GiHoLo Attack Strategy for Town Hall 5/6

Hey my friends, it has been a long time since the last time I posted an attack strategy for Town Hall 5 and 6. Today I am going to show you a pretty nice attack strategy for both Town Hall 5 and 6, which is called GiHoLo. Basically, this army composition is pretty similar to the BarchLoon which was posted on CoC Land before, but with this one, you can easily overwhelm base which has centralized Air Defense.

GiHoLo Attack Strategy

I am going to explain everything as simple as possible, give you everything which should be remembered and answer the most frequently asked questions at these two Town Hall levels.

GiHoLo Army Composition

Troops: 6xBarbarian 30xArcher 3xgiant 12xballoon6xwizard

Clan troops: 3xhog (at least level 4)

Spells: lightning spell (Town Hall 5 ) or healing spell+lightning spell (Town Hall 6)

How to attack with GiHoLo

Before attacking, Buildings you should pay attention to

They are the Air Defense and Wizard Towers. Air Defense can deal lots of damage to your Balloons and Wizard Towers can deal splash damage on both Hog Riders and Balloons.

Step 1: Lure the Clan troops out

Never skip this step! I can see that a lot of Town Hall 5/6 players skip/forget this step when attacking. Because you are at Town Hall 5/6 now so I am pretty sure that your raids got ruined various times because of those detestable troops. If you skip this step, you will not be able to get even just 1 star.

  1. Simply drop 1 Barbarian near the enemy Clan Castle to lure the enemy troops out. If you can’t find any unprotected building to deploy your Barbarian on, you will need to send 2-3 Barbarians at this step to ensure that all enemy Clan troops will be lured out.
  2. After luring them out, simply drop a Lightning Spell on them, normally most Clan troops will be removed.
  3. Lure the survived troops to the corner by drop 1 Barbarian there. Simply drop couples of Archers to wipe them out.

Note: Valkyrie is one of the most popular Clan troops that you can face at these Town Hall levels. After luring her out, just simply drag your Archers and 2-3 Wizards around her. She will be taken out pretty fast. Never drop your Barbarians for dealing with Valkyrie, there is no point at all to do that because she can take out all TH5/6 troops within 0.5 tiles with just a slash.

Step 2: Finding the Air Sweeper

  • If it is exposed, use your Archers and remaining Barbarians to take it down.
  • If it is not exposed, leave it there, we will send Balloons from the back side of it later.

Step 3: Start attacking

Focus on the Air Defense at first

  1. If the Air Defense is exposed, not surrounded by Walls, just send your Archers and 1 Wizards there to quickly take it down.
  2. If it is protected by just a layer of walls, drop 1 Giant nearby there. Once the defenses nearby start attacking your Giants, quickly drop your Clan Castle (3 Hog Riders) there, they will quickly remove it.
    Let’s take a look at the screenshot below. You can drop the Giant at the X spot, leave him there and then quickly drop your Hog Riders. The Hog Riders can take down the Air Defense and Mortar without any problem. If you are at TH6 and have an extra Healing Spell, drop it in the core so your Hog Riders can dolly a bit longer.
  3. If the Air Defense is centralized, let’s take look at the screenshot below:

    1. Let’s remove the Air Sweeper at first.
    2. After taking the Air Sweeper down, drop 1 Giant next to the Cannon and then 7-20 Archers + 1 Wizard right after him to quickly take down the Cannon.
    3. Place your Clan Castle between the Barrack and Elixir Collector at the bottom. I don’t want to place it next between the Gold Mine and Barrack because there may be a Spring Trap there.
      Because the Cannon has been removed, after taking down the Wizard Towers, our Hog Riders will go to the next target – the Air Defense because it is the closest one. You don’t need to worry about the Hogs’ HP. They are Hogs level 5 and they can easily take down the Air Defense without any problem. If you are at Town Hall 6 and have 1 extra Healing Spell, drop it in the core so your Hogs can stay a bit longer.

Sending your Balloons

Balloons can’t be attacked by Mortars and Cannons so you just need to care about Wizard Towers and Archer Towers. 3-4 Balloons are enough to take down 1 Wizard/Archer Tower. We have 12 Balloons so let’s split them to 3-4 groups like the screenshot below!



The attack can’t be easier now. Just drop the rest of your Archers and Wizards around the base and destroy unprotected buildings.

You can watch the video below

By following this strategy, I think there is no reason to get less than 3 stars from any Clan War attack at these levels.

If you have any question, comment here and we will try my best to help you!


  1. This is one strategy i used in almost every war during TH 5/6. I drop the wiz in favor of more balloons as you never know when you run short of ’em mid battle after being hit by air bombs.

    Also i prefer more archers rather than barbs as most enemy cc (during war) have valky or dragon, both of which deal spash damage to barbs who have tendency to group together while attacking (and get taken out in one swing). Archers on the other hand can be micromanaged better by forcing them to spawn away from each other.

    I use giants a bit differently, first I would drop one giant to clear the path (traps/bombs) for hogs and also to make sure that the hogs would target the right def structure. Then release the hogs n wait for the air def to be destroyed. And finally I would spawn one giant each near the wiz towers before releasing the balloons so that the wiz towers would first lock on to the giants before dealing splash damage to the balloons.

    This strategy almost never fails to give you a 3 star. The only times I’ve failed was when I screwed up something basic or when the the air def was too deep within the base. (which is BTW how i like to keep my own war-base). Talking of which, this strategy is only useful for wars, because raiding with this would be both cost and time inefficient. Also you’d be lucky to be in a clan that donates hog riders for raids!

  2. I use this attack on my second account. I can basically beat almost any base 1 town hall level above me and every one of them my town hall level at low levels. Town hall 5, I can easily 3 star another Town Hall 5 and probably most Town HaIls 1 above me. At Town Hall 5 I can easily beat another Town Hall 5 and most at Town Hall 6 with this strategy. At Town Hall 6 I can easily beat another Town Hall 6 as I have 4 hog riders and heal spells. I can also sometimes use 2 lightning spells on a level 1 air defense and use my hogs to beat a town hall 7 with this strategy. I can use dragons at town hall 7 to beat all town hall 7s and most town hall 8s.

  3. This is a nice strategy(honestly; you should try it out!), but I disagree with valks in the cc. Valks will mainly be found in WAR clan castles. In normal matchmaking, people usually have either empty clan castles or archers/wizards.

  4. I have th5.5 base and usually I use 16wizard 16 archer 16 baloon 2 lightning and baloonmax for cc war.. so far it was big winning star for th6 I thought.. call the cc troop by your archer.. than drag them to angle.. strike their cc by 3-5 archer than put your wizard behind them it works nicely against balloon, dragon, valkriey also baby dragon. then strike lightning at AD.. and another AD you can goes by your baloonmax cc war then you will get 3 star.. just my 2cent

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