Ultimate Guide to Hog Rider Attack at TH8

Hi guys! Today I am going to give you the ultimate guide to attacking with Hogs. This guide will just focus on explaining everything you should, must and need to know when playing with Hog Riders at Town Hall 8. This guide is from Fireteamsarefun. If you are at a higher Town Hall level, you can read the quick guide for Mass Hog Riders.

TH8 Hog Rider Guide

Town Hall 8 and Hog Riders

Hog Rider Army Composition

There isn’t the best army composition. After reading this guide, based on your favorite attack styles and the base you are going to attack, you can pick the best composition yourself.
Here is my favorite army when I play with Hogs:

4xArcher 5xBarbarian 4xwizard 35xhog king 3xhealing spell poison spell

Scouting Step

If you are looking for a base to attack with Hog Riders, the most important thing you must consider always be Double Giant Bomb locations so you can prepare and focus on that place when attacking. A base is perfect for attack with Hogs If that location doesn’t make sense (outside the base, not between defenses,…).

The second thing you must look at is other traps/Hidden Teslas and how they will affect your attack. A base with well-placed Spring Traps and trap Hidden Teslas can even take out a half of a Hog Rider army. If you see small empty spaces in the base and think those can be Teslas, regard them as other defensive buildings and predict how they will affect the pathing. Spring traps usually be placed between defenses. Always watch out for those spots and see how your Hog Riders will be lured so you can attack from where the funnel ends, trigger the traps at first.

Does that base have exposed Barbarian King? If yes, drop your Barbarian King and some troops to kill him at first then you can save a lot of Hogs further.

Does that base have any exposed defenses which are not protected by Air Defenses? Couples of Balloons from Clan Castle can do the job.

Lure out then kill Clan troops

Although this step is pretty easy but you should always optimize it for the best results of all attacks.

There are 3 options for you to do at this step

  1. Use 1 Giant/Hog Rider to pull troops If the Clan Castle are not placed deep inside the base and doesn’t require a long time to be pulled.
  2. Sending 3-4 Hogs to destroy a defense and lure out Clan troops at the same time. Normally 4 Hog Riders can always destroy a defense but sometimes with low level defense 3 Hogs are enough. I usually use this method to lure Clan troops out because It can also aid pathing of the main Hog army.
  3. Sending 6-8 Hog Riders into the base to lure, take down 1-2 defenses and accomplish eliminating Giant Bobs at the same time. The ideal base to do this is the one which has 2 side compartments, 1 has 1 GB and the another side has 1 DGB. If you go with this method, you should bring clean up troops to deal with the time.

Clan troops Vs. Clan troops


The Witches can be very useful with Hog attacks but you must know how to use them correctly. You should drop them at the corner so the Witches will have space and time for calling Skeletons to distract the enemy Clan troops and your Wizards will not be hurt when attacking from the back. You can bring couples of Barbarians and drop them right after the Skeletons. Once the Skeletons are all die, the enemy Clan troops will attack the Barbarians behind and your Witches will have time for calling their babies again as well as your Wizards will be still safe. 4 Wizards are always sufficient to protect the Witches.

Clan Castle Troops in Hog Attacks

After luring out the Clan troops, drop some Barbarian to distract them and drop your Clan Castle and then couples of Barbarians right after the Skeletons. Spread your Wizards/Archers when your Barbarians and Skeletons start attacking the enemy Clan troops. Don’t forget to drop a poison spell to slow down and drain their health.

You can see all details in the video below

Hog Rider Attack Styles

There are plenty of attack styles with Hog Riders out there but here are 3 most popular ones that I have known:

1-2 finger style: Holding 1 or 2 fingers to sending Hogs into the base. The advantage of this style is pretty simple If you are new with Hogs and you can heal a large number of Hog Riders at once since they always stick together. The disadvantage of this style is it takes pretty much time to go through the base as well as very vulnerable to Double Giant Bomb and Spring Traps

Asian Wall: Drag your Hogs in a line and then attack from a side. The advantage of this style is that it can take down all initial line of defensive buildings quickly so you can drop your Healing Spells inside the base to cover the whole base and reduce the risk when facing Spring Traps. The disadvantage of this style is that it is pretty difficult for beginners to track the Hogs during the attack and choose the best place for drop Healing Spells since they are all spread out.

Asian Wall Hog Attack

Surgical: Sending 3-4 Hog Riders for every single defense to quickly eliminate defenses. Surgical Hogs works much better than other ones because it can minimize the risk of losing troops when hit Spring Traps or Double Giant Bombs since Hogs don’t stick a lot together. Once you are pretty familiar to your Hogs, this is the best style for you. All bases with point defenses on the outer ring or spread out bases are ideal for this style because your Hogs will not need to deal with a lot of defenses at a time.

Surgical hog attack

The main attack with Hog Riders

Foremost, make sure that you have killed all Clan troops because they can ruin all Hog attacks anytime.

After scouting, find the best areas where you will drop all the Healing Spells or at least your first two spells. Once you deploy all your Hogs, the only thing you need to focus on is the placements to drop Healing Spells. Although Hogs are quite soft but they still have a decent amount of HP, don’t rush but also don’t hold the Healing Spells too long.
Watching replays are the best way to have important experience with Healing Spells. You can see how to drop them, which one works, which one doesn’t works via replays obviously. I have seen plenty of failed attacks and just because of an useless Healing Spell drop. Pay attention to every Healing Spell.

If a small Hog squad leaves your main army, just let them die. You shouldn’t care about some individuals and ruin the whole attack. Keeping the Healing Spells for the main group with 20+ Hog Riders is much more important.

If you can’t use your Barbarian King at the early of the attack such as killing the enemy Barbarian King, using him as a tanker for your Hogs is always a nice idea.

Hope you can bring lots of more 3 star wins for your Clan with Hog Riders!


  1. Wow, when I maxed out my hogs to level 4 for TH 8 I was shocked at how effective they were. A gowipe can’t even come close! Quite a few times I have had an attack where most of the hogs are still alive at the end of the attack. It almost makes me think that I would have acheived three stars without using other troops. I haven’t tried surgical hog. I have got to give it a go and see how it works.

  2. Never got into using hogs really, upgrading barracks for hound and balloons in lab at the moment, but I think I’m going to do hogs next after reading this post.

    I think I took more away from the video showing how to use witches to deal with cc troops,, awesome idea,, hopefully I can make it work for me.

    Ps nice how in previous post you talk about how to place big bombs to target hogs now you show us how to attack with hogs,,, lol I like your style.

    Cheers ?

  3. I have been using lvl4 hogs on my 2nd account for a while now in clan wars.. Most of my clan at th8 still use drags on Anti Drag bases and fail… Hogs are a great alternative and fairly easy to do…. just pick the right base… My army comp is typically 32 Hogs, 8 wizz, 6 barbs, 2 archers. 3 heal 1 poison. lvl6 loons in CC

    Normally send in 1 or 2 Hogs to lure. find the spot where a single archer can go. drop a barb to bring the cc troops into a corner. then drop a couple of barbs followed by 4-5 wizz then when the barbs die just keep dropping the barbs as a distraction CC troops done… normally Asian wall my hogs the opposite side to where the few wizz are… use the heal spells in potential GB locations or generally by the wizz towers. use my king as a distraction use poison to kill skellie traps (useless against drags dont bother) Use the last 3-4 wizz as cleanup and drop CC loons once last AD has gone.

    Normally get 6 stars a war using that…… -Android.

  4. Sometimes Pig Riders prove useless I never do this but recommend doing this: 25 Pig Riders(125 Space) Two Healing spells, One Rage Spell(And a Poison)6 Wizards(149 Space) 21 Archers(170 Space)A Lava Hound/Golem/6 Giants/6 Balloons/3 Valkyries with 3 Minions(That makes 200 space) If more than 200 than extra Meat Shields are recommended…As well as Witches. If more spell space, a Jump Spell is not required as Pigs jump the fence. Freeze Spells and Haste Spells or Extra Rage spells can help. Take your heroes too.

    “If” not yet 200 space, meat shields can be reduced. For Th7-10 there is an expected Level Three-Six Castle. What you should carry: EXTRA HOG RIDERS !!

    Please correct my mistakes(if any) Thank you to read(if you do) and hope this helps(if it does)

  5. I’m pretty new to COC .. under a year — rushed my base initially (didn’t know what that meant until “kids” mentioned it. Now am on my way to pretty strong TH9 as I’ve caught up .. being new, drags seemed like most comfortable attack … but now realizing that can only go so far and so I’m going to give the surgical hog attack a whirl … will report back.

  6. Fail! As suspected, my support troops not high enough level … have lvl 5 hogs … and lvl 5 wizzards, and lvl 5 wall breakers … but just lvl 1 witch and lvl 1 golem (clan mate donated lvl 3 golem..) and then my king is lvl 7 and AQ lvl 5 … so, I’m going to practice the attack .. just to get comfortable, but will wait to war until I have upgraded witch, golem, AQ and King!

  7. Hey i m pretty good with hogs but the problem i am facing is m a new th8,, i cn 3 star th8s with mid-low defenses with my level 2 hogs, but i m facing an opponent with almost maced defenses n its still 6 days before my hogs are level 3,, cn u help with this base and propose a good strategy,, m good almost all troops,, i have level 3 drags, level 5 wzads, level 1 golem n pekka,level 2 hogs, n level 4 spells and poison,, n with todays update i cn get a level 1 eq or level 1 haste in my clan castle.

    • Save Dark Elixir for your hogs to be at least level 3, preferably level 4. Most people will say to save for 4, but 3 worked alright for me. Also, level 3 dragons would be preferred, but level two work alright, I guess. Seeing that this base is underlevel, I would go with maybe mass drag and 3 rage spells from the lower right side. This would guarantee a 1 star because of all the buildings there. If you are successful and take out both ADs, then you should have to two star ready. Just make sure the rage spells are for your drags to take out the ADs, and make sure each spell hits at least 4 dragons

  8. Will, I’m at early th8 but I have lvl 3 dragon and lvl 3 hog, my enemy at the clan war is a very very maxed th8 (I wonder why he didn’t upgrade to th 9, lol), I doubt zapquake can 3-starred his base cause the airdef placement is very good, but i never tried mas hog rider strategy before.. which one is better, zapquake or mas hog?

    here it is the picture of my enemy base

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