Mass Hog Rider Quick Guide

Mass Hog Rider an attack strategy that can be used for all Town Hall levels 7+, Getting more advanced the higher you go up! This is definitely an useful strategy to have under your belt, for it can 3-star some of those hard-to-beat bases.

Mass Hog Rider Strategy

Lets start with some facts:

  • Hog Rider’s level must be higher than Giant Bomb level to survive.
  • They work amazing with heal spells
  • Hog Riders can’t be attracted by Heroes or Clan Castle troops unless all defensive buildings are taken down.

Keep these facts in mind, lets break down the strategy for the different Town Hall levels!

What base should I attack with Mass Hog Rider?

The base layout with either no or just a few spaces between defensive buildings is an ideal base for Mass Hog attack because Giant Bombs and Spring Traps are two most dangerous threats against Hogs.

Many players are scared to use Hog Riders due to Giant Bombs but as long as you are fast with your Healing spell placements, know what base you can attack with Hogs and predict the funnel of the base you are going to attack clearly, you will be fine.

Let’s take these bases for example:

As you can see in 2 screenshots above, there is no space between defensive buildings except the core but the space in the core is not enough to place more than 1 Giant Bomb so these ones are the ideal bases for Hog Riders.

Mass Hog Rider Attack Strategy

Army Composition

For Town Hall 7 and 8

Troops: 30-34xhog and Cleanup troops.
Spells: 3x healing spell + poison spell

Clan troops: hog

For Town Hall 7 and 8

Troops: 34+x hog and Cleanup troops. Sometimes you can use 1xgolem + Wizards and your Heroes to take down the enemy Queen.
Spells: 4xhealing spell  poison spell

Clan troopswizard

For Town Hall 10

Troops: 6xballoon 1xgolem hog

Spells: 2xfreeze spell 2xhealing spell rage spell

Clan troops: 2x wizard 2xwitch 3xBarbarian

Clean up troops can consist of wizard and minion or dragon. (4-8 Wizards, 10-15 Minions, or 2-3 Dragons).

Step 1: Lure Clan Castle troops out

After luring them out, drop the Poison Spell on them. If some troops still can survive, lure them to the corner then kill them with some Minions, Wizards or Archers,… You can read this guide to see which troops can survive a Poison Spell.

A single Poison Spell can take down a lot of troops

If the Clan Caste is placed deep inside the base and hard to lure If don’t break the first layer, just send 4 Hog Riders to destroy a defense or 6 Hog Riders to destroy 2 defenses + 1 Giant Bomb. While your Hog Riders are doing their troops, they are also luring the Clan troops out.

Step 2: Deploy Hog Riders

Split the enemy base to 2 part then hold your fingers on each part to mass send your Hog Riders into the base as 2 streams. The reason why we should split our Hog Rider army into 2 streams is for boosting the attack speed as well as minimizing the loss and risk If your army face Spring Traps or Giant Bombs when attacking.

After choosing 2 closest defensive buildings for your 2 streams. Before sending your whole army, always deploy 2-3 Hogs nearby to make sure that there aren’t any trap, bomb or Hidden Tesla there. After this step, everything will be very easy.

Deploy your Hog Riders with 2 streams

After deploying your troops, you just only need to keep your eyes on them and drop the Healing Spells once their HP bars turn to yellow as well as when they enter the core where is protected by plenty of high DPS buildings. It is not a bad idea to bring 1 Haste Spell to make your Hog Riders run quickly through the Giant Bombs but this need practicing much.

Once your Hogs have destroyed a part of defensive buildings, you can deploy your cleanup troops. Make sure that they will not be attacked by any defense. You can use Archers, Wizards, Minions or Goblins for cleaning the outside buildings much faster. You can read more about them at the individual guide for cleanup troops.

The video below from Clash without Gemming will show you everything about Mass Hog Rider strategy:

Another way to learn using Hogs is referring and observing Anti-Hog-Riders base layouts to see the weaknesses of this army composition and find the way to fix it as well as improve your skill to avoid them while playing with Mass Hog Rider.


      • I never realized exactly how powerful hog attacks were until I made a mistake during a clan war attack where I was unable to lure out the defending clan troops. Believe me I tried TWICE with a couple of hogs, but when they didn’t come out I got a bit worried about my time ticking away. I went all in. My hogs were so fast that they were able to avoid being killed by the clan castle level 4 defending dragon. The dragon simply couldn’t kill enough in the end to keep them from plowing through the base. I wish you could have seen the last few seconds of the game play where the level 4 dragon was desperately trying to chase down the last hog rider that was racing towards a builder hut on the far side of the map. The dragon was just a bit too slow and the hog rider clutched a three star victory for me. It may not sound so cool, but I did it all with no clan castle troops of my own. I’m not kidding. All of the other members of the clan were sleeping and couldn’t contribute. I was out of shield and wanted to attack before I went to bed, so I just risked it and the hogs did it! Wow, I’m so impressed with hog attacks at TH 8. It takes a bit of time to practice placing the heal spell, but after you get it they are deadly.

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