813 Dragon Strategy

Dragons are pretty over-powered at early-mid Town Hall 8. But we can’t always use just Dragons. When Some specific base layouts can break down your Dragon pathing badly, it’s time you know that you need something much more special. That is 813 Dragon Attack Strategy.

813 Dragon Strategy

What is 813 Dragon?

813 = 8 + 13 = 8 Dragons + 13 Balloons.

8xdragon + 8xballoon + king + 3xlightning spell + poison spell

Clan Troops – 5xballoon

I recommend using this attack strategy just at Town Hall 8. With Town Hall 7 players, just drop 3 Lightning Spells on the enemy Air Defense then deploy your Dragons in a line for an easy 3 stars win. It’s just easy like that, can’t be harder.

The types of base you can attack with 813 Dragon have these conditions:

  • Bases that don’t have all maxed Air Defenses.
  • Bases that have Air Defenses are more than 8 tiles apart.
  • You can destroy an Air Defenses with your Balloons, without support Spells and within 2-3 hogs.

Here is a example for you:


Attack with 813 Dragon Strategy

It is not hard at all to attack with 813 Dragon strategy. Here are our simple steps:


  1. Find the Air Defense that you think is the most difficult one to remove by using your troops, both Dragon and Balloon. Just drop 3 Lightning Spells on it.
  2. Leave the easiest AD alone, we will snipe it later.

Dragon deployment:

  1. Choose a line to drag your dragons later and focus on the second hardest Air Defenses then send your Balloons to destroy it.
  2. Drop 1 Dragon on each side of the chosen line to funnel your remaining Dragons to the targeted Air Defenses.
  3. Drop the remaining Dragons into the attack.

Balloon Deployment:

  1. Once the enemy Clan troops are all locked on your Dragons and  all defenses that would distract your Balloons are all down, deploy your Balloons.
  2. They can find and destroy the 2nd hardest AD easily.

Deploy CC Balloons: Once the last Air Defense has locked on your Dragon army, simply deploy your Clan Castle Balloons next to the last Air Defense to take it down.

Below is another example for you:

  1. Grill the Air Defense in the core with 3x Lightning Spells.
  2. Start attacking from the left side. Once the Archer Tower and Cannons are down, deploy your Balloons there and they can get the Air Defense easily.
  3. Once the last AD start attacking your army, drop your Clan Castle. (They will attack the Cannons and then the Air Defense).

Example for 813 Dragon Strategy

Here is a detailed video about this strategy from JTJ, the author of this guide!

Do you have any question? Don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. If you take 2 lightning, a rage, and an earthquake, you can take out an air defense and have a rage spell to counteract an air sweeper and increase damage. You can also take a clan castle swiftness spell to counteract air sweepers

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