GoVaLo Strategy for Town Hall 8

There are a couple of very powerful attack strategies at Town Hall 8 and undoubtedly GoVaLo is one of them. I will try to make this guide as simple as possible so you can easily understand and use  GoVaLo.

GoVaLo Attack Strategy

When should I use GoVaLo composition?

You can use this strategy from mid to late Town Hall 8, when Dragons are not really fearful anymore. Although you can use either GoWiPe or GoHogs to get 3 stars but sometimes you should try new attack strategies to make it more interesting, right? lol
If you’ve had no luck/passion with those mentioned strategies, you should give this strategy a shot!

Due to the Valkyrie’s special ability (she can deal splash damage to units within a 1 tile radius), the ideal bases of GoVaLo are ones that have serried buildings and Air Defenses inside the core especially in the core.

The two bases below are decent examples. You can easily completely destroy them with GoVaLo:

govalo-ideal-base-1 govalo-ideal-base-2

Also, you should start using Valkyries because:

  • She is one of the most powerful troops at Town Hall 8.
  • Also, she is one of the most useful troops at TH9. By using this strategy at TH8, you will have lots of good practices for the future attacks.

GoVaLo Army Composition

As usual, there is no perfect army composition for GoVaLo. Depending on the base you are going to attack, choose the best composition for you!

I usually use the GoVaLo composition below:

Troops: 2xgolem 5xval 11xballoon 6xwizard 3xWall Breaker giant 6xArcher 2xminion

Clan Castle: 3xval Archer haste spell

Spells: 2xhealing spell + rage spell +poison spell

However, If there are lots of compartments nearby the core, you can use this Spell Combination:

2xhealing spell + 4xearthquake spell

I recommend using Golems and Valkyries at least level 2. Golems level 1 are really weak as they can’t soak much damages for tanking.

How many Valkyries I should use?

5-8 Valks are great but truly you shouldn’t count the Valks. You should count the amount of Balloons you need. I usually use 10-13 Balloons but If somehow you need more, maybe you should use another attack strategy.

How to attack with GoVaLo

The main idea:

  1. Use the Kill Squad (Golems + Wizards) and your Valkyries to get into the core. Try to take down at least 1 Air Defenses.
  2. Destroy the core and take attention from the outer defensive ring.
  3. Backend Balloons will destroy those outer defenses.

Firstly, the most important thing you should pay attention to before attacking with GoVaLo is the enemy Clan Castle troops. Giant Bombs, the enemy King and the point defenses aren’t much of a danger, but just a couple of defensive troops can ruin your attack anytime.

  • If the enemy Clan Castle is exposed, drop 1 Giant/Hog or Balloon to lure then out.
  • If the enemy Clan Castle is centralized, send about 3 Balloons or Hog Riders inside. They will lure the defensive Clan troops out while attacking the enemy defense.

After luring them out to a corner, group them, and drop the poison spell Poison Spell to take them out.

If some troops (Dragons, Balloons,..) survive, drop 2-3 Barbarians. When the Dragon and Balloons are chasing your Barbarians, deploy 4-5 Wizards right behind the Dragon to quickly take it down. If the Dragon kills your Barbarians before it dies, deploy 1 more Barbarians right below its face as you can see the screenshot below!


Also, you should lure Clan troops to the side where you start attacking. We should attack the compartment which is close the core, so your troops will not go shopping around and spend a lot of time before breaking into the core.

Let’s take a look at the example below!


  • Green = Golems.
  • Purple = Wizards
  • Red = Balloons
  • X mark = Wall Breakers.

After the first step, do not wait for your Wizards and quickly deploy the Golems into the battle.  As you can see in the screenshot above, I will attack from the compartment with the X mark because my army can get into the core easily from there. Take a quick look, and deploy your Minions on Builder Huts at the corners and buildings, which are protected only by ground defenses.

  1. After deploying the Golems, the Wizards will take down outside buildings quickly without being hit. This is an important step for funneling your Barbarian King and Valkyries inside the base; otherwise they will go shopping around the base. Valkyries are much easier to control than P.E.K.K.As so I don’t think you will have any problem.
  2. Once the Wall Breakers have exploded, the Golems will go inside through the broken Walls to the Archer Tower and then into the core. It’s time to send the Valkyries in the battle. Simply drop your Healing Spell and Rage Spell once your troops have entered the core. It just takes a couple of seconds to take down all defenses in the core compartment.
  3. Once at least 2 Air Defenses are down, you can send your Balloons into the battle. Send 3-4 Balloons for each defense and attempt to focus on Air Defenses, Wizard Towers and Archer Towers. Most defenses would be locked on your Golems, Barbarian King and Valkyries so your Balloons can finish their job easily. By sending mass Balloons, you can oppress the enemy base within seconds.

How to use the Earthquake Spell?

It’s also not hard to use the Earthquake Spells. Drop a pack of 4 Spells on any junction that link to the core and your army will find the right way. There is a detailed guide about this spell on cocland, you can take a look at here.

  1. They are used on the inner Walls to allow access to the core. Try to open as many compartments as possible with them.
  2. If the base you want to attack has 3 layers of walls, use Wall Breakers to take down the first layer.
  3. You need to pay attention to the Mortar fireball since it can take down your Wall Breakers anytime and the battle might end up badly.

That’s all! Truly, this strategy is not hard at all. You may find it tricky for the first time, but not after you try it a few times and get a hang of things

Take a look at the video below to understand GoVaLo better:

I hope you can bring more stars for your Clan with the GoVaLo strategy!


  1. Funny story, i randomly saw this attack on youtube and decided to try it. Now, normally I use dragons and settle for 3 stars. So anyway, with 2 rage spells and a healing spell, i attacked. Without earthquakes and a barb king I got 3 stars, with several troops left. I nearly fell off my chair. My valks and golems are lvl1. The base was a mid TH8. I highly recommend trying this attack

  2. I have literally the same lol troops as the video would GoVaLo be good for the base?. The buildings are close enough for valks in my opinion (love GoViz) if this isn’t a good base for GoVaLo what would be better? Im decent at drags and gowipe, unfortunately my hogs are only lvl2.
    Thx for any feedback! Im tryn to up the valks credit in my clan but a 3 star is way more important!

  3. the struggle of this strategy is so often that the valkyrie outrun the golem in the front and the defense target her instead. I tried to not bring any golem and also success against almost maxed th8.(I use dragon because I’m planning to use healing spell on valk not balloon)

  4. in my opinion. vaklyrie is the most unused one. for early to mid th8, usually people doing mass drags, or mass hogs. and on late th8 mass drags and gowipe or goho.

    and on th9, personally, i never use valks. and i believe goho, gowipe, gowiwi, golaloon is much better.

    if looked from the stats, its true. valkyrie is powerful troops. But, the problem, it may fly from spring trap!! 8 space in camp, almost a hundred dark to train, flying just from spring trap, what a waste…

    i don’t know why guide above state this one:
    “Also, she is one of the most useful troops at TH9. By using this strategy at TH8, you will have lots of good practices for the future attacks.”

    i think no more than 13% players who think this way. its the opposite, valkyrie is the most unuseful troops at th9. whether for war or for faming. if you don’t believe me, try looking for 3star strategy against maxed th9 in google or anything. people who using valkyrie is very rare!!

    well, in my opinion, if you have maxed everything, having maxed valkyrie is not a problem. usually i used valkyrie just for fun. its fun watching her enter between the building and doing breakdance there. but if you are on early th lvl, and had limited dark, you should choose what to upgrade carefully.

    • You must be kidding,. I and some friends in my clan use valkyrie to rampage our ennemy,. We prefer use GoWiVa than GoWiPe,. our progres when reach th 8 are up Golem-Valkyrie-Wizard than other troops,. GoWiPe may more popular than GoWeVa, but we often use GoWiVa till TH9 because it’s so fun,. May be people take a victory be ambition,. but we think game for fun..

      • no im not kidding, because valkyrie is not very popular !!!

        it is because, most of people think, 3 valkyrie will fly from spring trap, but actually it is not. valkyrie take 8 space, while spring trap may send only 15 space troops to fly. thats mean, maximum amount of valkyrie flying every atk is only 6. for 1 valkyrie each spring traps, but most of the time, because of her move speed, she just may trigger it without casualty

        and btw, i am using valkyrie too, but just for farming, in my opinion valkyrie is best troops for farm, especially if there are defending heroes in the core, its just like magnet, pulling all of my valkyrie towards it, but thats it, for wrecking the core valkyrie is much better than pekka. But in another hand, for war, there are other combinations that have higher percentage to 3 stars against enemy.
        it may be different if you just aim for 2 stars in war. 2 stars with gowiva is piece of cake. but if you aim for 3 stars against maxed lava wall, there are a lot of better choice.

        1 other things, why did i said gowipe is more popular.

        it is because of dark elixir cost, most of people have problem collecting dark elixir rather than elixir. so gowipe basically is more appealing to them. But, if u have many dark elixir, gowiva is better for attacks.

        come on, 2 golem, 12 valky = 675*2 + 160*12 = around 3k dark for each atk.

        Just because i said that valkyrie is rarely used, or unpopular, doesnt mean i said that valkyrie is bad troop.

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