7 Golems Attack Strategy

Are you looking for a Town Hall 10 attack strategy with guaranteed 2 stars and easy to deal with Multi-target Inferno Towers? Maybe you will want to take a look at this 7 Golems attack strategy and its variants. Basically, as its name, this strategy comes with 7 Golems, 4 well-placed Jump Spells and then your Barbarian King and Archer Queen can party without harassment and distraction!

7 Golems Attack Strategy

Many thanks for JTJ for this image and this awesome guide.

7 Golems Army Compositions

As I have mentioned at starting, the core units of this attack strategy are 7 Golems and 4 Jump Spells. Based on the bases you are going to attacks, there are plenty of variants that you can go with this strategy. If the Hidden Teslas are not placed close together, you can go with P.E.K.K.A. If the base are pretty cramped, you can go with Valkyries.

Here is our main 7 Golems army composition:

Main Troops: 6xgolem 15xwizard

Clan Castle: golem wizard Archer

Spells: 4xjump spell 1xrage spell 1xpoison spell

Recommend: Level 5 Golem and at least level 2 Jump Spell. Time is the key of this attack strategy. You should also go with at least level 15 King and Queen.

Ideal bases to attack

Below are 4 most popular base layout styles that can be destroyed easily with 7 Golems:

  • 3 Boxes.
  • 2 Boxes Overlap without a strong defensive ring.
  • 2 Boxes with Buffers/Small Buffers.

In addition, you can attack a base with these features easily with 7 Golems:

  • Both Inferno Towers are set at Multi Target Mode.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle.
  • Spread-out buildings.
  • The whole base is covered by X-Bows.

How to dominate with 7 Golems

You are at Town Hall 10 now, it means you are obviously an elite player and you know what should to do. I won’t go in detail too much.

Step 1: Locating spots for dropping Jump Spells

Drop 1 Jump Spell per spot such that results pathing of Golems at each spot. The #1 Jump Spell can get cuts down for mid team pathing to mid. The #2 protects Wizards backing for flanking, the #3 ties up X-Bows and the #4 bonus points if 5 Golems end up saturating 1st Inferno on the way.

Step 2: Dropping Golems Properly

Drop 2 Golems each spot. You drop left, right, middle to get the flanking Golem teams a head start over mid (protecting it, developing cuts to get the mid team to mid). Also. you want a slight sap between Golems and the wizards coming next.

Step 3: Deploying Wizards

Drop 5 Wizards behind each Golem team. Drop them behind Golem so that they don’t immediately get exposed to flanking fire (1-2 buildings away from where Golem will post). Also drop CC behind team that will engage Q most likely (or take notably more fire).

Step 4: It’s time for party!

  1. Drop your Barbarian King and Archer Queen, point them to the core.
  2. Drop the final Jump Spell for your King/Queen/Wizards/Golems team to get into the core easier.
  3. Drop the Rage Spell.

For more details, take a look at the video below:

Basically, the 7 Golems attack strategy just aims at 2 stars victories so I highly recommend using it If you are at early-mid Town Hall 10.


  1. I’ve been taking a look at this mass golem strategy that people have been using in the upper levels. There are a few people that have tried this with a TH 8 base. Do y’all have any ideas how such a strategy might work for TH 8? I was thinking something like five golems, nine wizards, and six wall breakers. I suppose spells would be something like three rage and a poison spell. Has anybody tried that for TH 8 and is it even worth it? Thanks!

    • Hi Daniel.
      The key of this strategy is the Jump Spell. I think without the Jump Spells, your Golems will have a hard attack.
      If you are looking for guaranteed 2 stars attack against maxed TH8, just go with GoWiPe buddy!

      • I use mass hog for three star and gowipe as a backup, so I have no problems there since I have level 4 hogs. I was simply wondering if there was any strategy for TH 8 that used a whole bunch of golems that was successful. It sounds interesting and I was wondering if a TH 8 could pull off something that was similar, but if it isn’t a good fit there are other options for sure.

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