The Ultimate Guide to GoWiPe Attack Strategy

GoWiPe is the most popular attack strategy in Clash of Clans. We all have heard about it but do you know how to use it properly with the most effective way? This guide is going to show you everything about this strategy!

In this guides, I use some parts and screenshots from Thej. All credits go to him! Also, I will try to make it as simple as possible.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans

About GoWiPe Attack Strategy

GoWiPe is a super powerful attack strategy with Golems, Wizards and P.E.K.K.As (Gos, Wis, PEs,). Because of its power, by using it, getting at least 2 Stars is not hard at all. You can go with GoWiPe once you are at Town Hall 8. Because this strategy costs a lot of loot, we usually just use it for either Clan War or attack at high leagues. If your Clan wins the war, you can get lots of loot bonus, so why not spend a few raids for a powerful army?

In Clash of Clans, Golem is the troop which has the highest HP, Wizard is the highest damage per second ranged troop and P.E.K.K.A is the highest damage melee troop. Golems will be the tankers, they will be talking damage and protecting the rest army while your P.E.K.K.As and Wizards are destroying everything.

Can I replace Golems with Giants?

Yes, you can, but it will be much less effective. Although with the same housing spaces, Giants have more HP but:

  • Golems will split into smaller ones after they die.
  • They can break all Spring Traps.
  • Golems deal damage to the enemy buildings and troops nearby when they die. Sometimes, you just need couples of more damages to take down a defense.

GoWiPe Troop Composition:

After couples of months using GoWiPe, I have found the best composition for GoWiPe. This is the best one for me, maybe it is not the best for you. If you have any ideas, please do a comment!

  • Troops: 2 Golems, 15 Wizards (at least level 5), 3 P.E.K.K.As, 10 Wall Breakers (at least level 5), 3 Barbarians and 2 Archers (at least level 5).
  • Clan Castle: 6 Wizards and 1 Barbarian for 25 spaces. 7 Wizards, 2 Barbarians and 1 Minion for 30 spaces.
  • Spells: There are a lot of combination for Spells. Attack with GoWiPe couples of times and you can find the best one for you. Here are some of them:
    • 3 Rage Spells + 1 Healing Spells + 1 Poison Spell.
    • 2 Rage Spells and 2 Healing Spells + 1 Poison Spell.
    • 2 Rage Spells, 1 Healing Spell and 1 Jump Spell + 1 Poison Spell.

So our army will be like this:

2xgolem 15xwizard 3xpekka 10xWall Breaker 3xBarbarian2xArcher

Clan Castle – 6xwizard  1xBarbarian 1xhaste spell

Note: If it is hard to lure Clan troop outs, you can train 1 Giant or Hog Rider and remove 1 Wizard from the army. If you want to know when you should lure the Clan troops, take a look at here.

Things you should know before attacking:

You will not like the Inferno Towers. They are GoWiPe slayers. They can quickly kill your Golems and wipe your Wizards out. Don’t attack Town Hall 10 with strong Inferno Towers If you have another choice. Normally I don’t see many players use this strategy above Town Hall 9.

You will not like the Teslas. Four Teslas around the Town Hall can stop every single P.E.K.K.A in an instant.

How to use GoWiPe

Where should I start the attack?

You will want to attack from the side which has Heroes and Mortars. The Heroes can always hit your troops later and the Mortars will wipe your Wizards, prevent them from going further. That’s why you should to attack from this side.

Another option is that you should attack from the side which has the highest damage per second buildings in the core. We all don’t like X-Bows. I was unable to get 3 stars sometimes just because a X-Bow stayed there and killed every single troop of my army.

If the base is fully symmetrical, attacking from the side which has Town Hall is also a good choice so you can always get at least 2 Stars.

The base I am going to show you as the example isn’t a really solid base but it can shows you how GoWiPe works perfectly.


Start luring Clan troops out

Drop your Golem/Hog to lure the Clan troop out to the side where you want to start the attack so you will not waste the first troops.

At this time, most Clans use Dragon in War as the defensive troop. If you face a Dragon in the raid, you can easily kill it by using the Barbarian + Wizard combo:


After luring the Dragon to the corner, drop 1 Barbarian right before its face, the Dragon will chase your Barbarian, quickly drop 1-2 Wizard after the Dragon so they can hit it comfortably. Don’t worry If the Dragon kills your Barbarian. Just keep dropping Barbarian in front of it. You can kill the Dragon after a few seconds! (Don’t forget to drop the Poison Spell on it to slow it down as well as drain its HP).

Start attacking with the main army

Firstly, deploy your Golems slightly away from each other for soaking up as much damage as possible.

Then, deploy your Wizards in a line right after the Golems, they will clear outside building easily. Take care of the Mortars and deploy your Wall Breakers wisely to open the base. When the enemy Barbarian King comes out, drop the Rage Spell on your troops to cover them, your Wizards will take him out quickly.
If you have the Archer Queen, you can use her at this step in order to take out the enemy King faster. Also, she can snipe down any defense over the wall easily with her insane damage.



Deploy all of your P.E.K.K.As and they can go directly into the base through your Rage Spell since all outside and first layer buildings have fallen. Deploy your Heroes and Clan Castle troops after all other troops.

Use another Rage Spell once you’ve finished the second wall layer so your Queen and Wizards can take the Town Hall out quicker. Don’t forget to use the Healing Spell when your troops are in the core. With the hep of the Healing Spell, your army can easily survive the core.


Don’t forget your Archers, use them to speed up the raid by deploy them next to unprotected buildings. Sometimes using Minions is much better If those buildings are protected by Cannons and Mortars. You need to scout before the attack and choose the best side to start attacking, then, take a look at the opposite side and you will know which cleanup troops you should use.


Also, there is still 1 Haste Spell left, don’t hesitate to drop it before your troops for getting to the target faster, especially P.E.K.K.A’s movement speed is not really good.

Normally, you can get 2 stars easily without any trouble. After couples of Wars, I believe you can easily control the battle and get the last star.

Always remember: Practice makes perfect. Maybe you can’t use GoWiPe properly at the first time. But it will be perfect after couples of Wars.

Take a look at this page If you are looking for a solid base with Anti-GoWiPe feature. Also, like and share this guide if it is useful for you. Happy playing my friends!


  1. I broke my ios device and i have bought a new android phone and now i installed COC , my question is how can i link my account on the old ios device to android without using my old broken ios for it is not functioning now.. PLEASE HELP ME. 🙂

  2. Since the first day i use gowipe, i’ve always get 3 star(th8). I use 2 golem, 1 pekka, 26 wiz, 3 archer and 4 wall breaker. And for the clan castle i usually req for 2 witches (max level) and use 3 heal spell. This is the good combination for my gowipe. Cheers

  3. Hi..I am currently in TH 9 and my PEKKA is in lvl 2 and Golem in lvl 1. Please advise if it is better to use PEKKA or Witch to get 3 stars in war. I have never received more than 2 stars in war using GOWIPE.

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. I have great success with my GoWipe army. I’m maxed th8 with only golems left to level to 2. My army composition is : 2 golems, 3 pekkas, 13 wizards, 6 wallbreakers, 1 barbarian. 2 rage, 1 heal

    I usually look for the side of the base with the most point defense. Aka, the side that has more cannons, archer towers , mortar and wiz towers. 4-5 defenses is ideal. I drop 2 golems, not quite as far apart as most. Then I spread about 8 wizards behind to clear outer buildings. I deploy 2 wall breakers about 1 second apart (groups of 2). Having golems a bit closer seems to work better because I use heal early and usually both golems are inside. Then I deploy my bk as a second tank and then 3 pekkas right behind, this way, the defenses not on your golems will target bk instead of pekkas. Then I release coc troops. I try to save 2-3 wizards for when defense are distracted, they will start to destroy defenses from far side of base once the other units start to take damage. I rage as needed. Works well, about 90% 3 star rate

  5. Giants can work if you don’t yet have golems, but don’t deploy them all in a group, spread them in a short line from where your 2 golems would be, that way, they aren’t grouped together and can tank the maximum amount of damage. Great way to practice before you have golems ?

  6. Btw, if you are solid th8-10 without a rushed base, check out my level 6 clan, Noahs Ark. Use the advanced search feature, type our name and filter for level 6 clans. Were very good, we’ve lost 4 of our last 60 wars. Give us an invite and we will discuss your base with you. And we are 21 and up but exceptions can be made. We war 3 times per week and are VERY organized and mature. Our system works well if you just can’t seem to find the right clan, we might have a good home for you. We do take th7s but you need to be late th7

  7. For the time being, GoWiPe is my war comp now,
    But I can’t get 3 stars most of the time, when put a little apart 2 golems, one will die because of their cc are filled with dragons though, and centralized cc hard to lure. Still my army did went to centre but they all die. Usually get around 67% – 90%. Wiz usually got split up with tanker though.

  8. I’m TH8 and my troop lineup for GoWiPe is: 2 Goloms, 2 Pekka’s, 18 Wizards and 9 wallbreakers. I only bring 3 heal spells and a poison spell and keep healing the pekka’s. I request another pekka for my Clan castle. Works great!

  9. Best way to lure and kill a centralized cc is to bring 2 witches and 1 barbarian in your clan castle. Also bring 1 barb and 2-3 hogs in your GoWipe composition(even if you have to drop 2 wizards and a wallbreaker). Send the hogs over walls to lure clan clastle. Most enemies will have loons and a dragon in their defensive cc now since update and that’s fine. Pull the troops to a side where you won’t take enemy fire with the barbarian, when they get close, drop your cc with the 2 witches and the barb in it as far away as u can so the witches have time to summon skeletons (skeletons will serve as distraction), then drop 2 wizards behind the witches. This method will take out ANY clan castle composition. Then proceed normally with GoWipe strategy. The strategy I suggested is for 200mil troops composition. 2 weeks ago I transitioned to th9 so now I have 4 spells and 220 camp space with 30 cc space but the strategy I gave was for th8s. If you have any other questions feel free to ask

    • Thanks for sharing Jake!
      Sometimes I use this strategy to lure the Clan troops out, it works pretty well. I have mentioned it in this guide:

      • Thanks. My entire clan uses this and at th9 we call it 212, 2 witches ; 1 wizard ; and 2 barbs. Its a great way to kill cc. Especially when using hogs! Because as we all know. If cc doesn’t die when you hog raid. You will get squat as cc will rip your hogs to shreds

          • Yeah always good to talk out the queen if she is not too deep. Ideally the king as well but he isn’t as much of a problem. Also with this cc kill method, poison spell can be saved to kill skeletons from traps and also slowing down the barbarian king (like if your hogs are bunched up and the king is beat in them up, poison Wil kill skeletons and sliw the bk’s movement so your hogs can survive longer). Always take 7 wizards, more than 7 on a hog raid is too many. Use them for perimeter cleanup when defensive at distracted or destroyed

      • For GoWipe at th8 I used 2 golems, 3 pekkas, 6 wallbreakers, 13 wizards and 2 barbs. 2 witches a 1 barb in clan castle. 2 rage spells and 1 heal spell. Recently since I upgraded to th9 I have been using surgical hogs though. WHICH is where you use said army comp as a regular hog attack. 32-35 hogs 7 wizards (no more, no less). Except instead of doing 1 or w streams, I’ll send 3 hogs all the way around the base at each defense. It renders double giant bombs useless because there are only a few hogs in the same place at a time. Very effective. I can go into further details on that later. My clan just finished a war with one of coc’s best war clan and won by 7 stars. We beat Reddit Tau.

          • Thanks buddy. We have a rematch set with them for 10 wars from now. We use a cool website called and you can matchup with a specific clan because you can equally out your war weights and coordinate search times and our leaders have set up a rematch. We have a ton of cool matchups coming up. Were about to hit 100 wins and leave 7 at the same time!

  10. I really need some help/advice about how to 3 star someone (rushed of corse) with infernos. Im th9 and omost every war the enemy has way more th10s and being that im one of the higher levels in my clan i often have to attack a rushed 10 there usually badly rushed but allways have inferno and even though they have th7 level defences those infernos allways keep me from getting 3 stars i know there has to be some trick to overcoming there infernos without freez spells but i have know idea how. The multi target infernos are what im having a hard time with mostly im still kinda new to th9 but im skilled and gemmed my war troops to max my queen need work still level 4 (working on her now) im despite for a 3 star strategy against them rushed th10s iv tryed everything i can think of and still no luck. I dont like going to much lower than my number because some of are members arnt to good and im one of the few that can cover the top guys so i have no choice but to attack there lower th10s but some are so badly rushed and should be easy 3 stars but them multi infernos make it so hard. Please any advice about what army compositions would help or some tip to keep my troops alive past infernos would be really appreciated. Want to do my clan proud if you know what i mean

  11. Guys a tip from my side- Taking much wizards don’t work as much as giving nice cover. Last war I two starred an op th8 with 5wiz (87%). So its just how well u give cover and if u think time will create problem letme tell you that my last war’s attack ended in 2m when all my troops died. But every player is special in its own way… May this help you ;)….

  12. bringing too many wizards is useless if you have no tank front. and personally, in my opinion, maxed pekka in cc, is better than maxed wizards. why? because, as you can see, all the wizards that spawned, is usually targeting the same target. to make it simple is like this, if 1 wizard can do 100 damage per hit, if they hit building with only 300 hp, thats mean 3 of 6 wizards basically hit nothing, and thats mean its reducing your overall dps.

    if you play gowipe, getting troops into the core is piece of cake, but the problem come after that, when your troops in the core, and getting fired by outer ring defenses, especially, if there is tesla left, it will stop your 3rd star most of the time. and maybe sometimes you get lucky, your troops move smoothly that can give your 3rd star.

    another thing is, i think its bad, giving tutorial with that example, cmon, rushed th9 with th7 defenses?
    blocked by lvl 7 walls while getting fired by lvl 8 canon have much difference with getting blocked by lvl 10 walls while getting fired by lvl 11 canon
    and those video too, doing gowipe on matchmaking, with several building been upgradd, its very different with war.
    overall, guide is good, but bad example, there is not many that can be learned. maybe this guide will perfect if the example is against maxed th9, or maxed th8.

    and thats it, if u follow this guide, i guaranteed you, you will not 3 starred maxed th9 this way, except by luck.

    you must have 1 pekka outside with wizard, to clean out side defenses. funneling all your troops straight to center is just like farewell with your 3rd star

    • Yeah I also like 1 Pekka in the cc cause you don’t want to clump up your wizards, you want to place them and at a time, so having seven of them placed at once in the exact same spot isn’t very good. It’s easier with just 1 troop in the cc cause you can place it like a regular troop. Like a th9 using lava hounds or golems.

      • i agreed, on th8, my choice will be pekka on cc. but on th9, especially early one, maxed golem in cc is much better in my opinion.

        btw my composition is always 2 golem and 4 pekka and 1 of them minimum cleaning side base. sometimes using 2.

        th9 is not as scary as th10, 2 pekka with heroes + some wizard is enough taking the core.

        but if i want to attack th10(usually my 2nd attack), i will bring 2 witches. for distracting inferno, especially single target inferno.

    • Hi insan,
      Thank you very much for the great comment!
      Currently I am working on this guide and making it better.
      By the time I wrote this guide, I couldn’t have any better example so that’s why. I will make it better, for sure. Just want to make it as simple as possible since most astute players use Hogs and Lava.

      • Good, and im sorry, i hope i could help you, but i don’t save any replay of gowipe that 3 starred maxed th9. and i couldnt make new one, because currently im off from war for upgrading heroes. and yes, mostly players using hogs and lava because, there is no much difference between gowipe th8 and th9. only golem lvl 4, while pekka stick at lvl 3, and wiz at lvl 5. thats why this strategy mostly popular on early th9, before peoples getting hogs lvl 5.

        if my clan mate doing gowipe and got 3 stars, ill inform you, to make it better

    • i agree with you that send the whole troop to the core is not a good idea, if you are rushing to the core.
      what I mean is that using rage to go to the core faster.
      I usually use 3 healing spell (in th8) when attacking with gowipe.
      i think survival of wizards, which is the source of the damage, is the most important thing.
      what I mean is that while you are in the core, you can still destroy defenses surrounding you if the wizards are alive.

      • i agreed, survival of wizards is important, but the problem against th9 above. there will be a lot of compartment that out of wizard range from the core. wizard may be doing good job against defense that surround the core, but how about next ring? wizard problem is, always going around circling the core, cleaning building around, thats when the danger comes, if they come to spot that not protected by golem and pekkas which busy attacking walls to break through.They will rest in peace.

        thats why we need archer queen there. basically archer queen protecting behind, cleaning outer defense that may endanger wizards. And thats why we need pekka and wizard outside too, so defense may distracted, and our archer queen may survive longer.

        And this is the essence of attacking in clash of clans. Timing and place of troops deployment, so they will move just like as planned before.

        “Those who may control his troops movement, is controlling the world”(clashofclans-insan fahmi)

  13. Hi!
    I change a pekka and wiz for 6 hogs or loons to kill the last building while they are shooting my troops in the core, so I can get the 3th star.
    If walls are lev 10 or more I drop a jump spell, if not I drop a range spell to break the Wall, because it helps to destroy the buildings too.

  14. I personally like to go for:
    -Camps: 1 golem,3 pekkas,8 wall-breakers and the rest wizards (plus a hog if needed and archers/minions for clean up)
    -Spells: 2 rages,2 heals and 1 poison
    -CC: 1 golem (level 5,great tanking potential and also saving some DE)+poison spell
    If I know there’s a hound in the ennemy CC i’ll either drop the poison spells on the heroes or go for one or two haste spells.

  15. Hi Will. Got one for you to try. I’ve bene having great luck getting 3 stars with it on mid-high TH9s in Wars (and similar for raiding although I dont get as good CC troops all the time). This is the ocmposition where I am presuming 250 spaces which is TH9+CC:
    4 Healers
    1 Golems
    4 Pekkas
    13 Wizard
    1 Giant/Hog/Loon (luring)
    7 archers
    Spells: Up to you, but I do 3 rage and 3 earthquake with Earthquake in cc
    The tactic is to lure cc, kill with Queen and Archers (4 healers on queen) at the space in the base you want to go around with queen. As soon as queen starts moving round base she will take out defences going one way. When she has taken out a few, there will be a clear point just oppoise where she started to use a GoWiPe. Creating a funnel only has to be done one side, becasue queen dealt with the other. Earthquake gets you into the core, then pekkas will rush forward with a rage on to easily take out TH and HT around it. Some wizards will go centrally, and some will go round the edge. Use king to protect wizards going round the edge. By the time TH is taken out, queen will have taken out nearlyrly 50% of other buildings so usually I have a few collectors and a few defences left which the queen swiftly deals with.
    -Use 2 rages with the GoWiPe part. One to get them to the centre, one do do damage in the centre. The 3rd rage is to be used if 3 or more point defences target queen, try to use it on her and healers and she wont die.
    – Take out Earthquake for Jump/Wallbreakers if yo uwant, but I prefer earthquake.
    – Use an extra golem with less pekka and more wizards for a slight variation. When I did it this way, I used wizards and golems for the middle part, and king and 2 pekkas going round the ege with 4 wizards behind. This worked a lot better as king and queen met up on the far side before going in to help the GoWiPe.
    Thoughts? Give it a go and let me know 🙂

  16. hey friends please help me to attack this base its urgent i use gowipe
    on it so you tell me army and how to attack my army is lvl5wiz,lvl3
    pekka,lvl3 golem,lvl5 wb,spells heal spell lvl5,rage spell max,jump
    spell lvl1 only also poison spell lvl2,haste spell lvl1 only army
    capacity 220 cc troops capacity30

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