Mass Dragons and Spells Guide

There has been much debate over whether it’s better to use 3 lightning spells when using Mass Dragons, or if it’s better to use 2 rage 1 heal. The answer is actually both! It depends on the style of base for which you should use. Lets see some examples.

Mass Dragon and Spells

For TH 7s: Use Lightning!


TH 7s only have 2 air defenses!  Air defenses are the only thing that do big damage to dragons.  By removing one, you are removing 50% of the buildings that can to big damage to dragons!  Very efficient!  Just remember that it takes level 4 Lightning Spells to remove level 5 Air Defense.

For using Dragons, deploy 2 Dragons towards the left, 2 Dragons towards the right (red arrows)  Then the remaining 6 Dragons and CC Dragons/Balloons in between (orange arrows).

Since there are 3 Air Defenses with Town Hall 8s, it is sometimes better to use 2 Rage 1 Heal.  Lets take some examples!!!


On Bases that have air defense more spread out towards the outside, use Lightning Spell!  Due to this base design, you will only need 1 Dragon to go right, and 1 Dragon to go left (red arrows) Since the air defense is so spread out.  Then after a few seconds, drop the remaining dragons and CC Dragon/Balloons where the orange arrows, NOTE that you must place a dragon on corner builders huts, or you might get stuck with an ugly 99%.


Ahh remember that tricky TH 8 Moat base design that you could never get?  Well now you can!  The key is to put 2 dragons left, and 2 dragons right (Orange and random grey arrow).  Then wait for some buildings to clear, then put your remaining dragons and cc dragon/balloons where the red arrows are.  Those dragons will go straight to the center, deploy a rage spell once the dragons are getting targeted by air defenses, don’t deploy your rage spells early!  When your dragons are in the hot box, deploy a heal spell where the yellow ring is.  Then depending on where your dragons are, will show where the last rage spell goes.

Basically if air defenses are way spread out, lightning the far defense and spread your dragons across the other 2.  If the air defenses are tucked tightly in the center of the base, use 2 rage 1 heal.

Here is a great video of Mass Dragon 3 Stars, watch it from 10:34!

Hope this thread has helped you learn when to use lightning and when to use 2 rage 1 heal for mass Dragons!  Now go to your Clan War, and get a 3 stars!!!


  1. well if u wanna do a nice 3stars mass drag raids on clanwar, well its easy. I have 2 favorite choice of attacks tho. 1st. 2lvl5 lightning spell, 1 rage spell, 1 earthquake spell , and 5 baloons and a haste spell on your clan castle troops. Just use lightning and earthquake on an airdef which is on the far side of your target’s base (i usually choose the airdef that the airsweeper is pointing at), then make a funnel of dragons that can go to the center of the base or to the remaining air def and use rage spell then drop the loons with haste spell to easily destroy the other defenses since baloons are good for destroying defenses but its only disadvantage is its movement speed, and thats what we need the haste for… Then my 2nd choice of atk is, 2 lvl5 lightning spell, 1 healing spell, 1 earthquake, 5 hogs and a poison spell or haste spell (it doesnt matter) on clan castle troops. To use this spell and cc composition, well it must depend on the base if theres a air def that can hogs can easily penetrate to. Just like the 1st choice of atk, you’re going to use 2 lightnings and 1 earthquake to an airdef, then make a funnel of dragons that can go to one of the remaining air def then use the hogs to atk the other one airdef and use healing spell to keep the hogs alive and can do what u want to happen…. PS. you can even do this with lvl2 dragons, but if u have lvl4 lightning spell , u cant destroy a lvl6 airdef, but you can destroy a lvl5 airdef if u have a max earthquake spell with you…. Good luck for your 3stars th8 drag raids 🙂 I hope this tips will help even though i have bad grammar 🙂

  2. Im a Th7 now its hard to 3 star a base cause of the update of 3 air defenses my attack strategy is using 6 dragons 9 baloons 1 giant(to lure out cc troops) 30 archers (to kill the cc troops) 3 lightning spells (to destroy air def ) and inside my CC backup are max Balloons!! its a good strategy always give me 3 stars and never failed maybe by luck haha….

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