Farming in Champion with GoArch Strategy

This amazing GoArch strategy is from Rey Bozza, a really skillful player. He has been using this strategy for a year. By using GoArch, he can farms 14 millions Gold, 12 Millions Elixir and 107k DE every 15 straight hours. They are really big numbers, aren’t they?

There is also a guide from TheGreatLach about Farming in Champ with Archers, you can read it if you can’t use your Golems!


You should use GoArch strategy for farming in Champ because:

  1. You don’t need to use your Heroes.
  2. You don’t need to (or rarely) use your Spells
  3. With this GoArch strategy, you just need to train one Golem (20-25 minutes per troop by timing your Dark Barracks), and you need the same amount of time to train Archers ~> You can control your training time easily and don’t need to boost your Barracks.
  4. You can stay high in Champion without spending Gems.
  5. Spend a small amount of Elixir and get a lot of loot. You will get 180,000 Gold, 180,000 Elixir and 1,200 Dark Elixir bonus for every match.

Here are some attack logs with this strategy for you:

What is GoArch Strategy?

GoArch uses one, two or even three Golems and the rest is Archers for farming. If you want to use this farming strategy, you should remember:

  • Only attacks bases which have enough buildings outside the Walls for you to get at least 50%. Just click Next while searching if you think you can’t have 50%.
  • Destroy all buildings which are not protected by defenses before deploying your Golems.
  • Focus on X-Bows, Wizard Towers and Mortars. Your archers don’t like them.
  • Deploy all Archers around the base. If you are using large screen device, use multiple fingers on the screen to deploy them faster.
  • Keep away from Inferno or you will miss your Golems.
  • Always ask your Clan members for a Golem for your Clan Castle.
  • Always look for bases have outside full collectors.
  • Always check for Giants Bombs before attacking by deploying couples of Archers on obvious spaces.
  • If your Archer Queen are not available, bring a Jump Spell for your Barbarian King.

This video will give you a lot of details about this strategy:

Say thanks to Rey Bozza and share this post to your friend if you like it! Happy farming!


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