Valkyrie Tornado Attack Strategy

Valkyrie is one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans but not much players like using her. I bring this small attack strategy here today to show you how powerful she is and I hope there will be a lot of more matches with Valkyries in game.

Valkyrie Tornado Attack Strategy

Valkyrie Tornado Composition

Valkyrie Tornado works perfectly from Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 10. Here are 3 army compositions for each Town Hall level. After couples of battles, you can find the best one yourself.
We will use these troops and spells in this attack strategy val wizard giant Archer healer Wall Breaker healing spell rage spell and freeze spell

Town Hall 8:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries + 10 Wizards + 6 Giants + 10 Archers + 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle: Giants/Wizards.
  • Spells: 1 Healing Spell + 2 Rage Spells.

Town Hall 9:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries + 15 Wizards + 6 Giants + 10 Archers + 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle: Giants/Wizards.
  • Spells: 1 Healing Spell + 3 Rage Spells.

Town Hall 10:

  • Troops: 8 Valkyries + 15 Wizards + 6 Giants + 10 Wall Breakers + 10 Archers + 4 Healers.
  • Clan Castle: Giants/Wizards
  • Spells: 1 Healing Spell + 2 Freeze Spells + 2 Rage Spells

Why do you call this strategy Valkyrie Tornado with just 8 Valkyries?

Valkyries have a quite long training time, we can’t wait 3-4 hours for just one raid and they are not cheap. 8 is a perfect number!

How should I use spells?

Lightning Spell for killing enemy Clan troops. You can read this small guide to see how exactly this spell works.
Healing Spell for troops which got separated from the Healers.
Rage Spell: Use when your troops are in the core and you want them to finish their job as soon as possible.
Jump Spell for dealing with the Walls.
Freeze Spell for dealing with Inferno Towers. You Healers will be useless if you can’t stop Inferno Towers.

How to do Valkyrie Tornado

  1. Deploy Giants + 2-3 Healers to distract the enemy defensive buildings.
  2. Deploy a couple of Wizards and Archers to clear all outside buildings and create a clear path for your Valkyries. You can drop your Clan Castle at this step.
  3. Deploy Valkyrie one by one to make sure they can go through the core.
  4. Deploy the rest of Healers to protect Valkyries and Wizards.
  5. Send the rest of your troops + Heroes into the battle.
  6. Watch and use Spells.

For more details, you can see these two videos:

If you want to try this attack strategy and practice it in a quick way, I recommend you try the mod of Xmodgames. With this mod you can set your troop combos and spell combos in the simulate attack without having to wait for training. Of course the simulate attack which is designed for practicing only, it will not affect the normal gameplay.

If you have any questions about Valkyrie, feel free to ask and I will try my best to help you!


  1. I have almost never attacked enemy th8 in war, but I think it’s time to start hitting higher numbers (I’m getting valkyries today:) I have lv5 giants, lv3 healers, lv4 wiz, lv4 wb and of course, lv1 valks.

    I only have 190 space right now, and my thoughts were 12 giants, 9 wiz, 3 healers, 4 valk, 6 wb, and 3 minions(just in case.) 1 healing 2 rage. Please tell me if you have a better idea for my troops.

  2. You keep talking about lightning and jumping spells, but you don’t list them. There’s also not enough spell room for a healing spell, two rage spells and a lightning spell at th8. So do we just disregard that you talked about those spells?

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