New Mortar & Inferno Tower Levels + Graphic Changes

Hello guys,

Today Supercell released a new video about the upcoming with lots of new stuffs, also included new Mortar and Inferno Tower levels as I mentioned before in the leaked news post.

New Mortar and Inferno Tower Levels

Yes! Inferno Tower level 4 and Mortar level 9 will be released in the upcoming update for Town Hall 11:

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall
Mortar 9 9,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 800 15
Inferno Tower 4 10,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 2400 Multi: 46

Single: 42 > 155 > 1,550

I also got some nice hidden eggs from Galadon’s video:

New Altars and Barrack Level 7:


New Air Defenses Graphics


New Builder Menu:


I am going to update everything about this first sneak peeks as soon as possible!

What do you think about these changes guys?


  1. I find the new altars pretty good especially the AQ one,I really dislike the new AD look,am looking forward to the new dark troop,don’t really care for the new mortar and inferno levels as they are quite far from me right now and I really love the new builder interphase 🙂

  2. The ad before upgrades where good. Only good thing is builder’s menu. And the new troop is defence troop an we don’t need more defence troops on th10 instead of that if troops for special target like inferno was good. And only 1troops has come where r the 3 of them??

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