Town Hall 11 Strategy: Bowler Healer

If you are TH11, chances are you’ll be very familiar with Bowler attacks by now, whether you’re doing them yourself or they’re being done to you. Ever since Miners were nerfed, Bowler attacks became almost the only way you could 3 star against an end game TH11. Even with Bowlers, it has proved to be extremely hard. Likewise you’ll be very familiar with Moat bases and trying to break into the center of them. Turns out you don’t have to…

Bowler Healer Strategy

Bowler Healer – 3 Star Strategy for Town Hall 11

One Bowler combination above all others has proved to work best in this scenario and that is the Bowler Healer combo. It involves one of the best 3 star attacks I’ve seen in the current meta. The base it is attacking is pretty much entirely maxed out, Walls and all and is one of those difficult moat bases which is creating problems for TH11s.

Interestingly, the attacker doesn’t drive his bowlers into the center of the map but rather uses the bowler army to go the entire way round the moat before taking down the center Town Hall. A risky strategy you might think but he pulls it off with plenty of troops to spare. You can see the video here – it is definitely one of the best Max TH11 3 stars I’ve seen in the last few months:

You can see from the above video that the first thing that was required was patience. The attacker needed to be very patient before releasing the bulk of his bowler army. By using his Archer Queen to take down several defenses and crucially, the Eagle Artillery, he essentially gave his Bowlers an easy ride – and this was all done barely losing a troop. So let’s take a closer look at the tactics here:

Step one: Identify the corner of the base you will attack with your Archer Queen and Healers – make sure it is the nearest corner to the Eagle Artillery, but not too close to Inferno Towers. Release one balloon into the corner of that base so as to take down any Air Mines that might hurt the healers.

Step two: Release your AQ and Healers behind and either using a jump or wallbreakers make sure you open a gap in the wall for the AQ to go through. When necessary, rage BOTH the Healers and the AQ to get maximum damage and keep her alive. You can also use the AQ ability if necessary, but it’s better to save this for as long as possible.

Step three: Once the AQ has done its work and before it has died (often whilst the ability is on), release either a golem or some giants followed by your BK and bowlers in an adjacent corner. Apply the various jump spells and rages necessary to cause maximum damage. You AQ should now heal up as some of the damage is directed at the new troops.

Step four: Support the troops with any remaining spells and make sure to use your BK and GW at opportune moments where they will be the most effective. As many bowlers as possible will need to stay alive to get the 3 stars within the required time limit.

Step five: Enjoy your three star victory and tell your friends how great Chucky’s guide is ;).

Sadly, it won’t always be quite that easy. For example, if the Eagle Artillery is in the centre of the base you’ll struggle to succeed, but with a lot of the current moat bases this isn’t the case so you should have a good chance at success. Just remember to be patient and methodical. Don’t panic and ensure you get your rage placement right over your healers and your AQ.

I hope you guys find this useful – 3 stars are obtainable at high TH11 level, it is tough and somewhat boring that it seems to be only Bowler combinations that can pull it off but I’m sure this will be set to change in the upcoming December update. Until then, try this attack out and if you do pull it off let us know. (If you don’t feel free to ask any questions about where you might have gone wrong!).

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