An example for funneling your Heroes

Funneling your Heroes properly is critical for any 3-star strategy. If you do it right from the beginning, the whole attack will go smoothly.

Hopefully this is nothing new for you. The example shown here is from a Shattered Laloon attack, but the same principles for funneling are used whether you are attacking with LavaLoon or Hog Riders, and for both cold blooded (1 Golem) or Shattered (2 golem) attacks.

If you are leaning to use GoWiPe strategy, I think these tips will be also pretty useful for you because funneling a Barbarian King is as hard as playing with P.E.K.K.A.

Stupid Barbarian King!

Here is the base pG is going to attack:

the target to attack

Start by aiming your Golems such that they will tank for your Wizards (or Minions if the base allows and  it also depends on your attack strategy).

drop you Golems wisely

As your Golems are taking damage, drop Wizards for cleaning your way from outside in. Normally four wizards are enough (two on each side). If there is a high HP building like Storage, you can use Wizards for that building.

How to drop the Wizards properly

In this case, pG happened to use 6 Wizards.  Try to carry not too many Wizards into the battle. (Remember to save 2-3 Wizards or Minions to cleanup at the end of the attack)

Next, drop your Archer Queen in the middle.  Your Archer Queen, alongside your Wizards, will clear the structures to create a funnel for your Barbarian King.

It's time for our AQ

Once your funnel is nearly done, use your Wall Breakers and/or drop Jump Spell or Earthquake Spells, depends on your strategies.


  • Golems will move and stop tanking for your Wizards and your Wizards will most likely die at this point.  Be patient and use Wall Breakers/Jump Spell/Earthquake Spells only after the funnel is nearly completed.
  • Be careful with your Wall Breakers!  Make sure always doing timing to avoid Mortar hits and path them away from any Golems that are being hit by Wizard Towers.

Drop Jump Spell

Once you have a wide funnel, the king really has nowhere else to go except where you want him to.
Barbarian King joins the attack
Note: Have patience on Dropping the Barbarian King.  You don’t want him getting ahead of the Golems and taking hits from the enemy Clan Troops or defensive buildings. Make sure enemy CC is locked on by your Queen/other troops and that Barbarian King will not run in front of everything.  Then you may drop him.  Creating a very wide funnel will allow you to drop BK in very late.

Now start the rest of your raid. For LavaLoon attacks, try to take out an Air Defense on your way to the Queen. For GoHog attacks, try to take out a Double Giant Bomb spot on your way to the Archer Queen.

Basically funneling your Barbarian King is the same as P.E.K.K.As. If you find it hard to redirect your P.E.K.K.As into the core while playing with GoWiPe, I hope after reading this small guide,  that will be not a difficulty anymore. Many thanks to SI Warriors and Eddy 2.0 for giving us these helpful tips today!


  1. Great post! I’ve been using dragons for a while and am getting quite good a funnelling them. Not sure why I haven’t really thought about it when using GoWiPe. Great tips and I’m sure this will bring me much more success 🙂

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