Defeat the Rolling Terror with TH7 troops

Hi guys, this guide about defeating Rolling Terror is the next one of the series “Dominating Single Player Campaigns with Town Hall 7 troops”. After defeating the Rolling Terror, you will receive 500k Gold and 500k Elixir!

Here is the screenshot of this wicked campaign:

Rolling Terror Clash of Clans

Here is the army that we are going to use to destroy this breathtaking village:

63xBarbarian 50xArcher 8xwizard 8xgiant 5xWall Breaker

3xhealing spell

How to defeat Rolling Terror at Town Hall 7

The screenshot of this village I use below contains all hidden traps in order to specify how we deploy troops easier.

How to defeat the Rolling Terror

Step 1: Deploy 1 Barbarian to take off the Giant Bomb there.

Steps 2:

  • Deploy your 8 Giants, 2 couples of Giant for each Wizard Tower.
  • Deploy your Wizards, 4 Wizards for each Wizards Towers. Drop 1 Healing Spell to protect your Wizards from being taken down easily.
  • Drag 25-30 Archers in a line in front of the Wizard Towers after deploying your Giants.
  • After taking down all WTs and the Mortar, send all your Wall Breakers into the war to destroy the Walls between the Giant Bomb and the Mortar.

Step 3: All splash damage defenses are down so the game is very simple now. Just send all the rest of your army into the battle, drop the Healing Spells once your troops start hitting the small house and Hidden Teslas.

Step 4: Use the bonus loot wisely.

You can also watch the video of  MAD Brother Gaming below to image the attack easier:

After finishing the Rolling Terror, you should read this guide to see how I defeat the Megamansion at TH 7.


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