HoLoWiWi Strategy: No more Anti-Drag!

HoLoWiWi is an abridged version of Hog, Loon, Witch and Wizard. Hogs and Balloons are the most important parts in this strategy. HoLoWiWi strategy works perfectly with anti-drag bases, which have centralized Air Defenses (cannot cover the outside ring of defense). This strategy is from Hulkified.

With Balloons, you can crack every ring easily. Balloons can takes out every single defense in the defense ring. Try to get as close for 1 vs 1 with each defense as possible. This experience is not easy to get after a few days.
Hogs is for taking down all remaining defenses. With 4 spells, they can change the world. Nothing can stop them.
The Witch is a super meat shield producer in Clash of Clans. Barbarian King, Queen and Clan Castle troops have a flaw, it is they can only attack one target. Even heroes have 300 damage, they can only kill a skeleton at a time. That is the role of Witch in this script.The Wizards are there to take out the Heroes first. Deploy them wisely and they will help your hogs do the last work.

Here are some examples of anti-drag bases:

And here are in-dept HoLoWiWi strategy videos:

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