How to attack with Barch properly at TH6

Barch attack strategy, or the Barbarian and Archer attack strategy, is one of the most efficient attack strategies at all Town Hall levels for farming. For a Barch troop of 140, you’ll need exactly just 12600 :eliixir: to get the troop ready and just 17 minutes to train them (in 3 barracks, divided equally). Isn’t it great? Getting 300k loot on average with Barch is not hard but It’s all about the technique.

Farming with Barch at Town Hall 6

Why you should farm with Barch?

  • Barch is a cheap farming strategy and very effective. At Town Hall 6, you just need to spend ~13k Elixir for a Barch army.
  • It requires a very short training time, just takes about 16-17 minutes to fill up your army camps.
  • Traps can’t stop this farming strategy. Losing couples of troops is not a big deal at all. All troops are equal, not like the Giant-Healer army composition for example, If you lose couples of Giants, it will be a big deal.
  • If you know how to use your fingers properly, you can overwhelm a large number of defensive buildings easily.

Barch Army Composition at Town Hall 6

At Town Hall 6, you must be having the army camp capacity between 135-150. As the name suggests, Barch, which can be broken into BARbarians and ARCHers, we’ll take half of the archers and half of barbarians. For example, if you have 140 army space, we’ll take 70 Barbarian and 70 Archer. You don’t need any spells as such, but if the loot is great, you won’t mind using the lightning spell on one of the mortars, I’ll discuss it in detail as we go further in the article. So, add 2x lightning spell Lightning Spells in your spell factory, as per choice.

How to choose the targets

It’s very important to select the targets correctly to attack, some of the factors which you should consider are:-

  • The Gold Mines and the Elixir Collectors should be filled up and not empty because it is quite hard to get inside the base and get Storages with Barch. You can read this guide to see which base is inactive easily.
  • Barch is only effective for a village which is very closely packed or very widely spread.

How to attack with Barch strategy

Let me first take a moment to explain you the technique, Barbarians have 65 HP whereas Archers have only 28 HP (stats at TH6), so, what we do is, we first release a layer of Barbarians, which act like a flesh shield for the Archer, Barbarians while acting as a shield also attack the buildings and the Archers destroy whatever possible while the Barbarians are being attacked, it’s really important to take care of the timings in Barch, you need to release the Archers immediately after the Barbarians so that while the Barbarians take the defenses, the Archers are attacking.

The secret of this strategy lies within the timings, if you time your troops well, you have the crown, else this attack can be a massive disaster.

Now, going deep into the attack, the problems for your attack can be the mortars and wizard towers, they both attack in areas, unlike Archers towers and canons. This is the point where the spells come in, if the loot is high, say like around 200k, don’t hesitate to use lighting spells on the mortar, 2 lighting spells shall easily blow up a mortar, this would decrease the chances of the attack going waste.

Drag Archers for clearing buildings outside
Now, talking about deploying troops, the best technique can be deploying troops from all around the base, like make a circle around the base with your finger and troops shall attack from all directions, this is the most effective style of deploying troops in the Barch strategy.

If the Mortar is not blown up, don’t release all the Barbarians together, just release one layer of the Barbarians first, and all of the Archers in the about 2-3 layers (depending on the size of the base), and as soon as the first layer of the Barbarians is going to end, release another so that the mortar doesn’t take all of them down at once.

You may like to take something in your Clan Castle troops, bases can be tough to attack with Barch sometimes, anything in the CC would help, a dragon or hogs or wizards, anything would be good.

Here are some sweet recent attack logs with Barch at Town Hall 6 from me:

Barch is one of the best farming attack strategies for not only Town Hall 6 but also most levels in Clash of Clans. From now, it will be your companion and go with you to the end of the game!


  1. Is there a complex/unusual trophy base for TH 6? Not like the usual symmetrical designs on YouTube. I’m maxed TH 6 except for collectors, barracks, and 20 walls at lvl. 5. Need to defend against TH 7…possibly 8. Gold league is hard already…help?

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