Ultimate Barch Guide for Town Hall 7

This guide will show you how to use Barch strategy in Clash of Clans most effectively. Although for Town Hall 7, but I think all suggestions in this guide are helpful for everyone. This guide was written by Milos22. Thank you so much dude!




What is the Barch Strategy in Clash of Clans?

Barch is Bar-arch. Barch is a strategy in Clash of Clans which just use Barbarians and Archers for raiding. Clashers usually use this strategy for farming because it cost not much elixir and time for training troops and very effectively!


Spells for raiding

I would recommend you to use 1 x Lightning Spell and 1 x Rage Spell. You may think it’s a weird combination, but this is why:

  1. Because Clash Castle troops are usually archers and barbarians. The first Lightning Spell will be used for removing them all.
  2. The Rage Spell will be used if you need more power in some case. I rarely use it because It’s expensive and requires a lot of time for training.
  3. The last Lightning Spell is for destroy low health defenses or building when you are at 49% and you don’t want to lose your trophies.

Training Troops

Suppose that we can train total 200 troops. I recommend train 100 Archers, 2 Wall Breakers and the rest is for Barbarians.

What is the best League for farming?

I think about 1000 trophies is very good for farming If you’ve just completed upgrading to TH7. If you are preparing to go to TH8, Gold III League is the best place for you. You can find Dark Elixir easily at this league.

How to use Barch for raiding:

Don’t care about the loot in these below screenshots. Just look at the strategy!

Step 1: Take a quick look and see where is the loot and the Clan Castle? Is the loot in the collectors, mines or in the storages? Is the Clans Castle lure-able?
In this screenshot, you can see that the loot is in the mines and collectors because the storages are all empty. The Clan Castle at the bottom, next to the corners, it is not centralized so the troops can be lured.

Step 2: Drop a Barbarian next to the Clan Castle to check if there are troops or not. If there are, drop more 2 Barbarians to lure them all and just use the Lightning Spell to remove them if they are Barbarians, Archers or Wizards. If the troop is Dragon, keep calm and say good bye to it by your Barbarians and Archers.

Step 3: If mines and collectors aren’t in attack range of any defenses, drop a few Archers to wipe them out.


Step 4: With Barch strategy, Barbarians are used like Giants because they have a good health for tanking. Use them as the shield for Archers by dropping a line of them before deploying Archers. Archers can deal good damage and have a good range, they will be the second line.ultimate-barch-guide-for-town-hall-7-3

Keep deploying a new line of Barbarians if the previous is dying. If not, the defenses will shoot our Archers and that’s not good. Keep the shield alive!


There are a lot of way of using Barch in Clash of Clans. What is yours? Can you tell us about your Barch strategy and we will discuss about it!


  1. I skip the breakers, outnumber the arch by four with barbs and use a clump of barb to breach the wall after enough out-of-wall buildings have been depleted to the left and right. Breakers are suicidal whereas barbarians push right on. I use two healing spells and a single rage spell

  2. i use barch in every battle but only two star and rarely three star but instead i make two barracks full of archer s and two full of barbs. i have lightning speel a rage pell and a healing spell. it works winders for dark elixir but not for trophies. if you can improve this please tell me how

  3. best league for farming de as th7 or th8 is gold 2…
    because the strat 105 archers, 85 barbs and 5 wall breakers are very helpful….
    I get 302,000 elixir and 350,000 gold in almost every raid of barch
    I usually look for dead bases with lots of loot in collectors, mines and drills
    wall breakers for dark elixir storage walls to be open and then barb king can take that out
    nice strategy for those who are only a beginner
    dark elixir gained 1000+ always (look for bases which have this much loot)
    giants sometimes could be used to get some trophy push done
    I do not recommend that though

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