Crazy Loot with New Multi Player Matchmaking

As most of you know, the way you get matched with opponents in raiding has changed because of the new update . In the old system you would get matched with ANY base with similar trophies as you. Now you will get prioritized against bases your own town hall levels.

crazy loot new Clash of Clans update
This is bad news for Town Hall 7s and Town Hall 8s that Town Hall snipe in Masters League, because they are now getting matched with other town hall 8s and 9s in crystal league, which are only 1-5 trophy offers. There have been many complaints on the forums from these players.
But this is GOOD news for farmers!!! Now ANY Town Hall level can drop down to Silver League and find AWESOME loot! How is this possible? I (Clash Without Gemming) am a Town Hall 9, and if i were to farm in silver league using the old system, I would run into many town hall 4s and 5s and be wasting gold on skips. With this NEW matchmaking system I only find town halls 8-10 with the very rare town hall 7. I am able to find the inactive and rushed town hall 8-9 farming bases that have been hidden by lower town halls in the past.
Watching this video will give you a good grasp of what its like to farm in silver league:

End of story is, drop them trophies! Town hall 10s don’t have to farm up high anymore! Your attack log will start to look like this:

attack long with crazy loot

Enjoy your loot, say thanks to CWG and waiting for our next Clash of Clans Guide!


  1. contrary to what this article states, this is not good for farmers. in fact, its takes away the farming system completly. Why drop trophies if ur still going to get attacked by ppl higher or the same lvl as you? imo, the raiding system was fine before. now ( as a TH 9!!!) all i get are maxxed TH 10’s raiding me and stealing everything i have. sure, theres more loot, but theres also more ppl stealing that loot. i liked the old matchmaking system, why change it? and btw, to combat the photos of “massive loot” in this article, heres what happened to me pictured below. ppl steal a lot from u, thus canceling out the benefits of the the loot system. Ik i probably wont be heard and supercell probably wont care, but i cant be the only one who feels this way. i would like to see the game restored to its former glory :/

    • Well, I find farming a lot harder now. As a TH9er, I often get matched up with maxed Th9 and pretty strong Th10, no way to get to the loot with BArch, I need to use LavaLoonion or Gowipe to farm.

      Also as i was in Masters league i found a lot of players in Crystal and even Gold!!! What the hell? A lot of 1-5 Trophy offers as not a lot of Th9 are around 3100 trophies, it also is a disatvantage for non Th10s to go pushing into Champs.

      I hope Supercell will consider to change this to as it was before the update.

  2. Great update, but what do you think will happen when all the mature TH9 and 10 are raiding in Silver League? i believe at the date of this post you cant even find any bases in silver league with loot above 200k in their collectors. Bad move Supercell!! 🙁

  3. I agree as a maxed th9 farming is a bust you can find the loot but it’s always a th10 and you end up spending more than you get in return nobody seems to think about what they spent in troops before they attack I went up to masters just so I knew I would get the good bonus

  4. The new update screwed up matchmaking. The update has been designed to favour advanced TH9 and TH10 players at XP levels higher than 110 who can now easily find players below XP 85. On the other hand, TH9 and TH8 players under XP 85 cannot find equal opponents to raid. You either get highly advanced villages or you should be content with a 50K resource loot These victims can no longer save up for upgrades that start at 4.5 million and more. I have been struggling for the past one month. I am a TH9 player with no xbows and level six troops yet. And all I have after a month of struggle is 2.5 million elixir and 1.2 million gold. And I am a very active calsher. So I said “screw you, supercell” and stopped playing the game.

  5. wow this is getting very confusing to me at TH8, I was trying to go to masters to farm the 180k resources bonus but noticed that getting there is very difficult and not very resource rewarding plus I am getting raped by TH9 and higher even with my TH on the outside. should I be going back down to gold league? should I stay or should I go? Thanks for this post !!!

  6. I hate the new Matching system i turned th10 about 1 month ago and i have been trying very hard to farm Elixer to upgrade troops but its not happening because im spending 280+ on troops & spells i have to use top troops and i end up losing loot … Time to find a new game coz supercell seem dead set on screwing coc up completely

  7. I dunno about the old system (since I started playing 9 July 2015), but I’m quite satisfied with the current matchmaking system. @TH5, i had 100-150k loots of each resource per raid. Currently @TH6 I’m haviing 150-250k loots, with the record of best loot standing at 300k per resource. BTW I’m sitting around silver league (1,2,3). I attack TH5-8 with exposed resources, or sometimes TH5-6 with bad defense.

    Well, of course I have times when I go for 20k-50k loots just because I want to raid badly, but getting 100k+ loots is quite frequent.

    I also see my clanmates TH9 get decent loots: 200-400k + 500-1500DE (we “brag” each others’ loots in clan chat). I dunno the standards for TH9, but I think it’s not bad at all. They’re sitting in gold 1 and 2.

    For now that’s what I think. I dunno what’ll happen once I get higher TH levels though.

  8. Good day Potter,

    Wanna ask your expert opinion.
    I’m at maxed TH8 in Silver 1-2 and farming only as per necessary by using Barch+boosting only 2-barracks. By doing so, I used to get around 3-4 mils in 2hrs boosting. Basically, I thought it’s not too bad.

    So, is there any pros/cons to go all the way up to Champion league with my current status ?? Many thanks in advance.

  9. some guys who have maxed in 3 years of clash got lucky by playing before new matchmaker, Ive been th eight since june 20 something of 2014, and just today am I maxed (with exception of earthquake spell). I feel the new matchmaker is slowing me down, also considering I was 2760 trophies when this update happened and I stared getting hit by crystal league max th 8 for 35+ trophies and getting 1-5 a raid, I ended up dropping to crystal 1 (I fell 260 trophies) and wasn’t able to work back up because of update. I actually found bases that were challenging but not unbeatable and was very much enjoying the game, Th update ruined that for me and a lot of people

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