Advanced Dragon Attack Strategy

Are you new with Dragon Attacking? Don’t want to fail in raid with Dragons anymore? This advanced dragons guide will give you the finer points of attacking, 3-star will be not difficult!
As we know, Dragons are really strong, absolutely! Attacking with them always gives you at least 2-stars and it does not cost any Dark Elixir. With dragons, you don’t need to worry about canons, mortars, giant bombs, or Xbows. They cannot touch you! But just spamming dragons is not a strategy. In addition, dragons are really expensive, so I strong recommend just use them in Clan Wars or Master League!


Clarify your Objectives

Your objective will influence your strategy. You need to clarify your objectives, not all raids with dragons have the same goals.

  • Farming: Don’t use dragons for farming Gold and Elixir, or even Dark Elixir (Except a large amount of DE lol).
  • 1 star: 1 star? No way! Don’t need to use Dragons for just 1-star. BAM Attacking Strategy or Barbarians-Archers will be much more effective!
  • 2 stars: If your dragons are low level and the enemy’s Air Defenses are at max level, it will be hard to get 3 stars. Don’t be winner with 80% and 1 star, get his Town Hall first!
  • 3 stars: It isn’t difficult to get 3 stars by raiding TH8 and below in Clan War.


Three Air Defenses can kill your dragon in just about few seconds. That’s why never use just one dragon. It will be a waste!

Choose troops to train before raiding:

  • Centralized Air Defenses: All dragons! Don’t forget to request one more Dragon for your Clan Castle :D.
  • Air Defenses behind one wall: 8 level 5 hogriders or 8 level 6 ballons with the rest with dragons is be perfect!
  • Farming: 8 dragons and the rest with archers.

What about Spell?

Town Hall 7 and 8: With 3 Lightning Spells, you can destroy the highest level of Air Defense in TH7 and 8! With a bit smart deployment, the remaining Air Defenses are nothing, you can will this match totally!

This table will show you which level of Air Defense can be destroyed by 3 x Lightning Spells with direct hits!

3 x Lightning Spells Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4-6
Air Defense Level 3 Level 5 Level 6 All

Town Hall 9 and 10:

I think by killing one Air Defense in these Town Halls will not guarantee a 3-star victory because there will be still 3 remaining strong defenses. Rage Spells will be much more effective in this case than Lightning Spells. They will be helpful while your dragons are slowing down. But I think Freeze Spells are the best spell in this case to neutralize an inferno or multiple high level air defenses defenses.

Note: Don’t use Healing Spell, it will be a waste! Because the maxed Healing Spell cannot do its work faster than a level 3 Air Defense. And the Infernos will block all your Heal Spell’s effect.

Dragon Attacking Deployment

Before raiding: Don’t try too lure clan troops or Heroes. Because Dragons cannot be stopped by Walls and they do splash damage.

Step 1 (Optional): Drop Lightning Spell directly to the Air Defense to take it down!

Step 2: If Air Defenses are enclosed by 1 layer of walls or not surrounded by walls, destroy them first with your Heroes.

Step 3: Select a side to attack from! For farming, just attack from the closest side to the DE Storage. For 3 stars, you need to attack from the side which is the closest the remaining Air Defenses.
If all sides are equally good, just pick the side which has the lowest hit point buildings.

Step 4: Drop your Clan Castle (includes Dragon and other troops), your Heroes and 2 other Dragons  on the corners of the side you want to attack from. Count to 5 and go to the next step.

Step 5: Drop one dragon on the deployment side if there are outlying buildings (out of Air Defenses range). Spread the rest of your Dragons in a line along that side. Remember never deploy them in a single spot because they are not really fast, spreading them out for speeding your raiding progress. If you are farming, drop Archers to destroy all these free building so your Dragons can get the DE Storage quickly.

Step 6: You can use Rage Spell to help your Dragons move faster and destroy the Air Defenses quicker. After destroying all free building, deploy Rage Spell as soon as you can. Use Freeze Spell when your Dragons are in the range of the Infernos or multiple high level air defenses.

There are a lot of good video about this strategy out there. Here is one of them:

This guide is inspired from Leoj on Supercell community. A big thanks to you dude!


  1. Thanks! Because of this, I managed to get 6 stars in my first CW with drags! However, I recommend taking max loons in the cc instead of another dragon, as they’ll destroy the Air Defenses, Teslas, Archer Towers and all those stuff faster. But because I was slighly inexperienced, in my first attack in my first CW with drags, the loons drew out the cc(max wizzies), and they targeted the loons. At least my drags were able to work on them while they were busy! 😛

  2. Let’s keep it simple…
    For any TH8 base, make 10 DRG lvl2 or 3 no matter, CC 5 balloon, spell lightening 2 nos. ( lvl 5 ) or 1 eq in cc, 1 rage spell…

    Suppose u r going to attack through Northeast side …
    Crush the farthest Ad with 2 lightening and 1 eq cc help..
    Deploy a hero north deploy a drg east (sacrifice him to clear the way so that ur upcoming drgs never lose their way or target)…
    Once the way is clear deploy ur drgs near the air def. however keep some distance to deploy them…. DRG will soon crushed the AD ….Once the ad destroyed.. watch carefully the next Ad triggering, When the last AD TRIGGERS or busy in drgs. . send ballon cc help from whr it could reach early to the AD, here you can use the rage spell also…

    Will be done easily…
    No need to kill opponent cc help, DRG will destroy them, however you can still take a posion spell with you if u had unlocked dark spell factory …
    U have poison throw it to the enemies cc help…

    Just choose the right air defence to destroy ..

    3 Ad 3 ways to kill (1. By 2lightening +1eq, 2. By drgs, 3. By balloon cc help)

    Carefull about storages they have the most hitpoint avoid drgs from them…
    Sorry for my english

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