Mass Dragon Attack with Barbarian King Strategy

This smart strategy is from DanIsHere on Clash of Clans Reddit sub. I’ve found that it’s awesome and decided to post it here for all you guys. I always save my King and Queen for the last attack once all my army has died. But after reading this guide, I’ve had new strategy to play!

So the failure began when…

mass-dragon-attack-with-barbarian-king-strategy-1As you can see, I did two mistakes are poorly deploying dragons and deploying the Barbarian King just for a little benefit.
One dragon is not the end of the world, but three dragons doing laps is the major problem. Two dragons for Town Hall is not enough! After this raid, I just had one-star. And It could be three-star if I had put three dragons on the Town Hall. But I want three-star. I know that we all have had this happen, and I have a new plan!

Mass Dragon Attack with Barbarian King Plan


As you can see in the above screenshot, this was my mass drag attack plan. Deploy the first waves to destroy all the collectors and deploys the rest for the last jobs. Perfect plan, it would be three-star raid!

But I had miss-clicked and deployed my dragons too close to the gold mine:
Next, I placed the Barbarian King far from the path of the dragons, far enough so that he could destroy the building before the dragons came and got it:
After this step, my dragons turned back to inside the base. These are the two dragons that were redirected and protected the main body of dragons from the clan castle balloons:
And this’s what I got:

This is really a pretty smart strategy in Clash of Clans! After posting this plan to cocland, I have tested it couples of times and they worked! One of the best raid strategy that I’ve seen!


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