenses, but sometimes they are not. It depends on the enemy’s base design.
  11. Try to lure all troops in enemy Clan Castle. One Balloon is enough for destroying all Archers. 2 Balloons are enough for Wizards…
  12. While you are doing remove CC troops, use Balloons for taking out other defenses. Play two things together, it’s not hard.
  13. Deploy some Balloons at some close defenses together. While those defenses are attacking your first deployed Balloon, the other ones can remove them all.
  14. If all defenses are out on the way to the DE storage, 2 to 3 Minions are enough for the last work.
  15. Try to avoid the Inferno Towers.

Here are some example videos:

Do you have any other ideas about farming DE?


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