HoGiBarch Farming Strategy – The Best One After TH11 Update?

Hey guys it’s Ash and this is going to be my short guide on one of the most effective ways of farming in the current meta game, which is HoGiBarch. This is a very versatile and efficient and effective army.

HoGiBarch Farming Strategy

You can attack any type of base for loot. You can effectively attack storages or collectors inside a base, or collectors around the exterior sides of the base. Meaning, you’ll be searching less as you will have more bases to target. This composition is also one of the most efficient compositions for storage raiding because of how fast it trains. Since you’re utilizing the Dark Barracks for farming, that’s a total of 6 Barracks you’re using. This army trains faster than other efficient armies such as GiBarch, Barch, or mass Goblins, and is able to do a lot more destruction to a base.

Why should I use HoGiBarch?

  • Very quick to train. This is a very efficient army that trains very quickly since you are using 6 Barracks! This army composition trains faster than Barch, GiBarch, mass Goblins, etc.- Very powerful attack. This is probably the fastest to train army that’s the most effective at raiding storages.
  • Highly versatile multidimensional attack. You can attack almost any type of base. You can go for collectors outside base, you can go for storages or collectors inside base. For example, with a Barch army, you’ll have a hard time getting storages inside a base. While a powerful GoWiPe army, you’ll have a hard time getting all the collectors outside a base just because you don’t have enough troops. Just not a smart idea to use a GoWiPe for farming anyway. HoGiBarch allows you to do what both Barch and GoWiPe combined can do, but train faster and cheap.
  • Less time nexting/searching. You will search less. Why? Because you don’t have to search for a very long time for a dead base or a really weak base. With this composition, you can easily go for a total of at least 400,000 resource within just a few searches.
  • Incredibly fun and strategic. If you love attacks that are fun to do and require lots of strategy, then you’ll love this attack. With the high versatility of this army, you can do so much in an attack and attack a base in many different ways. Hog Riders are also super fun to use!
  • Very cheap. The only troop that cost a lot is the Hog Rider, but you only need 8 of them! You will find that you’ll actually end up making a lot more Dark Elixir faster even by using Hog Riders. Why? Because this army trains faster than any Elixir-only army (as you’re using 6 Barracks), so you’ll do more raids in the long term and make more DE. Not only that, this army allows you to storage raid, meaning you’ll get that DE Storage a lot and make lots of DE fast.

How to attack with HoGiBarch?

HoGiBarch Army Composition

12xgiant 8xWall Breaker 8xhog Archer Barbarian
healing spell rage spell healing spell rage spell  healing spell

  • Barrack 1 = 2 Wall Breakers, 3 Giants, rest Barbarians
  • Barracks 2, 3, and 4 = 2 Wall Breakers each, 3 Giants each, and rest all Archers
  • Dark Barracks 1 and 2 = 4 Hog Riders each
  • Spells = Rage and Heal Spells

If you are NOT using the Archer Queen, then don’t cook any Giants. Instead, use 12 Hog Riders instead and only cook Heal Spells. Here’s my HogBarch attack guide when not using Heroes for farming:

Trophy League?

I get asked all the time which is the best league to farm in. Well I’ve been having a lot of success in Silver League with the trophy range of 900 to 1200 trophies. Why Silver? Benefits of Silver League:

  • No concern for maintaining trophies. For instance, you can freely attack outside collectors with little troops and then just quit without winning because it’s so easy to get back those trophies. I don’t focus on winning trophies at all and I find myself dropping trophies occasionally.
  • Lots of rushed bases. There are so many rushed weak bases with loaded Storages inside the base. You’ll have to hard time stealing all that resource with something like Barch, but not with HoGiBarch! You can easily break inside these bases with HoGiBarch and get all those storages.
  • More dead bases. There are lots of dead bases in Silver. You’ll find dead bases here more frequently than in higher leagues. While you want to stay away from Bronze League because you’ll start to cloud a lot unless you’re a TH8 player.
  • Easy bully targets. If you want to make loot fast, then you need to bully the Town Hall level below you a lot. Why? Because it’s only a 10% loot penalty. Which means that if you’re a TH9 player and you attack a TH8, then the total loot available to you is only deducted by 20%. That’s very little! And it’s so easy beating any TH8 player as a TH9 player, so you should try to bully as many of them as you can. That’s why Silver League is the best league for that, you’ll find tons of TH8s. Same with TH10s who want to bully TH9s and TH11s who want to bully TH10s, etc.
  • This composition will work in Gold, Crystal, and Masters. It may actually be better for farming in Masters League if you want more Dark Elixir and are using strong Heroes such as at least level 20 Barbarian King and and level 20 Archer Queen. Especially if you’re boosting, I’d recommend Masters.


  • You want to aim for a total of at least 400,000 in total resource. For example, if you can steal 150,000 Gold and 250,000 Elixir from a base, then you should attack it. Whether you attack the collectors or storages for it. As long as you get that minimum total target.
  • If loot is scarce and you’re finding yourself searching for too long, then you should lower your target to a minimum of 300,000 in total resource. You will still make lots in profit and always finding your storages filling up quick.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys like this strategy. Be sure to share you success stories. If you have have questions, feel free to ask below.


  1. So, do you mean that the dead base now going back again? I will try it, and share to my clan friend, cause they already quit playing, but i m sure they wil be back again, after i tell them this, thanks Will

      • Ok. I watched the videos though, and it’s getting me really hyped for this strategy. I’m going to upgrade hogs asap lol. Luckily, my barbarians and archers are lv5. Question, though, should I use lv2 hogs on late th7, and lv3 hogriders and new to mid th8 bases?

        And although I do like it and all, it is pretty costly on spells, requiring you to use at least one per raid…

  2. Hey Ash! I saw this strategy and like it! I saw in silver works best, Im in gold 1, and was trying to push to master with a trophy pushing th9 base, although I am very bad pushing trophies ? . Do you recommend to farm there and push later with better defenses or try to push now?

    • I just drove in a one-day marathon from Crystal III to Masters III – just over 300 trophies – doing nothing but GiWiMiVa attacks: 20 giants, 16 wizards, 10 minions, 2 valkyries, 3 heals + poison in the pocket. Over 30 attacks, no losses. Made north of 6 million gold and millions more elixir in the process, went from 12k dark to over 36k dark in one day. You can push with whatever attacks works for you, it’s just a matter of smart match making, patience, and a lot of dedication.

      It doesn’t hurt to have a whole day to do it all, either. 🙂

      I will say that it feels a lot easier to attack-farm with a high league rank than it is with a low one, because of the win bonus. I’m stacking up a lot of cash now that I actually can’t spend fast enough thanks to the extra money, and my rank just keeps improving.

  3. Sorry will if i write here, i’ve posted two days ago a question about poison spell (in poison spell description old post) but perhaps i’ve wrong discussion place.. tell me what i’ve wrong. thank you

  4. I just cant believe it!fantastic n without heros.. gotta try this out,but what if the spell fact upgradeing,any attack strategy we can use?im rushing th9,coz last 2weeks or so im farming using gowipe at master3,got 3mil gold every 2days,got pannic since i never in that reach before,so i decide to up my th8,to 9.. n just after it finish,the loots gone bad,i cant find any th8 even with 120s of nexting.. my hog is lv3,will that work?oh yeah,any funneling guide for aq,?i just got a hard time persuading her to go inside,as she more likely love window shopping..?

  5. I’ve been using this attack lately in silver league, as both heroes are down. Doing quite well on getting loot. 400-600K is my average on th8s. Since they brought back dead bases, my storage containers are filling up fast!!! Great job Ash.

  6. Really awesome post just love hogi barch but only problem with this stretgy is troops take about 15 to 20 minutes but spells take 50 minuts how to manage both
    And one more question will i get gens if my artical get selected

  7. Will, as Ash said in the video this strategy is not fr farming DE.. bt still I got another strategy (jst a modification of HoGiBarch) its Ho.B.A.M. combination of Hogs nd BAM.. i find it very useful in Farming DE.. with 2 heal nd 1 Rage spell !!… What u think Will..

  8. Hello, this is a nice and usefull strategy to farm, depending what you are looking for.

    I’m TH10 and a combination that I’m using to farm Gold and Elixir(recommend looking for base that have more than 300k)

    4 Healers, 12 Valks, +/- 8 Giants, +/- Arks.
    Spells: 7 earthquakes + 2 Rage
    CC: Giants or wharever you like and earthquake

  9. Thank you for this strategy however, I only use GIBARCH which requires no DE. All one has to do is use xmod to look for fat TH’s lower than the attacker’s own TH in gold and silver and crush it reaping the rewards. LOL

  10. Hey Will sorry for this super off topic question, but I was wondering if I can get the Baby Dragon (Clash Royale) in arena 4 ?? Or do they drop more often in arena 2 since there are less epics to choose from?

    Im in arena 4 and its really hard to drop trophies in this game but I want the Baby Dragon


    • Not at all. The reasons you would spend less time nexting is because this composition is strong enough to core dive, but is versatile enough to hit collectors at the same time with your barbs and archers if you find a dead base.

      With old strategies like barch and BAM, you relied on dead bases. For more expensive armies, you had to next bases with 200/200/1200 loot because the troop cost was so high that you only profited off gold, not elixir or DE, and it took too long to train such an army. With this army, it doesn’t take long to find a base with enough loot to hit, it’s not dependent on finding a weak base, and it’s quicker to cook than the standard GiBarch. Combining hogs into this attack makes it much stronger than normal Gibarch if you need to core dive. That’s why you don’t need to spend time nexting, really all you are looking for is a base with good loot.

  11. lol i thought of something sort of funny. Because this strategy requires at least one heal spell per raid, and you are pretty much going to get one spell every two raids, it’d be nice if I could just double my spell factory for a gem or two. I don’t need quadruple for an hr, I need double for ten min. There should be a way to configuer how long and how much intesity boosts should be.

  12. In these 3 days I’ve been in silver 2, silver 1, gold 3, and gold 2. Although dead base is more common in the silver, most of them already attacked by other players while in gold mostly have full collector (maybe because player population of the league?). most dead base in silver offer you 150k-250k (each type of resource) while in the gold it’s easy to find base with above 250k. and for th8 it’s better to not bring any giant.

  13. hi thanks for your very good strategy
    i’m th 10 semi max and i have some problem,i have sent my problem via Email to the supercell help service, (ow and my problem was the awe full available loot !) according to the mail that i sent to supercell and actually the reply of that, they want the greater th going higher through the leagues and they didn’t get me so much loot in search in lower leagues and of course not so special in the higher league, after the last update i could just try some heavy army strategy attack for loot and, that was very terrible ! time problem, and high elex cost for training, can you give me some special advice? i really want some golds to upgrade my defenses!

  14. Hey, pal! This strategy seems work pretty well against th9. But I recently moved on th10 (th9.5 actually), and on th10 there is a lack of nines, and multi-infernoes are so devastating. Should I just search harder on silver league, or maybe there is some secret trick (e.g., freeze spell) against th10? And one more advice about clan castle: more giants?

  15. I’ve been using this since my TH finished. Solid strategy and it getting me good loot even with my spell factory upgrading. Using a bunch of earthquake spells to take out a few walls and ease my progress. Will be even better when I get my rage and heal spells back.

  16. I get much better per hour loot with some giants, wall breakers and lots of goblins. Its far cheaper to make and you can constantly attack. Don’t need to target 400k+ bases. If its only 100k by burning even 100 goblins its still worse is since its like 30 seconds. I tried a lot for farming but nothing beats goblins in total gain/hour.

  17. Just on the final stretches of th9. Only Queen left to max she’s at 25. Used this army for maxing my walls and it worked wonders and guess what, it somehow makes farming without my queen fun aswell which is shocking. Will have her maxed very quickly

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