GoWiWi Attack Strategy

GoWiWi Attack Strategy is not a new strategy in Clash of Clans but people just know about it these days. In this GoWiWi advanced guide, I will give all things for you to be successful with it.


About GoWiWi Attack Strategy

GoWiWi is one of the most powerful troop composition in Clash of Clans with the core troops are Golems, Wiches and Wizards. With this strategy, you can always get 2 stars on every base.

Normally, we use:

  • Troops: 3 Golems, 4 Wiches, 10-15 Wizards, 5-7 Barbarians, 10-15 Archers and 12-22 Wall Breakers.
  • Clan troops: Golem or all Wizards.
  • Spells: You can choose the best spells for you because all raids are obviously different. This strategy works fine with all spells so you don’t worry about it. Make your own style!
    When I was at Town Hall 9, I always used 1 Lightning and 3 Rage Spells. And now, when I am at Town Hall 10, 1 Lightning + 2 Rage + 2 Freeze is the best combo for me because we have to deal with the Infernos.

You can change the number for the best effective with the base you want to attack. Barbarians and Archers are used for luring the Clan troops. Wall Breakers are one of the most important troops for all ground attack strategy, they give you the best time to reach into the core. Lightning Spell is used for clearing the Clan troops. Rage Spells can help you reach into the core as quick as you can!

How to choose bases for attacking with GoWiWi?

Let’s assume that you are attacking with Hogs, so you need to find compact bases. GoWiWi is the contradictory attack strategy with Hogs, you need to find spread out villages. Your Golems and Skeletons will not breathe if they don’t have spaces.

As the below base, it is the ideal village for GoWiWi to attack:

find base to attack with GoWiWi

How to attack with GoWiWi Strategy

If you are ready to use GoWiWi, you are obviously an elite player. You have known all should and shouldn’t do things while attacking.

Firstly, Always lure the clan troops and Heroes if you can.

Next, choose the side which has at least a Hero to attack. You may want to attack from the bottom because you can control and see your troops easier from there. Drop some Barbarians and Archers as the meat shield first, then deploy your Witches from the corner. Deploy some Wizards to wipe the Heroes out.GoWiWi Attack Strategy Bring your Golems into the war. Deploy one Golem at a time on the left or right side. Bring 2-3 Wall Breakers into the war right after your Golem, don’t forget the Mortars, drop your WBs wisely or they can be killed by the Mortars. After your Wall Breakers, drop 6-7 Wizards. Just repeat these steps for the opposite side. All outer buildings can be removed quickly. Once you have a clear path, drop your Witches, Wizards and your Heroes. Don’t forget to use the Wall Breakers so your troops can reach the core very quick. Drop your last Golems when the defense buildings start attacking your Witches.gowiwi-attack-strategy-2 gowiwi-attack-strategy-3 When your Golems are inside, drop the Rage Spell and the rest of your Wall Breakers.gowiwi-attack-strategy-4Once you reach the core, drop the another Rage Spell for boosting the speed of your troops. Use Freeze Spell If there are Infernos there.gowiwi-attack-strategy-5 gowiwi-attack-strategy-6

If you have any questions or ideas, please do a comment and help me improve the guide!
This one was based on the GoWiWi attack strategy from Wiseguy28.


  1. I use gowiwi as a max th9.. Lvl 15 hero’s and I can 3 star max th9s… I take 4 loons, 3 golems, 6 witches, 12 wiz, 10 wb, and 2 heal 2 rage… NEVER BAIT… come opposite cc and honestly my deployment is complicated but I mastered it now…

    • SLAYERXX: would you care to expand on your deployment. I know you
      said it’s complicated but it would be great to know. Maybe you should
      post a video on YouTube 😉
      I enjoy this site and reading the
      strategies used for attacks. I would like to know if drawing out the CC
      troops is a must. When using full dragons at TH7, the troops from the CC
      actually helped in drawing the dragons to the center of the base. Plus
      there is now a poison spell, which helps a lot. Could someone maybe
      update on this strategy?Thanks

  2. Lol you piece of shit, you actually stole this old guide from someone else that did a forum post, and you didn’t even notice that the game has been updated and that you can’t lure heroes anymore.

    Fucking plagiarizing piece of shit.

  3. Now that witches are so opp (well at least for th11) please update this.
    Iv been seeing some amazing attacks with gowiwi with the worden even the big boys are useing it now. I’d love to learn more about how it works ✌

  4. I don’t think people use troops that can be killed by the Lightning spell now(poison spell is easier to use) so what do I do? Back then of the clan castles were filled with arch and wiz I would easily lightning them. But now I have to deal with pesky dragons. They r hard to combat and even with two poison spells layered on each other they still survive.

    Lol also I thought lv2 witches summon 5 skeletons and have a max of 10 skeletons. Also does the lv3 witch get more skeletons? Please update the witches page

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