New Troop, Who Are You?

Hey guys, with the new update so close at hand I have more interesting information as to what the next troop may possibly be. Recently, the next big update of Clash Royale had been leaked and it had a quite few new troops that will be introduced in the next update. Now what’s really interesting is that one of these troops may actually be the next Clash of Clans troop as well. Why do I have reason to believe this? Well remember when the developer Jonas and Supercell had confirmed that they are indeed working on a new dark troop for TH10 and also that this troop used to be in Clash Royale before the soft launch, which means that only Supercell knows what the new troop is.

new clash of clans troop

Now it’s reasonable to think that now since Clash Royale is being launched globally next month, that they’re going to re-introduce this new troop since Clash of Clans is also releasing a new troop in the next update as they also stated that the update is most likely going to be before April. So what this means is that the next big Clash of Clans update coincides with Clash Royale’s big update and global launch. And it’s also very reasonable to think that the reason Clash Royale removed the troop during the soft launch is because Clash of Clans wanted to inherit the Clash Royale troop into their game as well and we all know that Clash Royale shares almost all of Clash of Clans’ characters. And this also a fact because Supercell developer Jonas had openly stated that the troop is from Clash Royale.

So it all adds up now. Supercell wanted to implement this new troop into Clash of Clans, so they decided to remove it from Clash Royale because they didn’t want to spoil everyone in Clash of Clans, because this new troop obviously needs a lot of tests to be usable in Clash of Clans. And while Clash Royale is in its soft launch state, it gives the Clash of Clans team an ample amount of time to test this new troop that they got from Clash Royale. And Clash Royale was fine with this because obviously it’s a soft launch, and it just makes very good sense to introduce this new troop to the Clash world at the same time of both the big Clash Royale and Clash of Clans update. If you guys agree, or think i’m onto something comment below because I wanna know what you guys think as well.

So now like I said, the Clash Royale update got leaked by someone who is a very reliable source, as he leaked Clash of Clans updates many times before and they were all true. So now I’m going to show you guys the candidates of what the next Clash of Clans troop may be.

Here are some new troops in the upcoming Clash Royale update:


The first is the Ice Wizard. The Ice Wizard is probably the most popular candidate here just because of how cool the idea of a Wizard throwing ice cubes sounds. And remember, Supercell stated that this new troop is going to be released at TH10. So for this new dark troop to be usable at Town Hall 10 and also allow TH10 players to 3 star opposing TH10 players, it must be able to counter Inferno Towers. Now obviously everyone knows that the Freeze Spell is the best counter for Inferno Towers, but TH10 players also know that a few seconds of Freeze is also not enough to 3 star because one Freeze Spell also costs 2 spell slots, and there are 2 inferno towers. So the idea of Ice Wizard possibly freezing defenses and prioritizing on freezing Inferno Towers or simply being immune to the Inferno Tower sounds plausible. Because we all know that Wizards are very good behind Golems, but the problem is Golems can’t shield the Wizards from Multi Infernos because those Infernos can target both your Golem and your Wizards.

The next candidate is the Royal Giant. Now if you guys watched my last video on my speculation of what the new troop might be, the Royal Giant has everything that I was talking about. I said that TH10s needed a bulky ranged attacker. And the reason for that is because other than the Archer Queen, there isn’t any other troop with decent HP and can attack behind Golems. The closest is the Wizard, but his HP is simply too low to live from Multi Infernos. So what we need is troop like the Wizard, but with more HP but much less power to balance it out and keep it at low housing space so you can use the troop in swarms. And this is what the Royal Giant is all about, he’s a bulky troop, not as bulky as the Giant, so that of course he doesn’t outclass the Giant, but he can attack with range. So the Royal Giant would be my pick as to what Clash of Clans needs, but he just looks too funny in my opinion to be a dark troop, so it’s hard to say.

Our final candidate is the Dark Prince. Now if you guys watched my video of the Clash Royale update leak, it did not have the Dark Prince in it because this was just recently leaked as well. And now I think that it’s very reasonable to think he may be the next Clash of Clans troop just because of his name, “Dark” Prince, which fits as a dark troop. However, it’s stated that he’s a melee troop that does splash damage, but we already know have a dark troop that is a melee ground troop and does splash damage, and that’s the Valkyrie, which is a very unpopular troop as well. So that’s obviously not something we want for our new dark troop, we definitely don’t want another Valkyrie-type of troop because she’s already not getting much love.

Now obviously this all still speculation at this point as we can’t certainly be sure unless Supercell directly confirms what this new troop is, so let me know what you guys think. Also, don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t yet, and I’ll keep you guys posted on what the new dark troop is. Thanks for reading!


  1. In my opinion the only troop that I kinda miss right now is a ranged troop that prioritizes defence. I think the ice wizard is a pretty cool idea! Prioritizes defence stuctures and is less funarable for inferno’s!

  2. wont ice wiz be kinda op coz when it would be behind the tankers it would keep freezing stuff and then everything gets destroyed..and wont it outclass the freeze spell…after all what is the use of it then?also it would be cheaper than the spell..

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