GAG Dark Elixir Farming Strategy

Today I have found a great new Dark Elixir farming strategy from Rijjle which is called GAG (because of the primary troops are Giants, Archers and Goblins). Although this Dark Elixir farming strategy requires a small amount of Dark Elixir but the pros of it are you can use tier 1 troops in the Clan Castle, you don’t need to use your Heroes and it is pretty easy to send your Goblins to the enemy Dark Elixir Storages.

GAG Dark Elixir Farming Strategy

GAG Army Composition

Basically our army composition looks like this:

GAG Army Composition

You don’t need to always use your Minions. Use them sparingly for saving as much Dark Elixir as possible.  The ratio of Archers and Goblins should be ~ 2:1. Depending on your play style, 10-15 Giants and 6 Wall Breakers are perfect for a decent attack.

I rarely use Spells but just bring them together. Sometimes you can find a perfect base with sweet loot, those spells can help you much.

This farming strategy is being used in Master leagues so the main goal of it is getting the Dark Elixir Storage and a 1 star win.

Recommend: Boost all your Elixir Barracks.

What kinds of bases I should attack with GAG?

  • Base with Town Hall outside: Of course. Who doesn’t like free sweet loot bonus? Just snipe the TH and then search for the next target.
  • Dead bases: There is no reason to pass these juicy bases up. Just drop couples of Giants to distract the enemy defenses and mass send your Goblins and Archers. Use your Minions and Clan troops to get some last % for a 50% win.
  • Bases with 2k+ Dark Elixir in Storage which stays behind 1-2 layers of Walls. This kind base is the main target of the GAG army composition. Don’t worry If you can’t get 50% win, you can take back your trophies later easily by using this strategy.

What is the role of each troop/spell?

  • Wall Breakers, Earthquake Spells are used for opening path. You need a clear path to the DE storage to get your gobs and giants to it. Usually a few Wall Breakers will do it, but I like to keep some quakes around for the rare super whale. Use Poison to kill the Clan Castle troops (obviously).
  • Giants: Meat shield. It is nice when they bust buildings, but what you really want is for them to be targeted so your Archers and Goblins to do the work. The goal is to get these guys in near the Dark Elixir Storage so all the defenses are targeting them. Use the Healing Spells to keep Giants alive when needed.
  • Archers: Pathing. You want all your troops to be near the DE storage, use Archers to clean our perimeter buildings, especially collectors. You want to everything marching to the DE storage.
  • Goblins: LOOT! Okay, once you have a path to the DE and all the defenses are targeted on the giants, release the goblins. I often use rages on the gobs near the DE storage if there is heavy defenses like inferno towers nearby.
  • Minions/CC troops: Cavalry. Perfect for getting from 40% to 50% or to get the last drops out of a storage. Don’t use them every attack to maximize profit.

How to attack with GAG?

The key of this strategy is the army composition. Steps to attack with is is really easy to I will go with it as simple as possible.

First drop a few Giants on the wall nearest the DE storage to rile the defenses up. Once they are targeted, drop your first couple Wall Breakers.
Once the compartment is open drop the rest of the Giants into that compartment and deploy enough Archers to clear out perimeter buildings. Remember you want as many troops as possible to hang out near the DE storage, so create a path.
Use the second group of Wall Breakers to get into inner walls. Keep deploying Archers and a few Goblins bit by bit to create a path until they are all targeting the Dark Elixir storage. At this point unleash everything. The goal is that everything targets the giants so that the Archers and Goblins can clean out the DE. Use spells as necessary.

GAG Attack Log

Above is couples of newest attack logs for you. Remember that this is Master league. Besides the raided loot, I also got the sweet loot bonus. Clash on my friends!


  1. I support Rijjle and his GAG DE farming strategy, but clasher, you lost me when you said you should use this attack against bases with their Town Hall outside. I’m a man with inegrity, and as far as I’m concerned, if you EVER had your TH outside and benefitted from that strategy, you should NEVER steal loot from a base that has their TH outside. At any level, regardless of the loot, regardless of the trophy offering or trophy league, you should respect the unwritten rule ONLY take the TH, just as others have done the same for you in the past.

      • I don’t know what supercell is upto.. I literally get smashed by th9 players.. Daily.. And loosse more then 3 lakh loot everyday.. Even after keeping town hall outside. Its really boring.. Suprecell should take action on itt.

          • M in gold 2.. As u knw my th is on lvl8.. M just getting smashed by the players.. I hv already upgraded the new defences to same as th7 lvl.. What should I do?? Can you suggest me something will??

          • I am an early TH 8 player and I got the lay out of my base from this blog. I am currently at Master II but encountered no problem. I just put my TH out and so far so good. I decided not to lower my league because people in Silver and Gold are hard farmers. Good thing being in Masters league is the loot bonus. If you were attacked and lost 300k Gold and Elixer and lost 2k DE that won’t be a problem because you just need to snipe Town Halls 3 times and you will have the loots that you lost. That simple!

          • Hallo. I’m top th9 and I’ve just get champ, but I usually farmer at MasterIII and I loose very little loot by robs. These are my tips.
            1- TH outside, of course. Sorounded by flowers and in a corner.
            2- To have only the necesary loot in storages: if you need gold for upgrading something, then you have to spend all the elixir you can, and viceversa if you need elixir. To do this, I always have a free builder to make walls.
            3- If I have more than 40k of dark elixir then I spend all my gold and elixir and change to a anti dark elixir base so they have to get 3 stars to get the dark elixir and for do this, they need expensive troops and many spells.
            4- Upgrade the walls. Since I started to make lev 9 walls the robs decreased a lot. Now I have 95 lev 9 walls and nearly always they rob me they use a jump spell. Most of people prefer to bust the th and catch the bonus than fight against lev 8 and 9 walls.
            It is more probably that you are raided by who wants the bonus without bonus than for a guy that need the only resource you have (gold, elixir or dark) and he has high troops and the necesary spells.
            I hope this will be usefull for you.

          • Thnx fr ur tips.. Now I was in silver 3.. NT much ppls attacks me.. Bcoz of my base.. The base is awesome and perfect for DE protection.

        • Saying supercell should do something about it is such a naive thing to say. You’re within 1 town hall of th9, and getting raided for 300k it means your layout is prime for attackers, your storages are always full, or worse, you’re not collecting your mines and collectors on time. None of this is supercell’s fault.

          • First of all m a regular player.. So I always collect resources from my collectors.. My builders r always working.. So probably my storages are never full.. Having storages near to 30-40% filled is never full.. And abt th9 player hv archer queen . Evey1 knows how powerful she is.. So at least supercell should come up with new defence.. Which can handle her.. As they did with air troops.. They introduced air sweeper.

    • This comment has me puzzled, there’s an unwritten rule about NOT sniping easy trophies by taking a TH outside a base. Really? I’m a farmer 90% of the time in this game. The only reason I care for trophies is to stay in a good looting range so dumping trophies by just hitting full collectors and mines is offset by exposed TH’s,,, I use this army combo all the time,,, some raids I just fan gobs at full collectors and mines and with gobs queued up in barracks I can raid every 4-6 mins,,, sniping loot,, hitting TH’s with heros, it’s just raid raid raid,,, Hitting fat dark storages takes more troops and training times but this army compo is very quick to train,,, especially now that we can queue up spells now…

      I don’t know maybe I misunderstood this comment, but I see no problem hitting exposed TH’s if anything your doing them a favor, hence why I leave my TH exposed with the white flag and decorations surrounding it to show no traps or teslas.


  2. Great the cat is out of the bag lol,,,, I use this attack constantly although I use barch with gobs and giants GoGiBarch I guess lol ,,, fairly cheap, fast to train and once you get good at it dark elixer will be the easiest of the loots to raid for,,,, it’s way easier targeting 1 storage as compared to several gold and elixer storages spread out over base. I take breakers and quake,,, only use quake on 2500 range dark raids.


  3. great article, thanks. but it could be even better if you would show how to do it in a video.
    “will” I think you forgot to update the “top base designs” post. you said that you update the post soon!. I just wanted to remind you.

    thank you for your great articles and tactics. you are the best

  4. Hey everyone this is rijjle (IGN: RJL), I created this guide on reddit originally. I’m really pleased to see this shared here! I’m glad you guys like my guide and I hope everyone can make a sweet profit using it. I designed it for th10 use, but I’d love to hear more th9 and th8 success. Have fun!

  5. Hm a littile common strategy but highly effective i am using this strategy nowdays and i am getting a positive result its best for DE AND ALSO i am getting about 1500 DE ,150000 exiler and 150000gold every loot . By barch i get 250000exiler and gold but it was hard ro get high amount pf DE with barch but this stratrgy is awesome . Thz rijjle and thx will

    • My favorite army composition to use in Champion/Master is GiBarch. I usually look for bases with lots of buildings outside and get easy 50% win. Otherwise you can use GoWiPe for getting sure 2 star win. Because you don’t have much time to play so you always can attack with GoWiPe a few times a day.

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