Super Queen HogBarch Farming Strategy

Because I have received couples of questions about farming with Super Queen and Barch after the update so today I’m very glad to introduce this new farming strategy to you. Hope you all will like it!

Super Queen HogBarch Farming Strategy

You will like Super Queen HogBarch because

  • Very quick to train. Efficient army that trains very quickly since you are using all 6 Barracks.
  • Very powerful attack. Very effective attack for raiding Storages inside bases.
  • Highly versatile. You can go for Collectors outside base with Barch, or you can go for Storages or Collectors inside base by breaking in with your Archer Queen coupled with Healers.
  • Less time nexting/searching. You will search less. Why? Because you don’t need to search for a very long time for a weak base or an inactive base. With Super Queen HogBarch composition, you can easily go for a total of at least 400k loot within just a few searches.
  • Incredibly fun and strategic. If you love attacks that are fun to do and require lots of strategies, then you’ll love this attack. With the high versatility of this army, you can do so much in an attack and attack a base in many different ways. Super Queen and Hog Riders are also super fun to use!
  • Very cheap. You are only using 6 Hog Riders and 4 Healers, and the rest Barch and Wall Breakers, so it’s a very cheap composition compared to other compositions that utilize a heavy number of Minions or Giants and Wizards.

Super Queen HogBarch Army Composition

4xhealer 6xhog 8xWall Breaker Barbarian Archer queen rage spell poison spell

You should train your troops like this:

  • Barracks 1 and 2 = 1 Healer + 2 Wall Breakers + rest Barbarians each
  • Barracks 3 and 4 = 1 Healer + 2 Wall Breakers + rest Archers each
  • Dark Barracks 1 and 2 = 3 Hog Riders each
  • Spells = Just Rage Spells and Poison Spell for safety. Also carry another Poison Spell in CC Donation for safety
  • Clan Castle troops = Request for Hog Riders. If not Hog Riders, then Giants are fine.

How to farm with Super Queen HogBarch?

What Trophy League should I farm with this strategy?

I get asked all the time which is the best league to farm in. Well I’ve been having a lot of success in Silver League with the trophy range of 900 to 1200 trophies.

Why Silver? Benefits of Silver League:

  • No concern for maintaining trophies. For instance, you can freely attack outside collectors with little troops and then just quit without winning because it’s so easy to get back those trophies. I don’t focus on winning trophies at all and I find myself dropping trophies occasionally.
  • Lots of rushed bases. There are so many rushed weak bases with loaded Storages inside the base. You’ll have to hard time stealing all that resource with something like Barch, but not with Super Queen! You can easily break inside these bases and get all those storages.
  • More dead bases. There are lots of dead bases in Silver. You’ll find dead bases here more frequently than in higher leagues. While you want to stay away from Bronze League because you’ll start to cloud a lot unless you’re a TH8 player.
  • Easy bully targets. If you want to make loot fast, then you need to bully the Town Hall level below you a lot. Why? Because it’s only a 20% loot penalty. Which means that if you’re a TH9 player and you attack a TH8, then the total loot available to you is only deducted by 20%. That’s very little! And it’s so easy beating any TH8 player as a TH9 player, so you should try to bully as many of them as you can. That’s why Silver League is the best league for that, you’ll find tons of TH8s. Same with TH10s who want to bully TH9s and TH11s who want to bully TH10s, etc.
  • This composition will work in Gold, Crystal, and Masters. It may actually be better for farming in Masters League if you want more Dark Elixir and are using strong Heroes such as at least level 20 Barbarian King and and level 20 Archer Queen.

What bases should be my targets?

  • You want to aim for a total of at least 400,000 in total resource. For example, if you can steal 150,000 Gold and 250,000 from a base, then you should attack it. Whether you attack the collectors or storages for it. As long as you get that minimum total target.
  • For Dark Elixir, aim for at least 2000 Dark Elixir. Remember, Town Halls now carry ¼ of the Dark Elixir. So if there’s a total of 2500 DE being offered for example and all the drills are empty, then there’s most likely 500 DE inside the Town Hall and 2000 DE inside the Dark Elixir Storage.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys like this strategy as well as get lots of loot with it. Just don’t forget to share you success stories and don’t hesitate to ask anything below!


  1. Lol really? I guess it is effective, though.

    Could someone post replays of normal attacks? Like barch and giant-wb-arch-goblin and some th9 attack and th10 and 11 attack. I really like the versatility of attacks on this site, but it needs some traditional info.

    Also I know that his attack probably will make this attack pointless, but what about a super warden attack? You would need to place all other troops before it though, otherwise it’d go to the other side of the base passing an air defense (with healers right be hind it) to help some hogs. lol

  2. Tried hogbarch once lol, failed miserably,,, but now that 1 gem boost is over I know I need to get my dark barracks in on the action to speed up train times,,, I like the idea of this attack over say BAM,,, This attack seems like you can go deeper into a base,, though I’ve yet to try it… and 4 max healers on a queen is amazing I can attest to that,, many a raid I sit back and watch my queen (lvl 13 only,,, 14 upgrading now) with 4 healers just take a pounding but walk through or around a base mopping up…

    I was using a super queen GiBarch with quake and heals… I’m have no trouble driving into a base and swamping it… but train times with no boost are horrendous,,, I was using 48 each barch 12 giants 4 healers 4 breakers heal poison quake,, king lvl 10,, queen lvl 13,,, cc troops 3 giants 3 wiz 3 arch 1 quake or poison,,, just blast a hole with quake backed by breakers to break outer walls if needed,,, send giants create funnel for heros and attacking troops,,, boom dark elixir and TH’s can’t hide,, plus if storages are in a tight circle around the TH’s and dark storage core,,, queen will easily get them from inside out…

    That being said I’m going to try this hogbarch out a bit,,, I need to lower train times

    Cheers ?

      • Lol,,, nope not sharing that at the moment,,, so far not so good ??????,,, mind you queen upgrading so I’m at a major disadvantage,,, been trying the HogBarch from previous post ash did without queen,,, 12 hogs barch breakers heal,,, my hogs are getting slaughtered ??????,,, I use GoHogs all the time so I’m decent at using hogs just not as Frontline troops so to speak… I’ve been mostly smash and grab with super queen GiBarch lately so I think I just need more practice,,, Being in masters probably ain’t helping either,,, though I’d like to stay here or even higher,,, coc 2.0 loot bonus is a major help.

        But train times are very manageable I am really seeing the benefits of having 6 barracks train vs 4,,, hopefully I can get it honed in,,, or find some other 6 barracks attack,,,

        Cheers ?

          • Tried BAM no good for getting into core of base,,, it is a nice cheap quick strategy if your not too concerned with trophies,,, and now that abandoned bases are back,, besides using gobs,, BAM would work nice down in silver and gold…

            I started using giants with my hogbarch attacks HogGiBarch I guess,,, been having great success with it in masters without my queen,,, sending giants into core and strategic hogs to pick off splash damage so my barch can get in behind giants and clear out TH while grabbing a few storages… I’m trying to get to champions league,,, 1 gem boosting has depleated my gems getting 2000 for making it to champions will be nice.

            Cheers ?

          • Yeah BAM is more for collectors not getting into the middle of the base, it’s easier to do collector raids with BAM than barch or something just cause it trains in about 2 seconds.

          • Yep, that definitely helps. And air defenses are usually 1. Closer to the inside and can’t reach them or 2. Attacking too slowly to deal much damage.

  3. This is a awesome strategy will. I made to TH9 just b4 the update and was having trouble farming with barch. So, I decided to farm for DE with strong Gowipe combo and got my archer queen to Level 10. After I found this strategy, I dropped down to Silver II and walaa loot. Also I would like to add that “DEAD” bases do exist at Silver league. I have came across 350k+ loot from these dead bases. The log below are from all dead bases. Also this strategy works with TH8 level troops which I have right now. Thanks Will appreciate your hard work and keeping this game interesting.

  4. Great strategy Will! I like to use this when I don’t play continuously. But when my archer queen is down I still Iike to use BAM. Do you feel like there has been a lot more loot ever since the maintenance break? I was able to fill my elixir stories in just 2 days!

      • I’m currently in th11 n I’m finding a lot difficult to farm ..I used many strategies lyk hogibarch and Baarch ,balloonion.n this ,but its seems impossible for me to raid th10 and th11.on top of that when I search for bases in multiplayer I only get th10 or th11.I’m in crystal league

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