Best time for farming in Clash of Clans

You must have noticed that sometimes you get extremely high loots and sometimes, just the opposite, you get loots which are really low, what if I tell you that it undergoes a statistical pattern, what if I tell you that the best time for loots, that is, the time to get the highest loots can be predicted? Wouldn’t it be great? You can boost your barracks at the right time, without wasting your gems on the wrong moment. Just imagine if you had the key to the treasure of massive loot.

what is the best time to farm in game?

So, this tool actually exists, and works perfectly fine. The tool is called “Clash of Clans Forecaster” and can be found online at here, there is no sort of downloading and installing required, just open the website and it opens your doors to the treasure of loots.


About Clash of Clans Forecaster

This tool forecasts the relative amounts and numbers of unharvested mines and collectors in Supercell’s Clash of Clans. It simulates players habits around the world to provide an overall view of the quality of raids you can expect to find in the game.

Reading and Understanding the Tool

On the top left corner, we have a small reading “Loot Index”, this is the evaluation of the loot you’re expected to find from a scale to 1-10.
Then on the immediate right of it, we have the box “farmer’s forecast”, it summarizes the complete present situation and the loot in the near future, i.e., in the next few hours.
On the right of the “Farmer’s forecast”, we have “World wide stats”, this features some advanced terms like loot minutes( about which you can read on the same website, if interested).

And then, just beneath all this, we have the most important part of the tool, the forecasting graph, this graph takes time on the x-axis and the loot available on the y-axis, the scrollbar in the graph can be used to access the complete 24 hour graph on the loot available at the parallel time, this is a massive help as we can pre plan our raiding time and if you’re planning on boosting your barracks, you can judge what the best time would be.

Also, there’s a blue vertical line on the graph which marks the time we’re at, this tool must be calibrated according to the time of the region where the creator of the tool resides. To make it easy to connect with the timings, the blue line has been planted.



For illustration, the screen capture of the tool reads a 7.9/10 at the loot index, which is a great opportunity to loot, The farmer’s forecast summarizes the graph, telling about the change in condition of the loot and stuff. Now, coming to the graph, the blue line is at the second division in between 2pm and 3pm( time according to the creator), the graphs shows the loot to be excellent like an hour before, and the slope of the graph is decreasing with time to the loot being okay and then the loot becoming terrible.

The best part about this tool is that it is free and very accurate, it has been tested by our team and we’re very satisfied with the tool. All the rights of the tool are reserved with the creator and we’re just sharing it with our fellow Clash of Clans’ players.


  1. how do you know how many players offline at time which dint even came(current time 11am but it also show players offline at 1pm) and i see same chat of players offline n loot..i m bad at explaining hope u understand wht i meant to say

  2. This is a really great guide that I have seen in a while! I’m a major th9 farmer and there is never loot when I go online, but now, I can check what time most of the loot is, thanks! [ios]

  3. Hi I Love this Webside mAn Its Awesome Its Helps me Alot .. Keep Update News I Visit Everyday Here im Big Fan Of You.. But Bro I didnot Underatand when its show Green and China People Are sleeping should i change They lauguage and attack coz they sleeping and i will Get More loot Or any Lauauge Okay? pls Reply waitin..!

    • Hi Rehman.
      You can see that, while playing, you can always find people from around the world. I am in Poland and I absolutely can attack a guy in Brazil. IMO country means nothing in Clash of Clans!

      • Soo If They show Time Is Good For Loot and Chinese People Are sleeping so i can Search from English Lauaguge Only No Need To Do chinese Lauguge that i can Get they Loots because they sleeping Because when i see the bottom Green still i search alot and cant find good loots thats why im confuse .. Please Reply

        • Hi Rehman.
          You just need to remember this:
          You can farm perfectly when It is green.
          All people in the world are playing in just 1 server. Some countries have a lot of players, some others just have a few.

  4. So basically this says that the loot is only affected by the time? Nothing about servers or such? My example, I have an account where the “Local” is a country in Europe, and if I play from the U.S. during the day, the loot is really sick. If I play during the day from the European country, the loot sucks. I was thinking that maybe the game tries to find bases which are by players near your “Local”, so if you can play when they are sleeping, you will have the best loot.

    • Hi Brian.
      Basically, there is just one “server” in Clash of Clans and If you are from England, you always can find a player from China or Japan.

      There are a lot of players from all over the world but there are couples of big countries which have much more players than others like U.S or China. The best time for farming is while those countries sleeping.

  5. FWIW, the guy who manages this site has released a 99¢ app. Considering how much work he put into developing this predictive model, and how accurate others have found it to be, 99¢ for the app is a nice way to show support for his work. I grabbed a copy and like it; eliminates the bars and such if the browser, quick and easy to use…. I can run it on any iOS device while playing on others. Very convenient.

  6. Hello, I was looking at the graph and it looks amazing.I have a question.
    Is the search queried on the whole Supercell server or is it just from the league i am in?Because, when im in silver, I only get bases from silver and not from other leagues.Point out how this Graph is useful?

  7. Will help me… with this new update they say that farm is a bit bad… but can you try and tell us the best league to farm when the loot is good… thanks for this site man…. i finally put dragon4 🙂

  8. Hey Will, thanks for this useful information. Btw, Im still new at th10, so can you tell me which league should i go for farming since i keep having the problem to find a good base to farn, currently im at crystal league 3 n the loot i gain so far really suck. Thanks. ^^

  9. Hey will, that’s a great stuff. Btw, I’m still new at th8, I Want to push my league from Silver I into Crystal League. Can you give me some tricks and the best base for pushing trophy? Thanks in advance pal.

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