Choosing a Clan in Clash of Clans

This guide is for all the beginners of Clash of Clans, who have just finished the Ruined Clan Castle. This useful guide fromĀ GoblinKing999 will show you what your new clan should and should not have. After reading this guide, this one will be useful for you: Ultimate Clan Guide.

choosing a Clan in Clash of Clans

First of all, you aren’t going to want to start a new clan. You just blew 40k on the clan castle and you shouldn’t blow another 40k just on started a clan that you will eventually delete. Besides, no one wants to join a clan where the an un-experienced player is the leader.

These are the things a perfect clan for you will have. Finding a clan like this will be hard so it’s okay if you are lacking one thing but nothing more.

Here are the main expectations that your clan must have:

  1. They should be all active. An inactive clan will have players that aren’t in any league which means that they don’t have that shield next to their name.
  2. Make sure you can follow the clan’s requests. Some clans ask for a certain town hall leave or troop level so make sure you read the description before joining.
  3. Look at the last few people in the clan. Notice their levels. Not trophies. A player’s experience level shows you how long they have been playing. If you are in the last three then don’t join that clan. Look for a clan that has players in a similar league. For example, if you are in bronze join a clan of bronze and low silvers. If you are in the silver league, join a clan with most players in low silver. This strategy will make sure that you and your clan mates are on the same page. So that you can give them what they request for instead of not having the troop or a lower level than what is asked for.
  4. Make sure the clan has won 10+ clan wars. Clans wars are a crucial part of the game as they are a major source for your loot. You don’t want to join a clan that hasn’t won a war in a month or doesn’t like having wars.
  5. Make sure that most players have donated at least 50 troops. This will ensure that you get troops when you ask for them. Having troops in your clan is one of the best thing about having a clan. So having that advantage will help.
  6. Some players love having power in a clan and some don’t mind. If you love having power then make sure the clan isn’t one of those clans where half of the people are co-leaders. These type of clans give a lot of people the power to kick and demote so you might not want to join a clan like that.

Spend a few days in that chosen clan to see if you like it or not. But don’t be a clan hopper meaning that you join and leave constantly. Find a place to settle down and stay there because it does have it’s advantages.


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