GoHogs Attack Strategy for Town Hall 8

GoHogs or GoHo is definitely one of the best attack strategies for Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans. At the first attacks, maybe it’s pretty hard to control the whole army at the same time but trust me, it is pretty easy to use GoH and get the 3 star win!

The main idea of GoHogs is to use your Kill Squad (Golems, Wizards and Hero) to break inside the base then take out defensive buildings and Heroes as well as distract the outer defenses. By scouting before attacking, you can trigger the double Giant Bomb, which is nightmare for your Hog Rider attacks, and even the enemy Barbarian King, which can 1 hit your Hog when they are at low HP. After that, just send Hogs into the raid once your Barbarian King and Golems have finished the job.

GoHogs Attack Strategy


  • Super powerful at Town Hall 8 and 9.
  • Double giant bombs are not really effective against GoHogs (at Town Hall 8).
  • Quick attack, don’t need to care about time.


  • It takes absolutely precision. Even a single Wall Breaker can ruin the attack.
  • Deploying Hog Riders at the same time is not really easy. You need to practice using Hog Riders outside Clan Wars.
  • Works bad against spread bases and bases with centralized defensive buildings.

GoHo Army Composition

There isn’t any perfect GoHog army composition for sure. Depending on the base you are going to attack, choose the best army for you! After a few attacks with this strategy, you will find it is not hard to choose your own army composition. Basically, get more Wizards If the Double Giant Bomb is placed deep inside the base.

The composition below is the one I usually use and it works pretty well with most bases.

21xhog 2xgolem 6xwizard 3xWall Breaker 5xArcher king

2xhealing spell 1xrage spell 1xpoison spell

Clan Troops: 5 Hog Riders/1 P.E.K.K.A/2 Witches/Wall Breakers/…

Some idea to arrange the number of troops:

  1. Golems, Wizards: How far you want to go into the base?
  2. Giants: How many sides you want to attack?
  3. Wall Breakers: What is the level of those Walls? How many layer of walls?
  4. Babarians + Archers + Poison Spell: For dealing with the Clan troops.

GoHogs Attack Strategy Complete Guide

As i said, GoHogs works fine with most Town Hall 8 bases but it is still recommend that you should attack bases with low-leveled defenses, bases with key defenses not in the core, base with large compartments,…Here are some examples of bases which you can attack:

How to Scout?

I posted an in-depth guide about this before. You may want to take a look at here for more details.

Where should I start attacking?

Attack from the side which helps your Kill Squad:

  • Take out Clan troops (If you don’t lure first). If the Clan Castle is on the opposite side of the possible Double Giant Bomb place (or Archer Queen place at Town Hall 9), lure them first then attack from the opposite side.
  • Take out the enemy King (Optional).

Let’s start attacking with GoHogs!

Firstly, always try to lure the Clan troops. If you find it hard to lure them out, here are some suggestions for you:

  • If you can reach the radius of Clan Castle from outside of the wall, drop 2 Giants to lure them out.
  • If the radius of Clan Castle is inside the walls, use 2-5 hogs to take out 1-2 defensive buildings and the Clan troops will go out at the same time.
    luring troops with Hogs
  • If the radius of Clan Castle is inside the wall and the Air Defenses can’t cover the outer defenses, drop 2-5 Balloons to take out those defenses and lure CC troops out.
    Luring troops with balloons

After luring, the next job is removing them from the map. The best way is pulling them to the side which you want to attack from. Deploy your Golem as a tanker, then drop your Wizards and the Poison Spell quickly to remove the Clan troops and create a funnel for your King to go into the base. Place the rest of your Barch and Wizards.


After dealing with all those Clan troops, your Wizards will create a proper funnel. Deploy your Wall Breakers at the area where the Wizards Towers and Mortars are not shooting your Golems. Once the walls have fallen, your Golems will go into the base. After this, send your King into the war. He can goes straight ahead into the base because of the funnel that you have created with Wizards. Use his skill If his health bar goes to yellow.


While your Golems and Barbarian King are getting hit by nearby defensive buildings, send 1-2 Giants to the area that they can soak up the most damage. While the Giants are taking damage, send 1-4 Hog Riders for every defensive building which is hitting the Giants. Once they are down, your Hogs will keep moving to another compartment. Repeat this step for all sides until they are all destroyed. It is a good idea do deploy your Hogs in a clockwise so they can be gathered together. Don’t forget to use your Healing Spells wisely.
gohogs-attack-strategy-9 gohogs-attack-strategy-8gohogs-attack-strategy-10

How to heal your Hogs properly

I also posted another guide about using the Healing Spell properly for GoHo attacks, you will want to take a look at here.

Bump! Easy 3 stars for you Clan!

This is a video about GoHogs from Crimine Clash!

This guide is inspired from Reville. I hope with this detailed GoHogs Attack Strategy guide, you can bring a lot of more stars for your Clans and also improve your deploying skills in Clash of Clans. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me!


  1. Great guide but one thing I would say…you dont have to take heavy hogs to be succesful with this attack. I’ve 3 starred many times with as little as 12 level 4 hogs using a surgical hogs approach. I count how many point defences there are behind the first layer of walls and take 2 hogs per defence if distracting with giants, 3-4 if not. I try to place giants so that they are targetted by atleast 2 point defences or a wizard tower at least. The rest of the army is just a normal gowipe in most cases with 2 heals for hogs and 1 rage for the go part at the start. Get to the core with the gowipe then unleash the hogs.

  2. Hey potter u remember me from gowipe? I tried a gohog in m war and I got only a star….. 22 hogs were not enough and the fact that they were divided made me lost…. Golems too didn’t do well without some more wiz and 3 pekkas. I also didn’t had m king… So how shud it go? Army composition 2golems 17hogs (lv3) 2wb 7wiz 3arch cc- 5hogs spells 2heal one rage… Plz help

  3. GoHo much better with 1 golem (few extra Wizards and hogs really helps). and CC troop 2witches and 1 barbarian do wonder in killing opponent cc troops. Lure the cc troops in corner with 2-3 barbarian, deploy your cc troops followed by 2 wizards; the opponent troops will go after the skeletons your witches and wiz will kill.

  4. Hey Bro!!!
    This is my Base with two Golem barracks and two of PEKKA (i ll max out the last sppell factory that is dark spell one TODAY)and soon the last two barracks will have PEKKAs
    so should i use GoHo or Gowipe as my riders r lvl 2 pekka lvl 1(got today) golem lvl 1 and BK lvl 8 (on the WAY)
    i ll wait for ur ANSWERS~!!!

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