GoWiVa Attack Strategy

GoWiVa is a quite new Clash of Clans attack strategy and not many players know about it. I would like to say that GoWiVa is a perfect alternative version of the GoWiPe strategy and much stronger (IMO). The name of this strategy is based on 3 main troops that we use: Golems, Wizards and Valkyrie. The best TH levels to use this strategy are Town Hall 8, 9, 10 or even 11.

GoWiVa Attack Strategy

As we all know, GoWiPe is the most popular attack strategy in Clash of Clans. As a Town Hall 8 player, you may find that GoWiPe is perfect for a 2-star win but it’s still quite hard for achieve the last star against an almost maxed TH8 base. We need a replacement for P.E.K.K.A, which has high damage, better movement speed and attack speed,… and it is the Valkyrie.

Seems like more and more players using GoWiVa in both farming and Clan Wars as Supercell increased her damage and decreased the delay after she locks on targets.

GoWiVa Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8

Army Composition

The composition of GoWiVa is mostly the same as GoWiPe (P.E.K.K.As get replaced with Valkyries). At the first time, I strongly recommend you use this composition because it works perfectly with almost Town Hall 8 bases. You can modify it and find the best one for you after a few times.

2xgolem 7x wizard 5xWall Breaker 11xval 

Clan Castle: 4xwizard Archer haste spell

healing spell healing spell healing spell poison spell

Don’t use this strategy when either your Golem is level 1 or your Wizard is level 3. Wall Breakers also play a big role in this strategy, you may also want to get them to level 5 as soon as possible. The higher level troops and spells are, the easier your attack is. Never use this composition until you have maxed Army Camps (2oo housing spaces at TH8 and 220 at TH9).

I am a new Town Hall 8, how should I upgrade my troops?

If you want to use this strategy, you should upgrade your Golems at first, then Valkyries, Wizards and Wall Breakers. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your Healing Spell and Poison Spell too.

Why should I use Valkyrie?

  • Very powerful in Clan War, trophy pushing and even famring.
  • Very easy to use (much easier than P.E.K.K.A).
  • Very fun to use.


  1. You can use Haste for a big group of Valkyries. You don’t need extra damage from the Rage because Valkyries have a ton of damage themselves. It’s maybe more efficient way to speed them up. You can replace 1 Healing Spell with 4 Haste Spell If you are at Town Hall 9.
  2. If the base you are going to attack has ground CC troops, you may don’t want to use Poison Spell as your Valkyries and Wizards can take them out quickly. It’s better to use a Earthquake Spell or Haste Spell.

Some important notes

You should care about these things during the attack:

  • Try to cover as many defenses as possible with your Golems.
  • Mortars and Wizards can kill your Wall Breaker Squad anytime. Watch them and drop your WBs wisely.
  • Don’t forget your Heroes. Activate your Queen’s abily when she is nearly killed (or when she starts attacking a defense with red HP). Activate your King’s Ability when his HP turns to yellow so he can live with the raged ability as long as possibe.
  • Just Zoom-In and you can easily watch your Valkyries HP.

As I said before, this GoWiVa strategy is almost like GoWiPe so you can do it perfectly If you are a fan of GoWiPe. Using Valkyries is much easier than using P.E.K.K.As. You will find it is much easier to go to the core than using GoWiPe. Don’t forget to use Wall Breakers wisely, they are the keys to go inside every base.

Main attack strategy idea:

The routine of this strategy is pretty simple, just like GoWiPe, GoHo or other ones:

  1. Drop your Golems and followed by your Wizards to take down buildings ouside, create funnel for your Heroes and Valkyries later.
  2. Send Wal Breakers.
  3. Drop the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen.
  4. Take down Clan Castle troops and the enemy Heroes.
  5. Send Valkyries, heal them when needed.
  6. 3 stars.

Lure or not lure?

  • Lure: Just do it If you can lure the Clan troops out with 1-2 Hogs. Most of the time, you will face a Dragon. Lure it to the corner, drop the Poison Spell in front of it and surround it with your Archers, keep dropping Barbarian when the first one gets killed and you can kill the Dragon after a few seconds.
  • Not Lure: If the Clan Castle is centralized and hard to lure with a few Hogs. You can deal with them later with your Wizards.

How to attack with GoWiVa

First step: Start the war!

Deploy your Golems to attract all defensive buildings. Your Golems have a ton of HP so you don’t need to worry about them unless you are at Town Hall 11, those buildings need a certain time to kill your Golems. This is the most important step in this strategy. If you do it wrong, you will probably ruin your attack.


Don’t place them too close together to absorb as much damage as possible and your Wizards will have more space to release their fire balls. I recommend you place your Golems at the side which has the King and also the Clan Castle. Your Valkyries have no preferred target and the enemy Clan troops and King can distract Valkyries later and ruin your attack. You will need to remove those threats at first.

Second step: Fire balls want to fly!

Deploy your Wizards down right after your Golems and in a line. When your Golems are soaking damage, your Wizards can destroy all outside buildings without losing a single HP. Without obstructions, your Valkyries can go inside the core directly. Even an obstruction can ruin your war so be careful and remove them all!

If you find it hard to send your Heroes inside the enemy base, this small Anchor trick will help you out. Use your Wizards to destroy all building outside except the center one, your Heroes and Valkyries will follow it (the Army Camp in the image below for example) and then go directly into the enemy base.


Don’t deploy all of your Wizards, you will need 2-3 Wizards at the end of the War to remove finish off faster. If the enemy base has Storages outside, you can use Goblins to remove them faster.


Step 3: Let’s break those Walls!

The first wave of Wall Breakers is very important. Watch out the enemy Mortars/Wizard Towers and carefully deploy your Wall Breakers. It’s better to send your Wall Breakers inside when the enemy defensive buildings are dealing with your Golems.

I have a small note here for you

  • Wall Breakers don’t target empty compartments unless all buildings are destroyed.
  • Wall Breakers will target the compartment which is being attacked by your Heroes.

Step 4: It’s time for Valkyries.

This is the most awesome part of the attack!

After deploying Wall Breakers, you will know where to deploy your Valkyries. Once the Wizards clear all outside buildings, deploy your Valkyries immediately or they will not have a certain target. You should also send your Heroes at this step.


Once the Valkyries are inside the base, they will do the rest of the attack!

Step 5: More Wall Breakers!

To breaking into the core and take out the Town Hall faster, you need to deploy the rest of your Wall Breakers. Just deploy them after your Valkyries so they will go the same way. Don’t do this step too late because your troops don’t need too much time to destroy all buildings in the first layer. You may also want to drop your Jump Spell or Earthquake Spells at this step to get into the core easier.

Step 6: It’s time to use your spells.

Once most of your troops are getting into the core and the Clan troops are coming out, It’s time to use your Spells. All you need is to the Healing Spells correctly to create a ring for your troops. Because of plenty of defensive buildings and clan troops, If you drop your Healing Spell too late, you will lose your troops. You will also need to drop the Poison Spell to slow down the enemy troops as well as drain their HP.


Don’t use all Healing Spell at a time as your Valkyries have pretty nice HP and you will need the last one while clearing the rest of the base!

How to use the Healing Spell properly:

  • The Valkyries always attempt to attack at least 2 buildings at the same time. By understanding this, you can easily predict where they will attack next.
  • Always heal as many Valkyries as possible, in dense arenas, where they I’d like to attack first.

Step 7: The last work.

Deploy the rest of your Wizards/Archers/Goblins to complete the attack faster. Drop your Healing Spell when needed and get a 3 star win!

The video above is pretty old but also is a very great example for you to see how exactly this strategy works.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment and help me improve this guide! Also, please do me a huge favor by sharing this strategy with your friends If you like it. I will appreciate it! You rock!


  1. My wife came up with her own army for war about 6-8 months ago and at th9 I used it all the time, the main thing you need is maxed valks and maxed witches tho on my act (th10) I’ve shown lvl 3s to be effective – army comp (220 troops +25 cc) – 8 valkyrie, 16 wizards, 8 Giants, 8 wbs, 2 witches + 2 witches in cc and a barb or arch – for 30 cc use 2 witches 1 wiz 2 barbs or if ur valks are low I like to use 3 max valks in cc 1 wiz 2 barbs and adjust troops in barracks accordingly. At th 9 u will get easily 2 stars and the valks go thru the cc troops like butter. Also use normal gowiwi gowiwipe type strategy subbing out pekka for valks. You may also swap Giants w golem although we have found the GiWiWaVe to work pretty damn well. Clash on guys (H4KD F4T3 – name: dizz0, status: leader, war wins: 154)

  2. Really love this tips when i tried to use this line ups of troops it works perfectly.. much manny tanks to CoCland also flamejetxx who wrote this awesome and helpfull guides.. MORE POWER AND CLASH ON..!!

  3. I’m not good with Pekka so I will try this one. I just got in mind yesterday to replace pekka with valkyrie so I’m googling to know best composition for this troops and end up to this site again lol. Thanks for cocland. This site so helpful 😀

    • Since I known this attack strategies, I’ve been using Valkyries instead of P.E.K.K.As most wars. It is much easier to redirect them into the core than P.E.K.K.As.

      And thanks for visiting my blog again buddy!

  4. Nice composition.. I’ve been replacing pekka’s since my valks was upgraded to level 3. But my golems are still in level 2.. I can’t beat a maxed th9 base with 3 star.. What should i do? Do i need to upgrade my golem or my valks? ?

  5. The last war my clan was in I used my attacks late I messed up my gowipe on my number and that was the last available town hall 8 so I talked to other people in my clan and decided to do a gowiva on a th 9 with skull walls level 15 heroes and level 2 x-bows well long story short I got a 50% 2 star on a base 9 spots up from me. I am good th 8 not maxed I’m just good at de farming I have all level 2 dark troops go wiva is one of the best attacks

    • Thanks for sharing buddy. Yep your suggestion is great but it also depends on the enemy base layouts and the enemy Clan troops. There are plenty of ways to deal with them through.

      Btw thank you so much for your comment!

  6. I’ve had lots of success with this strategy, valkyries are much faster than pekka. Although i used to have trouble 3 starring th8 max bases because they lose a lot of steam after destroying the core, i solved that by bringing some hogs in the clan castle. Now i almost always 3 star th8s with this army comp

  7. my fav these days is
    2 golem, 6 valk,1 pekka, 11 wizards,3 wbs,3goblins,3 barbs and 10 archers. Spells – 2 heal,3 quake+1 quake.
    CC – ether max pekka ( most dont donate valks/witches) or if i get what I want, a mix of witches/valks/wizards.

    Also known to throw in hogs/giants x3, or 6xloon. ( depends on enemy base)

    Also, no queen at th8…

  8. I have a question for y’all. I normally use the following GoWiPe army with a queen walk added in.
    2 golem, 2 pekka, 13 wizards, 4 healers, 1 rage, 2 heal spells, 3 eq spells, wizards and eq in cc, BK, AQ. 2 extra archers for clean up.

    Basically my strategy is a modified GoWiPe. I use the rage to take care of the cc troops as they are distracted by the golems since wizards under rage make short work of anything. I use the heal spells to keep my main army alive as they gut the core of the base. Shortly after I have the main group going I drop the queen with the four healers as quickly as possible as she will need as much time as she can get to finish off the base. The final two archers are to take care of the odd couple of buildings such as corner builder huts and such. Of course I am not taking any wall breakers since the 4 earthquake spells easily crack open most bases all the way to the core where the TH is located.

    My question is this. If I replace the two pekka with six valks will it make it a more effective strategy? Is simply replacing pekka for valks all that there is to it in my case? I haven’t really used my valks much except in the role of cc defense for donations, where I think they shine.


  9. Ha man i tried the gowiva attack after reading this blog and that was cool i took 7 valk, 2 golems, 17 wizards , 1 hog to take cc troops out some wb , 3 valk in my cc and poison and three healings and the attack went so good man thanks very very much..

  10. Hey Will Potter – I was know my question has nothing to do with this article but you seems pretty well informed – why has supercell not made a “guard mode” for CC’s that is similar to that for your heroes? That way if I don’t have a shield but I receive the troops I would like for a war attack that I don’t have to worry about losing them if I don’t attack before my shield expires. Any idea why they have made that an option? I don’t see how it would let anyone manipulate the system much and it would be nice as it drives me nuts when I lose the cc troops I wanted because I lost my shield before I could attack. Any thoughts? I appreciate it!

  11. hey will, I am finding it pretty hard to upgrade my golem to lv2. so can you recommend some stratergy to earn de faster while not losing trophies.
    also do we use level 2 valkys or level 1 will do???

  12. I like this strategy, but the suggested army composition has got no hogs or archers to take out a dragon, but still you suggest to lure it out and kill it with hogs and archers. Do you then replace vals or wiz with these archers and with how many? As an alternative, could you lure out the dragon and fix it on the king or a golem with wiz behind it for the kill?

  13. This army almost 3 starred a nearly max th9. Golems and Pekka break through the first wall, wall breakers for the second. Wizards clean the buildings around the entrance and then Valks run in with a jump spell. Heal and rages are mainly for valks too. I’d usually bring a poison to take the castle troops after the hog lures them out and queen would help with dragons if there are any. Most valks die near 80% and king/queen will clean up with golems and pekka.

  14. as for the don’t us if level 1 golems, how much of a necessity

    are level 2 golems for this attack? i have everything max for th8 (for this army) except golems, with other troops max and not attacking fully maxed th8’s would it be possible with level 1 golems? Also at th8 how would replacing 1 heal for 4 eq’s work against bases with compartment designs

      • Hello will..Ii removed 1 golem and took valks instead & I am using 2 heal and 4 eq…I take level6+ gaints as cc troops…by the this army I can 3 star any th8..I even 3 starred a th 8.5..[note-> I have lvl1 golem & lvl1 valk & lvl5 wiz]
        Thanks a ton mate

  15. It can also help to use hogs to clear defenses on the back-end of the base. The troops can get stuck in the middle of the base depending on the design, and the hogs help distract or destroy the defenses. Balloons can be used as well.

  16. Instead of gowiva , we can use govaho . Sometimes valks get stuck after clearing the core . At that time , drop your hogs when the defenses are busy killing the valks , in this way , hogs will destroy those defenses easily and you will earn 3 stars :). By the way , this strategy suits only th9 – th11 .

  17. Guys plz help me….I’m a th8 player….I want to use gowiva composition in clan war….my golem is lvl 2 ,wiz lvl 2,Val lvl 2 ,wb lvl 5…so I wanna know should I use this gowiva strategy in spread out th 8 war base or not?

  18. I find this composition to work really well: 14 Val (lvl 2-4), 12 wiz (lvl 5-6), 2 Pekka (lvl 3), 2 WB, 1 hog, 1 archer, CC: 1 golem (lvl 5), Spells: 4 EQ (lvl 2-3), 2 Heal, 1 Rage. I am getting six stars on a regular basis no and can take on pretty strong bases with this. The key is to use the EQ on a point of the base where it opens up most and, if possible, where multiple cannons will be taken out early. Drop the EQ spells after starting the rest, to save valuable time. The hog lures cc to a corner where you place the archer and then golem leads cc while wiz do the killing (if you know the cc isn’t a dragon you can skip this part if you like). Make sure to drop the queen after the king and pekkas, then she can survive long and even to the end. Keep 2 wiz and the 2 WB towards the end. The WB to open critical walls from the outside for tired troops and the wiz to save the day by taking out huts in the corners or a critical defence towards the end. Use 1 heal and 1 rage for the core and close to the core and 1 heal for vals and pekkas hacking through walls after the core is done, when they will be under heavy fire. Be flexible with ur 1 heal and 1 rage spells if the battle takes a wrong turn and the vals move in mystrious ways. You might have to healrage pekkas and wiz in the core or you might have to rage them and heal vals in another locations for example.

  19. I want to use this strategy for my clan wars. but i only have lvl 1 golem and lvl 1 valk. So what should I upgrade first? My hogs will be lvl 4 tomorrow, and I want to put goelm or valk. So, can u please suggest me bro..

  20. Valka attack is so much fun indeed. But must execute carefully. I am max TH8 and 3 starred many bases with 2 Golems, 12 Valka, 12 Wizards (6 in CC) and wall breakers. Spells I used are 1 Rage, 2 Heals, Poison and a Haste (in CC). Has to be intelligent when dropping spells too. A very powerful and unstoppable attack if practiced well.

  21. !!!FOR MAX TH8!!!
    i found the best method to be 10 wizards, 10 wall breakers, 10 valks, 2 golems, 3 heal, 1 poison, and in cc 6 wiz 1 arch and another poison.
    If it’s in war get rid of a wiz and wall breaker and replace with hog and barb to lure cc. !!!FOR MAX TH8!!!

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