GiHeHo Strategy for Town Hall 8/9

I have received couples of questions about the GiHeHo Strategy (which stands for Healers, Giants, Hogs) so I’ve finally decided to sit down and put something together. Hopefully this write up will help you understand the attack, why it works, how it works and where it works. A big thanks to bradpifff from Reddit Omage as he gave this awesome strategy and videos to us!

GiHeHo Strategy in Clash of Clans

A brief overview of some of the pros of the strategy:

  • Giants do much more DPS than Golems. A group of 10 Giants, lets say six max and four Level 6, will do 472 DPS if all focused on the same target. Compare this to 3 golems, let’s say one max and two level 4, which will do 154 DPS. This is great for many reasons, such as eliminating wallbreakers from the army composition and destroying defenses extremely quickly.
  • Healers provide a huge benefit to multiple facets of the Kill Squad. They will often swap targets to prioritize what needs the HPS, extending the life of your Giants, your BK and even your AQ as the raid develops.
  • This amount of tanking this combination of troops provides allows you to use your hogs very efficiently, albeit in somewhat of a “audible” fashion.

What about cons?

  •     It is moderately to severely base specific.
  •     Defending CC troops can cause a big headache (although the poison spell helps quite a bit)
  •     Giants are susceptible to spring traps.

Which kind of base should I attack with GiHeHo?

Example #1

The biggest key to using HGH effectively is being able to identify bases that it will work on. Lets check out some examples of good bases, bad bases, what is appealing and what isn’t.

In this example, the HGH Kill Squad will be used to travel the length of the base to reach and kill the enemy AQ.


When planning this attack, there are several things to look for:

  1. Where are the ADs?
  2. Where are the Sweepers?
  3. How guaranteed is the pathing?
  4. Can I create my funnel via tanking in one location?

One of the most important things in HGH is to protect your healers. They are the most important / powerful aspect of the attack. As such, the placement of the enemy ADs is your first thing to look for. Do you have a direct / predictable path to eliminate an AD? Or, do you have a large section of base without AD coverage?

In this base you can see the path below is a predictable path for the giants. The Healers will not be in danger until the giants are in the core. This path is also a great path to the enemy AQ, who can be accessed with a jump. The giants will beat through every layer of wall until that time, due to their natural pathing. This path also eliminates many Giant Bomb / DGB possibilities.


Below is the replay of this attack:

I actually wanted the giants to target the higher level cannon first, beat through two layers of Lavas, then jump to queen. They ended up targeting the lower level cannon and Walls, which was fine. As you can see, the Healers are safe for the majority of the push to the queen. This allows the giants and BK to traverse through a Tesla farm, Giant Bombs, enemy Clan troops, enemy BK, all while remaining healed and doing tons of damage on the way. I forgot to drop the valks, so I used their tanking the start my hogs, who eventually met up with my BK as he was killing the enemy AQ. By this point, so much of the base had been eliminated that the hogs did not have much to do. I reinforced them strongly as I knew I had a heal remaining and there were no other potential DGB pathing issues.

Example #2


So this base is an example of when you can target the AQ directly, then allow the Kill Squad to advance, and deploy hogs as needed afterwords.

This is the predicted path:


There is a clump of defenses all protecting the Queen (and King), but no AD and no sweeper. This is common in many current meta bases. Once the Kill Squad pushes through the Queen compartment, there is an AD conveniently behind them, which I will rage the giants into to eliminate it ASAP – again, protecting the healers is crucial. As the KS progresses (needed to use two jumps) the hogs are deployed where the tanking is present and / or to protect my attacking heroes.

What kind of base I shouldn’t attack with GiHeHo?


So this is a base I would definitely not use HGH on, for multiple reasons:

  • If I wanted to attack into an AD first, then progress to queen, I’d be dealing with Sweepers. Also, these ADs cover each other well, which can lead to the death of the healers, a big no no.
  • If i wanted to attack into queen first, the pathing is tricky. Anvil has defenses outside his walls around the base. I myself do not trust my troops to target what I want, when I want them to. It is not guaranteed, which is more than enough to scare me away.

GiHeHo Army Composition

hogx22 healerx3 giantx4 wizardx8 valx2

Clan = giant

Things change obviously. Substitute minions for wizards for funneling purposes, add Valkyries if encountering both heroes etc.

Spell Composition:

  • This varies, but I always have one rage and one heal. Sometimes you will need two jumps to guarantee pathing. 2 Heals is nice because you do have 22 hogs and may not cover every GB possible location.
  • The rage spell is perhaps the most valuable spell in the attack. I almost always will use it as the giants are approaching the goal AD. The rage will initially help the giants eliminate the AD ASAP (protecting the healers) and increase the power of your BK. As the troops progress, the rage will then effect the healers, providing a huge HPS buff to whatever they are healing – often times this results in a full HP BK. Finally, the rage will effect your attacking AQ, who is trailing behind (hopefully).

So…an ideal base is one that has predictable giant pathing. A path that either elminates an AD ASAP (protecting healers) or is out of AD range for a substantial amount of time. You want to avoid attacking into sweepers too, for obvious reasons. Often times, pathing allows you to predict the wall the giants will beat on first, and possibly second, which is great, because wall breakers suck.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning this attack style. I would say the most important things for me are protecting my Healers, a guaranteed path and a high value path. Also, the ability to be comfortable deploying your hogs somewhat as needed.

Hopefully this helps a bit. If I’m available, I’m always willing to help scout and plan an attack.

A few added replays:

Okay guys, thanks for reading. I hope you like this strategy! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. Also, can you do me a huge favor? Can you share this with your friends? xD. Many thanks guys!


    • It explained it above. It’s just the damage per second. 10 giants, 6 max in CC and 4 level 6 giants, do 472 DPS while 3 golems do 154 DPS. The giants do 3x more DPS. 10 giants take 50 space, but 3 golems take 90 space.

      Golems are tankier but the plan is for the healers to make up for that by healing up your giants enough. The other big negative is spring traps taking giants out.

      With the higher DPS, Giants can:
      1.Punch through walls (eliminating the need for wallbreakers = more camp space)
      2.Take down defenses a lot quicker

      The healers do a great job of keeping the giants alive. If you use the hogs well you can take down air defenses before they hurt the healers.

      Golems are also great but if you replace Giants with Golems this strategy just becomes a GoHo variant.

    • Hello Adam,
      I explained this couples of times before, you can read more about them at other Hog Strategy Guides. I am working on this and will add them into the main guide above as soon as possible. So sorry about this!

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