Do’s & Don’ts List for new Players

Hello fellows, today I’d like to give our new Clash of Clans players this post as a small advice, although I will no go much in detail but I hope these tips can help you choose the right ways, help you out as well as follow guides on cocland easier. Thanks NewBee for giving the idea of this topic.

Tips for new players

You should

Prepare meticulously before upgrading your Town Hall

We all love the feeling when pressing the Upgrade Town Hall buttton. But that is not a good idea at all If you just care about the Town Hall level. Upgrading your defensive buildings and troops gives you a good preparation before facing stronger enemies at the next Town Hall level and decent experiences about units in game. You don’t want to defend against Town Hall 7 troops with just Town Hall 6 buildings, trust me!

Focus on offense more than defense

Of course defense matters but Offense is always the best way to defense. This is absolutely correct in both farming and Clan Wars:

  • Farming: You can always attack several times before logging off and getting attacked. If you place your Town Hall outside, you even will lose nothing except 1000 Gold + 1000 Elixir and get the free 12-hour shield. You always can earn more than losing.
  • Clan Wars: If your Clan have decent attack strategies and can take 3 stars from all of the enemy bases, there is no reason for losing any Clan War.

Upgrade your Collectors and Mines

Especially at low Town Hall levels (TH2-TH6) because you don’t have many buildings to work on as higher Town Hall levels. Collectors and Mines always give you a juicy amount of loot when you are not playing (after sleeping, after working,…). You can take a look at this analysis to see why we should upgrade them.

Think clearly before attacking

Supercell gives us 30 seconds for planning strategies before attacking a base. Look for the best way to enter the attack, trap placements,… This is a long-term experience. You can draw experience from failures and after a decent playing time. I can’t write more details about this here because there are tons of things you should care about. Read guides on cocland and then you can everything you should do at this step.

Join a Clan

Of course not an inactive Clan. Joining a Clan helps you meet other players, learn tips, tricks from them and receive high level troops that can help you much in farming.

Centralize your Clan Castle

I can see that a lots of players at low Town Hall levels don’t care much about the defensive Clan troops. They are extremely important and effective for defending. You can see that when you attack a base without checking the Clan Castle, right?

You should centralize your Clan castle to prevent the enemies from luring your troops out with ease. Some lazy players even don’t care about the Clan Castles If they are not lurable.

You shouldn’t

Leave empty spaces in your base

When editing your base, don’t forget to check it clearly before saving. An small empty space inside your base can always be the dead point, which can help the attackers pervade and get your loot easily. Traps and Hidden Teslas can’t fill the empty spaces, you need to remember this. Of course you can do that If you are working on a troll base and you know exactly what are you doing.

Place your Storages outside and in just one compartment

The reason of defense is protecting your loot. There is no sense at all If you place your Storages outside and let the attackers get them without doing anything. You should also put your Storages in different compartments so the enemy troops need to spend time on breaking the Walls, your defenses will have time to deal with them then. If you put all of them in just one compartment, once the enemy troops enter that box, they can get your loot easily.

You can read more about this topic at mistakes when designing base layout.

Deploy your troops at a single spot

Because the enemy Wizard Towers and Mortars can wipe them out quickly. The Giant Bombs and Spring Traps can also hurt your army badly If you do that. Drag your troops to minimize all risks.

Attack a base If you aren’t sure about it

Just press the Next button If you face a juicy majestic base and you don’t know how to attack it with the current army composition.

Waste your Gems

Don’t waste your Gems. Don’t use them for boosting your Collectors, Mines or even when doing the Tutorial at starting. Building new builders is always the top priority IMO. If you have 2-3 hours for playing each season, you can spend your Gems on boosting your Barracks. That will help you farm much faster.

Those tips above are the most important ones that I think you should read and pay attention on. Do you have any advice for our new players?


  1. for your every loots use goblins….to damage the resources 2x to get more loots…and the first thing you do is use barchers to minimize the defense of the enemy to loot more….and the second one is use giant-healer in war…it is effective to clan wars….and dont forget to engage the air defense…..because air defense are the enemy of healer….so thats all…

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