Ash’s Journey to Max Heroes! How to Farm Dark Elixir Fast! Vol. 1

Hey guys, my name is Ash and I’ll be going on a new and epic journey of maxing out my heroes and my town hall 9 base. I will be upgrading both of my heroes at the same time at all times, AND without boosting. In fact, I won’t be using any gems on this journey. That’s right I’m going to upgrade both of my heroes at all times without boosting my barracks.

I’ll be documenting my journey on YouTube, so check me out at (Episodes of my attacks below!)

Road to max Heroes

How to Farm Dark Elixir Fast!

Since I will need a lot of Dark Elixir fast to keep both my Barbarian King and Archer Queen on upgrade, I will need to attack a lot and get the Dark Elixir by attacking the DE Storage. I will not be able to farm DE quickly if I just search for drills outside because they are rare and take a very long time to find. Since I’m not boosting Barracks, I’ll also need an army that is quick to train, so I can get a lot of raids completed in a short period of time. So here’s what I cook:

  • Barracks 1 & 2 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Barbarian each
  • Barracks 3 & 4 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Archer each
  • DE Barracks 1 & 2 = 8 minion each
  • Spell Factory = healing spell and rage spell (Heal Spell only take 20 minutes now to cook, and Rage Spells 30 minutes!)
  • Dark Spell Factory = 1 poison spell (for safety, excellent for taking out Clan Castle troops)

Trophy League: Silver 2 – This place is awesome because I don’t have to worry about winning raids, which means I can steal the Dark Elixir and head out immediately and not use all my troops if I don’t have to.

This is a very quick-to-train army without boosting your Barracks and I recommend everyone to cook this if you’re not boosting your Barracks. So how do I attack with this composition? Well here’s one example of the potential of this army from the 2nd episode of my journey:

1. Use a few Barbarians to check for Giant Bombs outside. Also, if the Town Hall is in the way at the corner of the base, then remove it out of the way so that


2. Remove the outside buildings. You must remove all buildings that are closeby on the outside so that your Barbarians and Archers have enough space to focus on the center of the base. Then when you have all the defenses targeting your Barbarians and Archers, send out a pair of Wall Breakers to break inside the first layer, which will allow your Barbarians and Archers to all group together inside the opening.


3. Use a combination of Wall Breakers and Rage Spells to quickly remove multiple layers and wall junctions and create an easy path towards the Dark Elixir.


4. If there are Splash Defenses (Wizard Towers or Mortars) guarding the Dark Elixir Storage, then place a Heal Spell to nullify their damage on your Barbarians and Archers. The Heal Spell will keep your troops alive for a few more seconds, while the Rage Spell will allow your troops to quickly steal the Dark Elixir!



5. Watch more of how I raid and make Dark Elixir fast with this method and also follow me on my journey by subscribing to

Here are the first 3 episodes of my journey!

Episode 1 Intro:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:


  1. how about for TH 7? after new update, cant use spell again. i dont know to loot DE. i use this tips but my WB is fool for destroy wall. how to use WB perfectly for hit walls which we want?

    i never touch DE storage, and my WB always die before hit walls 🙁

    sorry if my english bad im in indonesia 😀

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