B.A.M Farming Strategy

Hey guys, it’s Ash and this is going to be a short and simple guide on the fastest way to make Dark Elixir in my opinion and from my experiences with B.A.M army composition.

B.A.M Farmng Strategy

B.A.M Army Composition

Barracks 1 & 2 = 2xWall Breaker + rest Barbarian
Barracks 3 & 4 = 2xWall Breaker + rest Archer
Dark Barracks 1 & 2 = 8xminion each.

Spells = 2xrage spell + healing spell + poison spell

Your army composition in total will be like this:

8xWall Breaker 16xminion Barbarian Archer

Why more Barbarians than Archers?

Barbarians are faster to train and are the main beneficiaries of Heal Spell in this composition and a large number are necessary for shielding Archers as you break inside a base.

Why Minions? Don’t they cost Dark Elixir? Why 16?

You will make more Dark Elixir faster by using Minions. They are cheap and extremely efficient and are underratedly powerful. You will need no more than 16 and you will profit more by not recklessly using too many Minions.

Law of Conservation

This may perhaps be the most important tip in the guide. Always conserve everything. Use as little troops or spells necessary to get the Dark Elixir.

What is the best league for using B.A.M?

Forget Trophies. Anywhere except Bronze Leagues will be good.

When using this method, it is important that trophies are the last thing on your mind. You are NOT farming trophies, you are farming resource. Your goal is resource, forget about trophies. However, if you’re a TH9 or TH10 player, then do not fall to Bronze League, simply because of the possibility of increased rate of clouds. As finding a base may take longer simply because there are few TH9s and 10s in Bronze.

Why are trophies unimportant?

New matchmaking system now pairs you up with players close to your Town Hall level. The purpose of Trophies for farming used to be to find a high rate of players close to your Town Hall level due to loot penalty. This is not the case anymore.

Isn’t Crystal League or higher better because of the DE loot bonus?

No, not always. Farming at higher leagues forces you win raids and maintain trophies. Remember, you should NOT be focusing on trophies as it will slow you down.

How do I know which league I should farm in?

Everyone’s play style is different and dependent on what they do and what they have. For instance, someone who uses the Archer Queen to farm with may manage to make a lot more Dark Elixir farming in Crystal. While if you’re not using the Archer Queen, then you may be struggling to make close to enough as the other person because your Archer Queen is upgrading. So finding the perfect league for you is easy. If you feel that you’re being slowed down because you’re focusing on trophies too much, then that’s a key indication that that league is not for you. While if you’re farming with ease without having to concern yourself with maintaining trophies, then you should continue to farm in that league.

How much Dark Elixir should I target?

If you’re attacking a Storage inside a base, aim for at least 1500 Dark Elixir Dark Elixir and try not to use more than 1 spell. If the base is offering more than 2000 Dark Elixir Dark Elixir, then try not to use more than 2 spells. Ignore level 1 Drills. Only attack level 2 DE Drills if they’re full. Try to use as few troops as possible to get all the Dark Elixir.

You can take a look at this guide, It will show you how to quickly identify the loot inside Storages, Collectors, Drills and Mines.

Again, I will repeat myself because this the key to farming quickly in a short time. Conserve your troops, use as little troops as possible to get a high amount of Dark Elixir Dark Elixir. If you can get a 100% full level 3 drill with only 10 Barbarians and 10 Archers, then that’s excellent! And do not concern yourself with trophies.

Let’s say you are willing to use 200 of your troops to get 2000 Dark Elixir. Then that would mean every troop is worth 10 Dark Elixir to you. So if you use say 50 troops to get 500 Dark Elixir, then in proportion you’re making the same as 2000 Dark Elixir if you were to use 200 troops. If you stole 400 Dark Elixir with only 20 troops, then that’s like stealing 4000 Dark Elixir with 200 troops. A good understanding of this concept will net you thousands of dark elixir fast every hour!


How do I attack with B.A.M?

Now this part of the guide is complicated, mastering attacking with B.A.M. Instead of me writing a whole attack guide outlining all the many ways of attacking with this composition, I’ve made videos of me attacking with composition. These videos will give you a much better understand of how to properly deploy and attack bases than simple words. Thus, I highly recommend that you check them out. I also have live 2 hour sessions so you can have a clear understanding of how I farm in real time.

Video 1: 20,000 Dark Elixir per 2 hours without boosting and using Heroes

Video 2: 32,000 Dark Elixir per 2 hours with 2 boosted Barracks and without Heroes

Another great video show you how to farm 24k DE + 6.5 million loot in just 2 hours with ease:

Keep searching. Do not wait for a full army.

This is also another extremely valuable tip. Your barracks are always training. The ONLY time your barracks are not training troops if when they’re full AND when you’re not nexting or raiding.

What does this mean?

This means that even if you have a full army, you should always fill your Barracks before you start searching because your Barracks will train troops while you’re searching and raiding. If your army camps are full and you started searching, then do not return to your base until you have attacked.

This also means that if you started searching with say 100 troops, then your Barracks are still training troops. So if you can find anything after a few nexts, then you can return home and you will find that you have more troops to start searching again.

Even if you only have 50 troops you should start searching because 50 troops is all you need to attack many outside loaded drills and collectors.

But what if I come across a base offering 500 thousand Gold and 500 thousand Elixir and 5000 Dark Elixir and I only have 50 troops?

Well you will need to learn to live with that. With 50 troops, you should still be able to grab a good amount. If you had not searched with 50 troops, then you would never found the base in the first place. While if you think about the concept of proportion and conservation, you will make more resource in the long run when only using 50 troops to grab as much as you can compared to someone who waited for so long for a full army.

I want to farm everything, not just Dark Elixir. I want lots of Gold and Elixir and Dark Elixir. How do I do that?

The same way. But you will need to understand that focusing on all three resources will mean that your production of Dark Elixir will be less.

Avoid dead bases offering 200,000 Gold and 200,000 Elixir but no Dark Elixir. Attack dead bases offering at least 200,000 Gold and 200,000 Elixir and at least 1,000 Dark Elixir.

Be Confident. Look back and learn from your mistakes.

I always tell this to everyone. When attacking a base, make sure you’re at least 95% confident that you can get what you want. If you’re uncertain, then skip the base. This way you will only fail about 1 in 20 times. Failing a raid can be very demeaning, but understanding and learning from your mistakes can be very rewarding! Sometimes I’m uncertain about a certain base, but I attack it knowing the risk simply so that I can learn from it. If I fail, then I look back at the replay and try to understand why I failed. If it was impossible or too risky to get the DE, then I would avoid similar bases next time. However, if it was mistake where I may have not tested an empty 2×2 space for Giant Bomb and all my troops died, then next time I’ll be sure to first test and activate any Giant Bombs in empty spaces before sending out all my troops. Just one example of many.


  1. I use this strategy alot and it is brilliant for sniping but I struggle to get it to dig in to the center of a base. I’m just finishing up on TH8 and have level 5 arch and barb with level 2 minions (level 3 currently being researched) I’m at g3 and the loot is available I just cant get to it very often which is irritating, I think my minions may be too weak. Opinions?

  2. Another great blog,,, to be honest I’ve yet to try this strategy,,, I’ve read about it here now a few times,,,, I just find that I’m so successful with a roughly 1/3 arch barb gob and a few breaker army,,, I can sometimes use just the gobs and easily grab 200 – 300k gold and elixer and 1000 plus dark… then with troops already training in barracks I come back and within minutes can go again…mind you I next next next next next alot but then find a suitable base and hit it,,,, if i need to go a little deeper into a base for dark I just use the barbs and arch with a hero or two and some spells,,,, one thing I totally agree with is the forget about the trophies concept when farming,,,, it took me awhile to convince my clanmates this but now they’re basically all on board,,, the thing about farming is that you lose trophies quick but down in silver and gold it’s no trouble to get them back by either getting an easy 50% or hitting exposed townhalls which are plentiful, just beware of those nuisance troll base with teslas and traps ? lol….

    Currently my queen is lvl 7 I think once I get her to 10 I might give this a try,,, I’m just a dark hoarder for my queen right now lol. But I can see the benefits of this strategy on the basis of time to train,,, with 6 baracks going it’s a easy to see a quick turn around between raids,,, I’ll be checking out videos for sure thanks.

    Alot of great points here not just about BAM but also farming in general.

    Another great one guys great site ?

  3. BAM has been a complete game changer for me… I only started using it at TH9. But it’s insane… Easily grabbing 1MM in gold/elix per hour with it. What’s holding me back now is the build times and only 4 builders lol. I haven’t really pushed for DE using this method because I end up grabbing a decent amount during my gold and elix raids.

  4. sir can i ask?? i have max TH8 and rushed to th10 the time i was bored playing.. and now i decided to comeback… and noticed that its not easy to farm because i always searched for bases with loots inside their storage and my troops are low lvl so i cant penetrate inside what should i do??

    • Bad move rushing townhalls,,, your at a major disadvantage now in terms of getting loot due to loot penalty no more lucrative th7 or 8’s ,,, basically you need to next everything until you find an idle base with collectors mines and drills full and exposed,,,, then hit them with cheap troops like barch,,,, bam,,, or gobs…. just find a trophy range that works I’m guessing gold or high silver,,, you’ll only really get decent loot from th 9 or 10 now so it’s going to be tough with low lvl troops like yours,,, plus it’s going to be hard to find a decent clan now,, most dont like rushed TH’s so you probably won’t have decent cc troop to raid or defend with which in turn also makes keeping that loot is alot tougher,,, other th10’s can easily raid you with no loot penalty and also th9’s i even think that th8’s get a loot bonus?? … big tip is…. don’t forget that after a session and you need to get offline you should fill camps with regular raiding troops then queue up drags and or breakers in your barracks to hide leftover elixir… just don’t forget to cancel them before you raid next time lol nothing worse than raiding and coming back to camps full of breakers lol … also find a nice farming base this site has a few ,,, basically expose your townhall to get those easy shields….

      Cheers but you just made your coc experience alot tougher

          • Use B.A.M, the strategy above. If you don’t have much time to play each season try to use any Giants + Wizards combo.

          • I’d upgrade Giants, at lvl 6 they are great meat shields and when mixed with rage or heal can really go deep into a base ,,, also if you insist on going deep into base nothing better than 4 quake spells,,,, they blow massive holes into bases,,, then send giants barbs and arch, GiBarch. You can even get by with just lvl 1 quake spells to save lab time…

          • instead of cooking 4 earthquake spells , why not have 10 hogs for reserve? at least by using hogs, you get to just have more heal spells to assist your troops. Or either than that, use BAM 🙂 either use all heal spell or use Rage Heal – my troop composition? BarcherGiantWallbreakerHogs all Healspell and 1 poison. Effective? I would say, Able to fill out my Gold and Elix to 8m withing 7-10 hours of raid. DE? sufficient enough able to get around 30-40k

          • I don’t know,,,, quake leaves a permanent hole into the center of a base which negates the awful breaker ai having them running all over the map and getting shot up… with a big hole it’s much easier to funnel your troops and heros into the center of the base, a th8 still has room for 1 heal or rage and a poison, a th9 gets an extra heal or rage,,, and th 10 gets another one again,,, plenty of spells to attack a base that’s scouted properly and with the right troops and attack execution ,,, remember we’re talking about farming so the goal is to get to loot not really finish off a base for stars and trophies …

            But I agree with you I can see how that army composition would work well,,, but I’d rather save the 50 spaces for other cheaper troops, plus the investment of dark elixir into quake is something that you can control better, quake isn’t going to die, the hole it creates is there for the entire attack,,, it benefits the rest of your troops and it damages buildings in its wake to boot…. Plus I’ll take the reliability of precise quake spells where you want them over stupid wallbreakers any day of the week.

            Cheers ?

          • good point, i agree, earthquake spell would leave a permanent hole in the enemies base, but what I’m after is the quickness of filling in the 220 army camp space, as you can see each EQ spell would take 15mins – that’s a total of an roughly 1hr to wait for the spell. that’s why I’d choose doing hogs, and just rely on heal spells to assist them. Faster to create the troops, still able to get 100% 3* damage to bases ^^,

          • 100% that is the problem with quake, brewing time is brutal, what I usually do is after a session I’ll train a heavy army composition for next attack when I get back,, like a gowipe or gowiwipe with quake,, and also queue up a few more pekkas and golem so that when I come back online I can do a heavy long train time attack right away,,, I love revenge attacks here,,, I’ll always scan through revenges to see if I can hit them back hard with a stacked army,, PS supercell how about adding something that shows if revenge is available or not, it’s so annoying having to tap each link to just see that a player has active shield or player is online or the worst player is under attack lol… after that attack I come back to another few pekkas and golem ready for the second,,, now I can just train some barch or the wiz with a few breakers and do an second attack without quake if I don’t want to wait… I find this gets me two nice raids right out if the gate,, then I’ll go back to GiBarch if I’m hunting dark elixir inside of bases or gobbarch if I’m just going for idle bases with full collectors and mines…soon I’ll start trying this BAM attack ?

            That being said we have a new clan mate that uses GoHogs strategy,,, I read about it here on cocland alittle while ago and tried it out a few times to mixed success so I wasn’t really comfortable using it in wars,,, but this new guy does it to perfection, it looks like if you can get it down it is a very powerful attack I’m convinced enough by both his attacks and cocland recent blog on using hogs and GoHogs that I’m going to do hogs in lab next,,,

            Cheers ?
            Android ?

          • I would suggest using GiBarch WB and Hogs w/ healspells and poison spell

            6 Wallbreakers

            12 Giants (at least lvl 6)

            10 Hogs (effective w/ lvl4 and max)

            BARCHER for the rest (at least lvl 6)

            – takes less than 15mins of wait

            – only have to use 1-2 healspells to assist hogs

            – better survival of heroes (arch queen and barb king)

            – with 10 hogs at max lvl only have to use 690DE but you’ll be able to farm DE ranging from 1,500 – 3,000 Dark elix.

            – with 6wb, 12giants and BARCHERS only have to use 80k elix, but able to farm for elix ranging from 280k to 700k loot!

            – I’m able to max out 8m gold elix as well as getting 30-40k of dark elixer with 10hrs game time 🙂

          • Thanks man,,, I already use GiBarch WB now to great success, I’m fairly new to th 9,,, got my barch and giants to lvl 6 already,,, doing balloons atm to max (setting up for lavaloon),,, after the last few posts here on cocland, your comments and new clan members and previous post on this site about GoHogs strategy I’m going to do hogs in lab next ??????

            Thanks guys for the tips,,, I enjoy this website it has a ton of great strategies and the like plus great dialog in the comments… I must say th9 has the best outlook for different attacks,,, looking forward to honing them in…


    • Also not sure if it’s frowned upon to post other sites here in the comments section,,, I’m personally not affiliated with it but use it all the time and find it fairly accurate for finding easy farming base opportunities with idle bases…. check out


  5. Super blog and it will be very useful for me in next town hall. I maxed TH6 and now upgrading to TH7.. I have to collect 10,000 DE for king.. I keep on reading posts from this website and it is extremely useful for my clashing in COC.


  6. Will, have you ever seen an effective strategy that combines pushing and farming simultaneously? Sometimes you want to farm, but getting to the higher level league bonuses is quite enticing. Also, there are times where you don’t have a chance to play for a while and you get beat to hell, so you want to push back up; however, you aren’t using a max base so farming is quite important. Another thing I wanted to ask about. Have you tried “War Farming”? Apparently that is a group strategy where a clan continuously wars only for loot and not victory.

      • Thanks for the idea Will. I have tried Giant/Wizard/Healer in the past; however, it seemed to run out of steam once I hit masters III. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, or maybe it is more difficult with a TH 8 when getting up there. Currently I have been practicing beating down opponents with Hog Riders lvl 4. I love HR attacks, but they sure do suck up the DE. It is alright because I have one last level to go on my Pekah for TH 8, but after that I will only be trying to find gold and DE. I suppose I will be forced to get my Giants and Wizards some practice.

          • how do you war farm when u lost the war ? i mean if u dont win the war , u hardly get even the half loot right ? so how does war farming work ?

        • You can push trophy and farm, simply by going as fast as you can to champions’s III league, th hunt alone will give you 180k gold&elixir + 1.2k d.e. , use war troops where you can get a 2 or 3 star against a th 8 bases. I use 9 drag and 10 minions 3 lightning spell. I use minions to attach outside thalls. Can full all your storage as fast as 3 hours just by th hunt alone. Just an advice. Never lose an attack. You dont want to waste trophy and the bonus. 🙂 currently im th9 . rush th9 but my walls are already lvl9 20% of it are level 10. Went down to silver and is using hybrid B.A.M. can get 6m gold 6m elix. In 2 hours 12m loots not counting d.e.

  7. Will , iam using this right now . first time iam using these troops , used to use giant healer until i got to th8 . it is not suitable for attack at th8 because of extra ad so i need a little help about getting inside the base . i have trouble breaking i/nto the base for a 50% . also i dont take spells normally , are they really needed

  8. Heya, Will. Ive tried your strat and it worked. Just added a lil bit extra to what you’re doing. In addition to your B.A.M. strat. I do th hunt while waiting for troops. Since th9 requires 750 gold to search . in a few mins you woulsnt notice you already used up 50k gold. Thats why i came up with thia idea. Recommended league gold III. Why? This will enable you to still search more silver league opponents but 2x bonus of silver 1. Silver 1 is 4k gold and elix. Gold III is 8k gols and elix. In 10 mins you can get around more than 20 th. Use BK and AQ to destroy th fast. It will take around 3-4 secs to destroy th8,5-7 secs to destroy th 9 and 10. 20 th x 8k bonus gols and elix. Thats around 160k clean gold and elix in 10mins. That’s 1.920 m gold and elix or 3.840m loots in 2 hours. Add your B.A.M. strat for dead bases. Thanks for the strat bro;) try this if you’re interested. Btw. Im using this with lvl5 barb and arch and lvl 1 minion .lvl10 king and lvl5 king. I maxed out th9 walls to lvl9walls in 2 or 3 weeks span. With 4 to 6 hours playtime daily. Feel free to take a look at my account , visit or view our clan Tanaueños eh! . my village name is Predo. Take a look at my troops. And def. And compare it to my walls. Take note. My laboratory never stopped researching. Nyahahaha.

  9. Note that none of this works for everyone. Supercell obviously wany to make money. We’ve found that this only works for 1 in 3 people. If it’s not working then you get stuck on 18 to 20k De. If that happens then you need to bid coc farewell and go elsewhere as many ppl have had to do

  10. when using this strategy i earned total of 22k dark elixir with my 2 rax boosted well, not bad though but i expected maybe like 29k, but i guess my luck didn’t go well. I have checked the lootforecast and it’s loot index is 8.0.
    i started at gold 3 and down to silver 1.
    but nice strategy tho,, thanks to this i’m upgrading my hogs to lvl3(3d left) and bk to lvl9(19hrs left), and I’ll use this for maxing these two.
    well, just be patient and forget about the trophy and learn from mistakes!
    thanks Ash.

  11. Ok, I tried this strategy. All I can say about this is it really works. The only con is you have to be super patient while searching for a right base to loot. Thanks for another great guide. Cheers. EDIT: Android

  12. This is a great attack strategy, I am using it to max out my walls at the moment and I was wondering what the best league to farm in at TH8 is? Please let me know ASAP and keep up the good work with cocland.com.
    King Jez

  13. Thanks a lot for the tips. Just upgraded to TH10. 2 infernos, new ArcX, laboratory and spell factory are launched right off the bat. Now i am having big troubles farming pink elixir to upgrade camps or to prepare for laboratory upgrades. If i read it well, i should drop to silver league and grind with BAM ? Am i right ?

  14. That last part was amazing.. Getting life advice from a clash of clans website. Don’t be afraid to take risks guys (and girls). In the worst case scenario you will fail, reflect on what happened and learn from your mistakes…. #realtalk

  15. i still use this strategy for the ones who also still do heres a nice overview of the gains on drills. The red ones i dont take, yellow once depend ont how easy they are reachable and the green ones mostly take

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