New Hog Rider, Goblin and Valkyrie Levels

Hello guys! Seems like everything I posted before in the leaked new page is correct, till now. Today, Supercell has released a new sneak peek about the new levels of Goblin, Hog and Valkyrie in Clash of Clans! Let’s take a quick look at this!

March Update New Troop Levels

Also, in this update, Valkyrie’s HP will be reduced a bit but her damage and attack speed (after locking on a target) will be increased. Seems like a lot of players don’t like using her in their army compositions at this time. I hope after this update, she will be used a lot more as I really like her special ability (damaging multiple targets at the same time).

According to spAnser, this is some information about the new Hog and Goblin levels. I will update more about this as soon as possible!

Character Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Lab Level HP DPS
Goblin 7 Unknown Unknown 8 74 52
Hog Rider 6 Unknown Unknown 8 535 118

These new troop levels are only available at Laboratory level 8, which means you can only upgrade them at Town Hall 10.

What do you think about this new updates guys? I want to hear your opinions!


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