BarchLoon – The Best Attack Strategy for TH5 and 6

Truly, BarchLoon is one of the best attack strategies for Town Hall 5 and 6 that I have ever seen. With this army composition, you can get 3 star wins easily from other Town Hall 5 and 6 villages (and even from TH7 If you do it wisely).

I know this air attack strategies are quite new with most TH5 and 6 players but it is pretty easy to have a decent win with BarchLoon, just follow CursingWithCurtis’s advices!

BarchLoon Attack Strategy

BarchLoon Army Composition

Assume that we have maxed army camps. We will bring these troops into the battle:

10x Barbarian 20x Archer 26xballoon

2x healing spell

Clan Castle: hog

Hog Riders are the key of this attack strategy and should be at least level 4. You absolutely still can use this attack strategy without Hog Riders but it will be a bit harder. If your Clan mates don’t have Hog Riders, Giants or Wizards will be fine.

How to dominate TH5-6-7 with BarchLoon Attack Strategy

Step 1: Lure the enemy troops out with your Barbarians to the corner and say good bye to them by using your Archers. This is one of the most important steps of most attack strategies. If you skip this steps, those troops can ruin your attack anytime. As a Town Hall 5/6 player, I strongly recommend you read the Tips for luring troops guide!

Steps 2: Choose the closest side to the Air Defense and deploy your remaining Barbarians there and followed by Archers (your Barbarians will be the meat-shield for your Archers). Your Barbarians and Archers can set off all Spring traps and Bombs there.

Step 3: Place your Clan Castle on the side at step 2 to send Hog Riders into the battle. They can take down the enemy Air Defense and even 1-2 more Archer Towers easily. If your Hog Riders healthbars turn to red but still can’t take down the Air Defense, just drop the Healing Spells.

Step 4: Deploy your Balloons around the base with this strategy: 3 Balloons = 1 Archer Tower = 1 Cannon = 1 Mortar. 4 Balloons = 1 Wizard Tower.
You should attack Archer Towers and Wizard Towers at first because they can attack air units but other ones can’t. You still need to deploy the rest of your Balloons to boost the attack speed before it runs out of time, the Balloon’s speed is really terrible.

Some advices for you:

  • Lightning is pointless because most enemy have Dragon in their Clan Wars Clan Castle.
  • Healing Spells are perfect for fixing all troubles while using BarchLoon.
  • If your Hog Riders die before taking down the enemy Air Defense, drop 2 Healing Spells on your Balloons.
  • If you don’t have Hog Riders and Giants can’t take down the Air Defense, drop 2 HS on your Balloons.
  • If you want to attack a TH7 base, you need 2 HS.
  • If you are at Town Hall 7 and don’t have Dragons yet, you absolutely can use this attack strategy as well.

The video below can help you imagine the attack easier:

For farming, Barch is cheaper and more effective. BarchLoon army composition is quite expensive at Town Hall 5 and 6, you should just use it in Clan Wars.


  1. It is very hard attacking with LOONs while at TH5, you have no access to healing potions and the ballons can be taken out quickly by Archer/Wiz towers and the lvl 3 air defense. Once access to healing potion lvl 2 and qty of 2 is there , then it is the only attack to use. Just my opinion, thanks for posting this guide 🙂

    • Hi Cassador,
      After couples of days trying to use this strategy for attacking with my alt TH5 account, I can see that most players at TH5-6 don’t upgrade their AD to level 3. In addition, with 2-3 Hog Riders and a bunch of Barch, taking down an AD and also an AT nearby is not that. Just my 2 cents.

      Thanks for visiting and supporting this blog buddy!

  2. Hi,
    my TH is 5 ..I have the following combination – 14 level 2 balloons , 3 level 5 balloons, 40 level 3 archers , 6 level 2 wizards . nobody have level 6 balloons so i got the level 5 one 😛 and no hogs . I have to attack TH5 and this my first clan wars…will this combination work ..thnks in advance 🙂

  3. I use GiBWiLoon, that is a good strategy too. You need to have Army Camps at least level 4. You will need:

    9 giants
    9 baloons
    7 wizards
    2 barbarians
    OPTIONAL: 1 lightning spell and for TH6, 1 lightning and 1 healing spell.

    First, put the barbarians to check if there are Castle Clan troops. If not, continue. If yes, wait for they come and put wizards to kill them. Immediantly put the giants near the Air Defense to destroy it and if possible, some Archer Towers. Then, baloons will destroy the other Archer Towers (put them near one of them because it will make the baloons take the least damage possible and they will also destroy the archer tower in the first or second hit). Make them go immediantly to the second Archer Tower and maybe, third. It work better if you are TH6, because you will be able to make baloons level 3, that survive to 2 air bombs level 1. If there aren’t castle clan troops, don’t put the wizards in the beginning. Now, after the baloons destroy all defenses, put the wizards to destroy everything outside the walls. You don’t have troops anymore. but if the time is going out, and your troops are attacking something or going (for example, 5 seconds left and 1 builder’s hut left to make 100%) the lightning spell should be used.

      • I’ve created it and I use it in Clan Wars and in normal attacks at the same time, principally because it is a hybrid strategy, what means that it will make you get resources and go up and up in the league at the same time.

      • I created and strategy that’s even more efficient. GiBArchWiLoon. To do it, you need:

        9 giants
        9 balloons
        6 wizards
        5 archers
        1 barbarian

        First, put the barbarian to lure the enemy castle clan troops out. Destroy them with some wizards (2 or 3 will be enough). But if there aren’t castle clan troops, don’t put the wizards. Put the giants near the Air Defense. When they destroy it and maybe some Archer Tower, put the balloons near an Archer Tower, because they’re slow, and if you put far from the Archer Tower, some time they will try to destroy it, and will take a lot of damage while going to it, and the idea is to keep a lot of balloons alive. After they destroy every defense, put the wizards to destroy everything outside the walls and protected by 1 single wall. Put the archers near the builder huts in the borders, to prevent a 99% victory. The archers that aren’t destroying builder huts, put to help the wizards. Don’t worry if all giants or the barbarian die. Worry if all the balloons, wizards or archers die.

        • Normally most TH6 players don’t want to use so many troops in Clan Wars because they usually find it hard to control the raid. Also, I don’t usually use both Giants and Balloons in 1 army composition for minimizing the loss If they hit the traps.
          Btw, thank you very much for sharing this! I will test it for sure!

          • So I’m not a normal TH6 player. I use all my troops because I don’t find hard to control the raid. I want the 3 stars and do everything for them.

          • Really? Smart Rushing again. I used Smart Rushing till TH3, but a faster Smart Rushing. Buy the new Wizard Tower, the new mortar, the giant bomb, the Air Sweeper, upgrade them just 1 or 2 levels and go to TH7. Buy the new Barrack, the new Army Camp, the Dark Barrack, upgrade 1 or 2 levels and TH8. But why move to TH8 as soon as possible?

          • Oh. I think I will do this:

            TH6: Buy Air Sweeper, buy Wizard Tower, buy Mortar, buy Giant Bomb, upgrade Wizard Tower to level 2, upgrade Mortar to 4, upgrade Giant Bomb to 2, upgrade Town Hall.

            TH7: Buy Army Camp, buy Hidden Tesla, buy Barrack, buy Dark Barrack, buy Cannon, buy Archer Tower, upgrade Army Camp to 4 or 5, upgrade Barrack to 7 or 8, maybe 9, upgrade Dark Barrack to 2 or 3, upgrade Cannon to 6 or 7, upgrade Archer Tower to 6 or 7, upgrade Town Hall.

            TH8: Slow Smart Rushing.

  4. Something is wrong here and needs correction ..Troop capcacity for maxed out TH6 is 150.but see there 10 barbs and 20 archers means 30 and then you say 26 loons which is (30+130(26*5))=160! Not Possible bro.

  5. For TH5s or TH6 with Level 4 Army Camps who want to use this, simply reduce the number of balloons from 26 to 21. As for spells, you can’t do anything but carry a lightning spell, which you can use for killing Tier 1 troops and a couple of Tier 2. Problem solved. 🙂
    Also, Level 3 Hogs in the cc work just fine.

  6. In one war, I used 1 attack with this and got the 3, and another with my GiWiWa, and got only about 1 or 2. But I actually mixed my targets. 😛 But the Barchloon would have been able to 3 star the base I messed up on, and the base I was supposed to attack. A very versatile attack strategy!

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