Giant Biz Strategy: No DE, Effective and Cheap

Giant Biz is not really a new attack strategy in Clash of Clans, but not much players know about it. I have tried to use it couples of times in my Clan War. This strategy is very cheap, much cheaper than Hogs, Dragons, GoWiPe, HoLoWiWi or other ones.

Giant Biz works well with: TH7 vs. TH7 and weak TH 8, TH8 vs. TH8 and weak TH 9, TH 9 vs. TH 9.


How Giant Biz works:

While giants are soaking up damage, like a meat wall, Wizards and Barbarians can destroy buildings. You should drag the Wizards after your Barbarians, so they will be safe the whole match.

Because this strategy is cheap and doesn’t need Dark Elixir so it isn’t more effective than the other ones. You can use it for pushing your trophies or in Clan War. As a Town Hall 8 with level 5 troops, you can easily get 2 stars when attack well upgraded Town Hall 9, more than 80% with other TH8 villages and 3 stars if you attack TH7s.

Giant Biz Combination:

200 housing spaces and 3 spell spaces, for instance:

  1. Troops: 12 Wall Breakers, 18 Giants, 12 Wizards and 38 Barbarians.
  2. Spells: 1 Lightning Spell/1 Rage Spell and 2 Healing Spells.
  3. Clan troops: 5 Wizards and 5 Barbarians.


  1. Drop 1 Barbarian for each Builder’s Hut in the corner (If there are).
  2. Use Barbarians for pulling out CC troops.
  3. Use Lightning Spell or couples of Barbarians and Wizards to remove them all.Drop all Giants on one spot.Drop a couple of Wall Breakers after your Giants.Drop all your Barbarians in a line right after your Giants.Drop all your Wizards in a line after your Barbarian wall. Deploy your Clan troops.When your Giants’ health turns red, use Healing Spell.Use Wall Breakers wisely.Drop your Hero(es).Use Rage Spell (If you bring) when your troops hit the core.

This attack strategy is from SaeedOrphan. A big thank to you mate!


  1. I am a near maxed TH9. For the longest time I neglected using giants except occasionally I’d throw a few in as meat shields. Since the December update I hated wasting dark elixer for gowipe raid attacks and dragons or dragaloon was a waste with mostly 2 star results. Recently I’ve been using a giants/wzds/wbs/hogs/minions/archers combo that, just the right way, gets me 3 stars consistently against all TH8 bases and a mid TH9 with xbows, queen, king & a full castle. Been skeptical still to try it against the max TH9 bases, but that’s because I have been a golem person for so long and “outgrew” giants. So far, I am newly impressed.

  2. i like giant wiz strategy more…i know this is a gd attack fr 2 strs..some guys need to push there trophies..maybe with a similar army composition..wanting 3 stars..i pushed to master league..attacking maxed th8 and new th9..i used 20 giants,10 wbs,16 giants,rest archers and 3 healing spells..if u know to funnel ur troops,specially wizards and 12-15 wizards inside the core of the base..correct spell placement with giants for tanking,i guarentee you 3 stars..only thing required is funneling..THATS ALL..remember to break the walls sending two wbs at a time..

  3. Best strategy hog attack (only if king is lvl 3+)
    27 hogs, 5 barbs, 13 wiz and 8 archers 3 heal
    use 14 wiz and arch 22 giants and 10 wall breakers 2 heal 1 rage
    cc for both army comp hogs or dragons
    lure cc and take out using your wiz use barbs to distract air troops
    put surgical hog and for other army put 1 giant to check traps and later all giants 2-3 wall breaker after mortar shot and then keep deploying 2-3 WBs for inside layer walls and use archers for clearing outside buildings and rest wiz few with giants to get th and others for cleanup put king for going inside and use rage if needed
    get 3 star against max def th7 and 2 star for th8 (really works)
    you can also use (if 2 star only needed rare 3 star)
    18 giants, 5 wall break, 40 arch and 15 wiz 2 heal 1 rage

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