5 Gems = 2 Hours of Boosting Barrack

I noticed this trick today morning, I decided to do a quick test and yes, it was working well. In this post, I am going to show you how to have up to 2 hours of boosting Barrack with just 5 Gems.

Barrack Boosting Trick

Okay so this is my short story about how I find out this trick. Today morning, I boosted my Barracks for an 1-hour farming season with the Milking strategy, At the same time, I accidentally noticed that I had exact 15 minutes of Village Guard left at that time. After a few minutes, I came back to the home town and accidentally noticed that although my Village Guard had 10 minutes left, my boosted Barracks still had approximately 57 minutes. Yea, you got it!
I also tried to test this again couples of times and it did work every single time. I was using iOS with 4 boosted Barracks If you are a bit curious about this.


So basically when you are on the clouds (like the screenshot below), the Barracks timer doesn’t go down. I also tried to test this with Spell Factory and Dark Barracks but that didn’t work. This trick does work only on Barracks. Just slowly nexting why waiting for your troops instead of staying at the home village or turning off your screen. This is extremely helpful since the 1-gem boost even for Barracks is gone. Boost your Barracks ~> Queue troops ~> Hang out in the attack screen and slowly Next ~> Attack ~> Repeat. That’s it!

Just told my Clan mates about this trick and they confirmed that their boosts lasting over 2 hours. Why don’t open the game and give this a try! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment If you find something else!

Also, don’t forget to share this trick If you find it helpful. Clash on guys!


  1. I har to understand this word “Hang out in the attack screen and slowly next”. how can we keep cloud screen stay longer? sorry I slill low in undertanding english., can you explain it with picture ( like you explaining abstrategy) and/or with video?
    and 1 more thing that i hope you can made it, i hope the video that you post is foowed by a text for more detail,. like this one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=maIuEfJ1Ayo

  2. Doesnt work. Boost my barracks earlier and keeps eye on moy archer tower for its remaining time to finish. It has 2hrs rmaining when i boost the barracks. After 1 hour the boosting end and the archer tower have 1 hour time

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