New Troops: Rocketeer, Zap Wizard + New Updates

New troops Rocketeer, Zap Wizard and the Mini PEKKA will be out in the upcoming Clash of Clans update, also, lots of new quality of life changes will be released!

Clash of Clans Update 2016

I want to give spAnser a big thanks for this leaked news. He, somehow, can dig these data from Clash of Clan server. He did leak a lot of updates before and he has been right most of the time.

New Clash of Clans troops: Rocketeer, Zap Wizard and Mini P.E.K.K.A

Although we don’t have all the information about these new troops but don’t worry, I will post them as soon as possible.

These are the new level 7 Goblin and the Rocketeer

goblin and rocketeer

The Zap Wizard

Character Housing Space HP Training Time DPS Attack Speed Range
Chain Lightning 8 350 8 m 40 1.8 s 3 Tiles

New Goblin and Hog Rider levels

Character Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Lab Level HP DPS
Goblin 7 Unknown Unknown 9 74 52
Hog Rider 6 Unknown Unknown 9 535 118

Level 7 Dark Barrack
Level 7 Dark Barrack

New Barrack Levels

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall
Dark Barrack 7 4,500,000 Elixir 10 days 10 Rocketeer
Dark Barrack 8 6,000,000 Elixir 12 days 10 Zap Wizard

New defense levels

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall
Mortar 9 9,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 800 15
Inferno Tower 4 10,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 2400 Multi: 46

Single: 42 > 155 > 1,550

Inferno Tower and Mortar

Quality of Life Changes

  • Revenges now give league bonus.
  • Revenge Stars now added to the Daily Star Bonus.
  • Valkyrie volume appears will get turned down a bit.

Balancing Updates

  • Training time and cost will of some troops and spells will be reduced.
  • The Clan War win-streak will be tracked and shown on the  Clan Info Menu.
  • Skeletons will not trigger traps.

Super-Queen Nerf:

Num. Healer Current New Update
1 100% 100%
2 100% 40%
3 90% 40%
4 90% 30%
5 70% 30%
6 40% 30%
7 10% 20%
8 10% 10%

Okay so that’s all I have right now about the upcoming Clash of Clans Update. More information will be updated soon on this page.

Please bookmark this page to update everything about this update in the future. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends about this guys! I really appreciate it!


  1. Glad to see the new dark troops,,, fingers crossed that this isn’t just a top 1% update again,,, be nice to get some benifits here at th 9,,, not just the th 11’s, ,,

    Revenge changes are awesome,,, I always revenged but not so much anymore,,, without league or star bonus added,,, it’s just a waste,, I’d like to see revenge not effect shield time ??

    Training times reduced hopefully on troops I use for farming,,,, I’d like to see wiz and witches reduced I’d use them more

    And clan war matchmaking is a mess,,, I’m in an average clan,,, rarely are matches fair and come down to wire for every star you can get,,, it’s usually we’re outmatched horribly,, facing higher TH lvls or more maxed bases,,, or vice versa we outmatch them… getting ridiculous actually,,, takes alot of fun out of wars,,, it’s usually a blow out either way

    No more super queen is stupid,,, I agreed with the nerf to less healers,,, but to completely nerf it is dumb, it’s a viable strategy for farming and not really op,,, if they don’t like it don’t take it away just give us ways to defend it,,, maybe a healer trap lol

    But it’s still great to see game progressing

    • Agree. They shouldn’t nerf the Super Queen that much. Seems like they really hate that when we use it as a strategy LOL.
      Yea, I hope they will reduce Barch training time, or at least the Giant.

    • I didn’t talk about the troop called Devastator. It was from somewhere else and I didn’t believe that.
      Although we can’t make sure that the information about will be true but I believe that.

  2. Hey, is that healer thing only for archer queen? Right now I’m OK with that as I don’t even have an AQ yet, but my other attacks will go down the drain. I’m a big fan of healers, even gonna try golem + two healers to sub for 2 golems ;D and a lot other of my attacks. Giant healer, gonna try hog healer, and valk tornado, and one of my … not as smart … freinds tried a witch + healer strategy and as usual failed with his strange attacks, but it can potentially work. The healer does change it’s target once in a while, allowing your witches to always stay at full hp. Not sure about heros though. all they will do is distract the healers from the witches. But anywho it seems interesting on what you could do with healers.

  3. Queen nerf I wish was only for war. Nerf is not welcomed when it’s so hard to farm cheaply at th9 without her. She was the main was to get 2 stars without spending large sums of DE.

    Will just have to see how well she can be used to farm still.

  4. Sounds great let’s see what supercell gives out and also what troop composition should I use if I m a th8 and pushing to champs I can’t pass crystal1 too tough but I will b thankful to Will if u help me mate thx

  5. Just asking what the mean of Num.Healer 2 —> New Update 40% ?
    it means 2x Healer just give 40% power of healing ? thats 80% of single healer
    Pfff, 1x Healer heals 100% when 2x Healer give 20% less ???? WTH

  6. Healers aren’t nerfed til there is 6 or more. Healers work at 100% effectivity for the first 5 you use. Therefore this info isn’t correct. (Only finding problems because I want this to be wrong) ?

    WTF $uper Cell?
    They are going to take away our queen walk. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
    I hate all you developers at Super Cell. Y’all suck suck suck! Can’t you leave us something fun that we came up with instead of nerfing it EVERY DAMN TIME?

    Man, I was just getting into the QW. This is going to piss off a whole bunch of players.

  8. Ok, so Zap wiz(chain lightning) is called the bowler(I think same stats as leak, may change), looks like a big purple goblin carrying a rock. He throws the rock in a straight line hitting the builder behind the targeted building. SUPER QUEEN IS NOT GETTING NERFED!(confirmed in the forums) The only “nerf” is the 30s decrease in battle time. I have no idea where u got the pic of the rcketteer, and as far as I know, they(rocketeer and mini P) have not been shown in a official sneak peek.

  9. A new troop called bowler is now confirmed by supercell.It throws rock and the rocks bounce and explodes on hitting also the object placed in back of targeted building.A video has been also realesed.Open the following url for the Video-

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