Lava Hound + Balloon + Golem Attack Strategy

In this strategy guide, I am going to bring to you the Lava Hound and Balloon strategy with 2 Golems. I have seen a couple of members in my Clan used this new strategy and scored 3 stars on maxed Town Hall 10 easily.


Lava Hound + Balloon + Golem Combinations:

These three are the most effective combos for this strategy, if you have any others, please do a comment :D.

  1. 2 Lava Hounds, 20 Balloons, 1 Golem, 1 Minion, 3 Wizards and 3 Wall Breakers.
  2. 3 Lava Hounds, 20 Balloons, 1 Golem, 7 Minions and 3 Wall Breakers.
  3. 3 Lava Hounds, 23 Balloons and 12 Minions.

Spell: 1 Healing Spell, 1 Freeze Spell and 3 Rage Spell.

Clan troops: 1 Lava Hound + 1 Ballon or 1 Golem + 1 Balloon.

Quick Lava Hound + Balloon + Golem Guide:

This is a quick guide because you are at Town Hall 10 and you know what is Clash of Clans!

  • Release your Clan troops and your Heroes to lure the enemy’s troops.
  • Release your Balloons so them will not be attacked by the Clan troops.
  • Deploy your Lava Hounds after releasing Balloons because their moving speed is awesome!
  • Once all Air Traps have gone, release your Minions (Wizards/Wall Breakers/…)
  • When the Balloons and Lava Hounds hit the core, use Rage Spell.
  • Use Healing Spell and Freeze Spell wisely.

The below example video contains 2 battles of Exodias vs Indo Eternity Clan War using this strategy:

This guide is from VodkaCoC.


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