LoonBAM – Perfect DE Farming Strategy

Hey everyone, It’s Ash and today I’m going to share a new LoonBAM method of farming Dark Elixir that is both very efficient and very effective. I have actually been using this method for quite a while and even had videos ready, but then the next day the Air Sweeper comes out and I had to scrap the idea for some time as I had no idea how much the new Air Sweeper would affect this strategy. But after more testing with it and the Air Sweeper in play, it turns out, the Air Sweeper has very little impact on this strategy. And this strategy is still very effective and an excellent way of getting Dark Elixir Dark Elixir.

LoonBAM Farming Strategy

What is LoonBAM Farming Strategy?

I know that B.A.M is a pretty tough army to steal Dark Elixir Dark Elixir from storages, It requires a lot of skill. This new composition utilizes Balloons with B.A.M to make raids easier. And I know that Balloons take a while to cook so they’re very inefficient to farm with if you’re not boosting. However, this composition only requires a few Balloons, so it’s really not going to hurt your efficiency much. Also, I know many people like to use compositions such as Balloonion and the new Super Queen strategy where you use the Archer Queen as a bunch of Healers to get the Dark Elixir. Those compositions in my opinion are not really great farming compositions. And that’s one of the main reasons why you don’t see me farming with them. I wanna help you guys farm faster, not wait an hour to cook up an army just to get 2000 Dark Elixir from a raid. With my methods, you’re going to learn to make a lot more Dark Elixir in the same amount of time.


Also, I want to state that BAM isn’t a good army composition to boost your barracks on, since you can already train it very quickly. But this composition with Loons and BAM is ideal for people who boost and want to make tons of Dark Elixir faster. It’s a much more superior method of farming Dark Elixir fast compared to the popular Balloonion and Super Queen strategies that people spend tons of gems on boosting for.

LoonBAM Army Composition

How do I train my troops with this composition? – You can train it many ways depending on whether you obtain the Balloons as Clan Castle troops, or cook them yourself.

If you obtain them from donations, then you can just normally cook a BAM army with your Clan Castle Balloons like this

Barracks 1 & 2 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Barbarian in each Barrack
Barracks 3 & 4 = 2 Wall Breaker and rest Archer in each Barracks
Dark Barracks 1 & 2 = 8 minion each

You should have 8 Wall Breakers and 16 Minions with a bunch of Barbarians and Archers and some Balloons in your Clan Castle

If you wish to boost but wish to also save gems, you can use the very gem-friendly 2 Barracks boosted method:

Boosted Barrack 1 = 4 Wall Breaker, 4 balloon, rest Barbarian
Boosted Barrack 2 = 4 Wall Breaker, 4 balloon, rest Archer
Unboosted Barrack 3 = All Barbarian
Unboosted Barrack 4 = All Archer

How do I attack with LoonBAM composition?

  1. Spread out a few Barbarians outside the base to test for Giant Bombs.
  2. Start by first sending out your Balloons and using a Haste Spell or Rage Spell to allow your Balloons to quickly remove defenses out of the way. Your main target should be Wizard Towers or Mortars, try to get rid of them with your Balloons.
    Deploy Balloon in LoonBAM
    At the same time, spread out Barbarians to go towards the Rage or Haste Spell AND, at the same time, send out a bunch of Wall Breakers towards the Rage or Haste Spell to allow them to quickly open up multiple layers of Walls. The Barbarians will shield the Wall Breakers.
  3. The Balloons will remove a bunch of defenses out of the way, while the Wall Breakers will open up multiple layers of walls. This will make it very easy for your Barbarians and Archers to go straight for the Dark Elixir Storage. Rage Spell lasts for 10 seconds, to make sure to take advantage of those 10 seconds as much as you can.
  4. If somehow you still couldn’t get the Dark Elixir, don’t worry! You have a Plan B, which are your Minions. So if there’s still Dark Elixir remaining, send in your Minions to finish it off. You dont have to worry about Air Bombs because your Balloons have already traveled through the direction of the DE Storage and have activated all the Air Bombs in your way.

Watch my video explanation above which will show you just how I attack using this composition. It’s a very easy to learn attack and is also very effective and efficient, so you’ll be making tons of Dark Elixir fast!


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