Check capacity without collecting Collectors

Have you ever wondered that “how to check your Elixir Collector/Gold Mine capacity without collecting them”?. In this small post, I am going to show you how to do that.

This is just a funny tip and I think most players don’t care about it…

Checking Gold Mine capacity

It is pretty useful in this case: When your storages are all full but you just lost a small amount of Gold Gold forĀ  tapping the Next button and Elixir Elixir for training troops, this trick will help you much. If you collect the Elixir Collectors after spending Elixir for training troops, you will waste a lot of Elixir while farming because your Storages are all full. If you know that after collecting, your Storages will be full, just ignore those pumps and you will save lots of resource.

Another case, a part of players like collecting collectors when they are almost full.

So there are 2 ways to do that without collecting the collectors/mines:

  1. Select a wall piece~> Select Row ~> Tap on a Collector/Mine and you can see the info without collecting them.
    Sellecting a row wall
  2. Select a building ~> Move it on another building (it will be turned to red color) ~> Tap on a Collector/Mine and you can check its capacity without collecting.
    Moving a building in game

Thanks to Spliffs_A_Lot and Qwertykj for sharing this great thing! Nothing really special but I hope it will help you somehow!


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