GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon Attack: The Ultimate Guide

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In this post, I am going to share with you guys an amazing GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon guide from gamer88, perfect for 3-stars attack in Clan War. The idea of this guide is to help you plan your attacks for much more better results in Clan Wars by earning new experience. Choose the right base for your favorite attack strategy, think how to execute it for best results.


GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon Strategy Combination:

Queen, King, 2 Golems, 6-12 Balloons, 6-10 Wall Breakers, 1-2 Pekkas, 4-5 Witch, 5-6 Barbarians, Wizards and some Giants or Hogs for the rest, 3 Rage Spells and 1 Healing Spell.

  1. The Golems: For absorbing damage, protecting troops behind it and destroy as many defenses as possible.
  2. P.E.K.K.A and Witch: They are two main troops, their main job with Wizards is taking down buildings as fast as possible.
  3. Balloons: Once the air defenses are down, they are over power! Don’t have to waste a slot for jump spell.
  4. Wall Breakers: Easy to die, use them carefully.
  5. Barbarians: For gathering Clans Troops.
  6. Wizards: Take out everything on their way. Put them behind your Golems.
  7. King and Queen: Defense for the wizards and take out the building very fast. If the air defenses are in the center, Queen will be very important!
  8. Rage Spells: For destroying the core faster.
  9. Healing Spell: For your Wizards, they are not really strong :D.

Scouting guide before attacking:

  1.  This attack strategy works with bases have at least 2 air defenses in the center. Wizards and your Queen can wipe them out easily once they get into the core.
  2. If there are 2 Air Defenses in the center and 2 others in the outer ring, place your Golems next to one of them and not too far from each other. The first one will be down and once you get into the center, the second one will be also down.
  3. Use Hos and Balloons if there are Mortars or Wizard Towers in the outer ring to take them out.
  4. Xbows pointed on air is better for this strategy because its range is small. Your Balloons can get into the core after those bows are down.
  5. You shouldn’t use air attacks to take the outer ring out.

Here are some example bases for GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon strategy, you can figure it easily:

gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-6 gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-5 gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-4 gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-3 gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-2 gowipewiwi-loon-attack-the-ultimate-guide-1

Some useful tips for killing Clan Troops:

  1. To kill a witch, 2 level 4 Minions are enough.
  2. Level 6 Wizards cannot be killed by a level 6 Balloon splash damage, but the level 5 Wizards can be. Release 2 Balloon together to kill level 6 Wizards.
  3. Drop some Wizards if your Balloons missed some troops.

This video will give you some tips about luring troops:

How to attack with GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon

After clearing the clan troops, it’s time for our GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon!

  1. Attack from the closest location to the Air Defenses.
  2. Drop your Golems first, the defenses will be locked on them.
  3. Drop some Wizards behind those Golems in a line. Don’t release them in a bunch, look at the Mortars and Wizards Towers! Save some of them for later. If the first die because the Giant Bombs, you still have Wizards to do it again. 2 Wizards are enough for a building. Drop Witches behind your Wizards.
  4. Release some Wall Breakers to get through the Walls, be careful!
  5. Release P.E.K.K.A, Queen and King after the outer ring is down.
  6. Use Rage and Healing Spells wisely, especially when you are in the middle.
  7. When the Air Defenses are about to out, release your Balloons. Time is gold.
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Here are some GoWiPe/WiWi-Loon videos for you:

If this guide is helpful for you, say thanks to gamer88, like and share this guide for your friends. Have great wars and get thousands stars for your clan :D.


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