Holo Strategy for Town Hall 8

Hey guys, especially Town Hall 8 fellows. It has been a long time to see a new strategy guide for Town Hall 8 right? Today I am going to show you a pretty easy-to-use strategy called HoLo, a combination of Balloons and Hog Riders.

A big thanks to Rob P from Holder Clash for giving me the ideas to complete this guide.

HoLo Attack Strategy

HoLo Attack Strategy

Your HoLo army can easily crush the enemy bases If you know how to identify the correct base to attack with this strategy. HoLo is definitely not a strategy you can use with every base layout.

Depending on the enemy base, you can device which type of HoLo should be used. There are 2 types of HoLo attack in game are Traditional HoLo and Reverse HoLo:

  • Traditional HoLo = Deploying Balloons first to take down all outside defenses then sending Hog Rirders into the core.
  • Reverse Holo = Creating funnel, sending the Hog Riders into the enemy core to take down Air Defense then deploying Balloons to take down the remaining defenses.

You can see more details in this video:

HoLo Army Composition

Based on the enemy base and your attack style, you can adjust the number of each troop. Normally I’d like to use this HoLo army composition at Town Hall 8:

5xBarbarian 2xArcher 7xwizard 18xballoon 15xhog

Clan Castle: 5xhog

king 3xhealing spell 1xpoison spell


  • Let’s assume that you have 200 housing spaces.
  • Barbarians and Wizards are for dealing with Balloons and Dragons in the Clan Castle.
  • Due to the slow movement speed of Balloons, Archers and Wizard work as cleanup troops.
  • I highly recommend using this strategy with level 4 Hogs and level 5 Balloons.
  • You can use Goblins instead of Archers If there are a lot of Storages outside the base.

How to HoLo at Town Hall 8

Killing Clan Troops

Regardless of your attack strategies, If you want to use Hogs, you always need to kill the enemy Clan troops at first. With the emergence of Poison Spell, nowadays we just can see Dragon and Balloons in the defensive Clan Castle.

With just couples of Barbarians, Wizards and some easy deployments, you can easily take them down:

  1. Luring the Clan Castle out. If the Clan Castle is centralized, deploy 1-2 Balloons or Hogs to lure them out.
  2. Deploy 1 Archer/Barbarian on unprotected building to lure them to the corner.
  3. When the Dragon starts attacking your bait -troop, deploy 1 Barbarian nearby and 2-3 Wizard right after your Barbarians. Keep sending Barbarian one-by-one before the Dragon kills your Barbarian. Don’t forget to drop your Poison Spell on Dragon to slow it down.
  4. The Dragon will be killed after just a few seconds. You can read more about this at Dealing with defensive Dragon at Town Hall 8.


Why don’t use Archers in stead of Barbarians?

Because of the Wizard and Archer attack range, the Dragon may target your Wizards in stead of Archers.

Traditional HoLo

Below is the featured type of base you can easily crush with Traditional HoLo: Air Defenses are very centralized and most outside buildings are not covered by Air Defenses.


As discussed above, we are going to use Balloons before Hog Riders.

By simultaneously sending Balloons, we can quickly overwhelm all outside defenses:

  • Use 1-2 Balloons to take down single Cannon/Mortar.
  • Use 2-3 Balloons to take down every Archer Tower and Wizard Tower.

We can see how amazing Balloons is at the screenshot above.


Small note: If the Clan Castle is a bit far from the outer buildings and those defensive troops can’t affect your Balloons phase, you can kill them after the Balloons step.

Most outside defensive buildings get taken down and we still have a lot of Hog Riders + 3 Healing Spells. The job can’t be easier now. Just mass-send your Hogs Rider into the core and don’t forget to avoid open space where maybe have Double Giant Bomb.


Place your Barbarian King and your remaining Archer/Wizard on unprotected buildings for cleaning up the base. Boom! Easy 3 stars even with max Town Hall 8!

Reverse HoLo

Here is a featured base that can be easily ravaged with Reverse HoLo, a pretty popular base:


We can’t use the Traditional HoLo strategy on this base because all outer buildings are protected by the core Air Defenses. There is no point at all If we use Balloons without taking down those annoying Air Defenses, they can easily 1-shot your Balloon.

Due to the Balloon’s movement Speed, It is not a good idea If we try to use Balloons to take down the Air Defense. Using Hog Riders is much easier and more effective. We are going to find out a way to send your Hogs into the core.

After taking a look, I can see that there are 2 gaps on the outer defense ring, where we can take advantage to create the funnel for our Hogs. Those gaps are the Gold Storage between the Archer Tower + the Mortar and the Elixir Storage between the Cannon + the Mortar. I can also easily predict that there is a Tesla between the Mortar and Wizard Tower at the top.


To make sure that our Hogs can focus on the job, I will use 3 Hogs to take down the top right Cannon and then mass-send Hog Riders into the core by holding 2 fingers next to the top Mortar and Wizard Tower.


We all want to save your Hogs so it is not a bad idea at all If we start sending Balloons once your Hogs are in the core. It is not a big deal at all since your Hogs just need couples of seconds to take down all of those Air Defenses:


Once again, don’t forget to deploy your Barbarian King and remaining Wizards/Archers on unprotected buildings and spread them out to speed up the raid. A lot of players can’t get the final star just because of the slow Balloons.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question! Keep practicing and you will see it is not hard at all to get 3 stars at Town Hall 8!


  1. Nice strategy I’m going to pass this along to my th 8 players to test in war,,, some are having a hard time going from the typical mass drag 3 lightning attacks from th 7 into dealing with a decent th 8 base,,, thanks again cocland

    Cheers ?

  2. This is super cool. Thanks for making this post for th8s.
    Plus im now at master 2. I hope to push champions. Using dragons+2light+eq+rage
    . My base layout is farming (golden planet). Should i make a troll base?. I can see many youtube videos but could not find any base layout with traps.( In those videos they only show sheared replys only)
    I llbe very thankful if someone can give me a link or a screenshot. Or any other recommendations 🙂

  3. I’ll have to try this out in the war my clan is just about to start fighting and report back. Overall I love using hogs, but too many hogs tend to stink up the playing field, so you need to mix it up. In our last war I saw a TH 10 attack one of our top TH 9 players with 44 hogs. The poor dope lost all of his hogs so quickly that he ended up with only 8% damage and no other troops at all. I was laughing so hard after looking at that total fail. It would have been worth money to see the look on the guys face as all 44 of his hogs got smoked.

  4. I appreciate the credit at the end of the post for linking my video but I would appreciate if you gave me credit at the beginning of the post as you’ve written the blog in a way that seems like you came up with the idea whereas almost all of the content from the post is from my video. You even removed our clan name and attacker name from the screenshots.

    Totally cool with using my video, just give proper credit instead of a side shoutout.

  5. Sup guys! I want to try this strategy vs this th9 base. I’m th9 too. Just want to ask you if you think (like i hope, lol) destroyng that archer tower with few hogs, will send the rest of them straight to the core after taking down the mortar and the cannon 🙂

    I was thinking about taking down the queen and the cc troops with a light kill squad before sending hogs. Any tips on composition too? Thank you!

    PS. lv4 hogs lv5 loons lv10 king.. Queen under upgrade 🙁

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