Milking Farming Strategy

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Glad to see you in this new Clash of Clans strategy guide!
Do you find it hard to farm Gold and Elixir after the Clash of Clans December Update? Do you want to farm 400k Elixir within 10 minutes? The new Milking farming strategy, which is introduced by nerf713,  will help you out!

Milking Farming Strategy Clash of Clans

This farming strategy works wonderfully for any Town Hall level and you can easily get up to 1 million each resource within 30 minutes.
I am sure that every one of us has thought about this at least once but most don’t know about the profit behind it.

Milking Farming Composition

goblingoblingoblingoblin jump spellpoison spellqueenking

Seriously? – Yes! For sure!

Fill up all of your Barracks with just Goblins. You can train some Wall Breakers If you want but that will slow down the training progress. In this strategy, we will use Goblins for taking out just Collectors and the Queen for sniping Storages/Collectors nearby. 5 Goblins level 5 can take down Gold Mine/Elixir Collector within 3 seconds.
Poison Spells are for dealing with the defensive Clan troops and sometimes you can find inactive bases will 600k collector loot inside the base, that’s why you need Jump Spells. You don’t don’t need any other Spells. By having the Archer Queen, your income can be increased a lot.

Here are some figures about the Goblin that you should know:

Level DPS on Collectors HP Cost
4 48 43 80
5 64 52 100
6 84 68 150

Although it takes 27,5 minutes to train a Goblin army but we usually just need 50-60 Goblins each attack, that is 6-minute army.

How do we farm with this strategy?

League: Anywhere from Bronze I to Silver III. Just don’t go down to below Bronze I ’cause you just can find TH8s there with 10k available loot. Also, don’t drop your trophy If your Leader doesn’t allow doing that lol.

Targets: We will mainly aim at bases which have half full Mines and Collectors. You can easily identify them just like this:

How to understand the Collectos

Here is an example of base you can attack with this strategy, collectors are half-full and they are all placed outside.


I usually attack a base If it has more than 70k loot each. We just need to use about 50-60 Goblins each attack, so that is about 70,000 – 60*150Elixir = 62,500 Elixir and 70kGold profit for a 6-minute army. Trust me, you can find couples of inactive bases with 200-300k resource each in Silver III. I usually can find a good base to raid after 4-5 Nexts. It is not about how much loot you can take every raid, it is all about the profit.

Normally you just need to drop 5-6 Goblins on each Collector and they can take down the Collector quickly and move to another one, before the Mortar hits them. After destroying most of the Collectors, check If you can snipe any Storages or the Town Hall with your Archer Queen. Make sure that she won’t not be hit and use her ability wisely because you will need her for the next Attack.


Once you have joined this Milking club, you should follow these rules to help other members of the club:

  1. Don’t tell anyone about the Milking Club.
  2. Don’t tell anyone about the Milking Club.
  3. If you find any strong base, snipe it as much as you can then surrender in order to push it to higher leagues.
  4. Always refill your Barracks after attacking.
  5. Boost your army whenever you have enough time to play (recommend).
  6. Take a 5-minute break when you run out of Goblins.
  7. Conserve your Goblins.


In the video below, Seananigansxd was using Milking and made 1,5mGold/1,4mElixir within 1 hour:

Here are couples of my attack logs with this strategy after a few days:


Hopefully you guys like this strategy! Clash on!


  1. This strategy is really AWESOME !

    I have a semi-rushed base (i’m not a premie !) and all i do is farm …

    all these days , i was using the classic BArch attack . But this strategy is a bit better than barch according to loot , but you cannot win most of the raids
    Now , as goblins target town halls too , the probability of winning raid is increased …


  2. I’m trying this tactic and I cannot say it does not work but…. I’m only th8 and I don’t have the queen. This makes me lose quite a lot of trophies. Is there something to replace the queen in order to try and make at least 1 star from time to time?

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