The best time to upgrade The Barbarian King

There are plenty of answers and opinions for one of the most popular questions in Clash of Clans: What is the best time to upgrade the Barbarian King?

He is one of three Heroes in game, who requires a lot of time and also Dark Elixir Dark Elixir to upgrade. By knowing the answer of the question above, the growing time of your village can be boosted a lot.

When should I upgrade Barbarian King?


At level 1, he has 120 DPS and 1700 HP and they will be 259 DPS and 4453HP at level 40. A level 40 king Barbarian King can be a real wicked beast once he can get into the enemy base core, as you can see in the video below:

Firstly, if you don’t know, TheΒ Barbarian King is basically a larger and more powerful unit than Barbarians. You can summon him by spending 10,000 Dark Elixir Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7. He is an immortal unit in Clash of Clans, just can be summoned once and will never die entire the game. You can read more about him at his specific page on CoCLand.

Clash of Clans Barbarian King

Getting Barbarian King is the top priority and the most dazzling moment of all Town Hall 7 players. By having him, especially when he hits level 5 with the new Iron Fist ability, your farming speed can be skyrocketed. Don’t spend Dark Elixir on anything until your King reaches level 5! Although there are 2 other units which require Dark Elixir to be upgraded at TH 7 are Hogs and Minions but truly they are quite weak, you will just use them from late Town Hall 8, so you don’t need to care about them at this time.
After the new update with the nerf on zapping DE, farming Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 is now pretty harder. This guide will give you some useful tips for Farming Dark Elixir at TH7.

At Town Hall 8, you can work on him while upgrading Hog Rider and Golem. If you are a hard farmer, just max him out! It doesn’t matter If you go to Town Hall 9 without having level 10 King because farming DE at TH9 is much easier. From Town Hall 9, you will have to work on both Barbarian King and Archer Queen at a time, this will be a bit harder for choosing the best time to upgrade one of them in order to not affect your farming speed. This guide will help you find the answer for this question.

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  1. I really afraid to upgrade my archer queen, everytime i upgrade her my gain lot will become really low and i usually just ger half it. -_-
    Anyone can tell me the bestway to farm without archer queen? N also without using spell?

  2. i got to th7 4days ago. i already have dark elixir drill and storage. I want the king but farming for de is soo hard (i’m in gold 3). I don’t want to gem him. Should i upgrade defenses to protect my loot better, and farm for like a week. Or should i (can I ?) farm like crazy in like a day or something? How d’you guys get your kings and how long after upgrading to th7?

    • The same here. Got it two days ago and made dark drill and storage. Also upgrading barrack for dragon and spell so I can finally have dragons for war.
      Will says at mid th7 we can get king but mid th7 is around in a month and I would like to upgrade king for that time since this game takes months to have some good upgrades. I saved 1700 dark elixir for now and made mantis farming base. Not losing much dark elixir for now but I guess more I have, more dark elixir raiders will attack me just to get it. I plan to farm as much as possible for a week and then maybe I gem the rest even I am very gem savy player that only gems 2 barracks.

        • Thanks, 2200 de now πŸ™‚ I’ll boost my barracks twice tomorrow and see how much I can get. If I get so close I’ll prepare food and drinks and boost untill I get 10k, I think it’s possible since I’ll have around 3000 till tomorrow.

          • Got the BK, 4h of boosting. I think I could do it faster if I was skipping and attacking only dark elixir drills outside of base but couldn’t resist if I saw full mines and elixir collectors πŸ™‚

          • Once I got BK it never stopped upgrading til lvl 5. It’s quite easy to farm DE. I use 12 giants, 72 archers, 60 barbs and 4 wb. Use heal spells if needed. Just try to find 500+ DE and request for wizards or giants. It’s easy. I’m TH8 now and that’s what I’m still using. I’m just two weeks into TH8 and upgrading BK to lvl 9 now. It’s really easy you don’t have to boost.

          • Thanks for advice, gonna try that combo. I’m using now 50 barbs, 30 goblins, 5 wb and 110 archers. I throw rage spell sometimes to get to the core if possible. I guess it’s much easier with your combo and it doesn’t take much more time to train.

          • I don’t use Goblin that much because in my army comp my archers get the DE storage already. Just use giants so that you have a tank for mortars and wizards. You can do it man!

          • 1 week has passed since i am th8.And the best technique according to me is either 200 goblins or some wall breakers…Since the new upgrade has favoured goblin attack.Find a base with th outside and dark elixir drill too…filled with de…n just throw some goblins dere.One can easily get 150-500 de in a single raid n dat too not wasting all d goblins.

  3. I reached th 7 around 3 weeks now and I aldredy maxed out everything including the king except the troops… I didn’t farm for resources bit just th sniped my upto champions league and the loot bonus you get there can full your storage in like 15 raids… I suggest you guys also doing the same

  4. If u are th 7 and don’t know how to farm DE, I’ll tell u. Use 16 gigs, 8 wiz, 12 wallbreakers, 20 goblins, 8 barbs, 31 archers and 1 hog. Also u need 2 heals and 1 rage. Lure cc troops with 1 gig and 1 hog and beat them. Use all gigs and 2 wallbreakers, clean buildings wich u don’t need with all barbs and archers, use 2 wallbreakers again, deploy king, all wizards and again 4 wallbreakers and use the rage. If wizards couldn’t take the DE, deploy all bombers that u have, all goblins and use the last heal. This strategy I used to farm DE from TH 8!! on my th 7, and after 2 weekends i had 5 lvl king, 2 lvl hogs and 2 lvl minions. Good luck πŸ˜‰ And attack base only if it has more than 1k DE

  5. 1 week has passed since i am th8.And the best technique according to me is either 200 goblins or some wall breakers…Since the new upgrade has favoured goblin attack.Find a base with th outside and dark elixir drill too…filled with de…n just throw some goblins dere.One can easily get 150-500 de in a single raid n dat too not wasting all d goblins..

  6. im a th8 on silver 1 league and my king is already upgrading to lvl10 atm and i am just only 2 weeks on th8, i upgraded my lvl5 lightning first then now my lvl3 drag will finish 4d from now.. my trick on getting so much d.e is simply. farm dead base with barchers , with lightnings with you , if you’re lucky enough to find a dead base with a dark drill with 1k+ d.e on it, youll just make way and hit it then use lightning on it if u cant get to it.. and when my gold and lix are full, everytime my bk is finish upgrading, i am upgrading it again right after it is finished. I use giwiarch with 5 wallbreakers and a healer to farm onto th7 bases with full d.e storage which is worth 1k d.e … and sometimes i trade my elixer to 2k or more dark elix using mass lvl2 drag, just dont matter the loots just aim for the townhall and d.e storage… dont mind attacking bases with 1.5k or lower d.e if ur doing drag raids for d.e , just pick th8 bases with 2k or more d.e so that your d.e raid will worth it… Remember! just dont get bored in nexting to find the base with rich d.e πŸ™‚

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