New Dark Troop: The Bowler – March 2016 Update

Ok guys, finally the new dark troop in Clash of Clans is out, which is called “Bowler” and is only available at Town Hall 10 and 11. Let’s take a quick look at this new dark troop and see how amazing it is!

Clash of Clans Bowler

After taking a quick look at Chief Pat’s video, I can see that Bowler level 3 costs 170 Dark Elixir, has 380 HP, 14 movement speed, target only ground troops with splash damage and takes 8 housing spaces. The Bowler can hits up to 2 targets at a time.

You can see more in the video below.

Bowler level 3 in Clash of Clans

Seems like it’s better to not leave your Air Defenses near the outer ring since attackers can easily snipe them with these Bowlers.

Also, seems like Bowler can damage more than 2 units at the same time If they are grouped together

Do you like this new dark troop guys? Please share your opinions :D.


  1. I don’t think this guy bowler would be worth anything. I dont think his small HP and DPS and big space and high cost would earn him place in my army. Between him and valk I think valk is much better troop than him.

    He looks like pink gay Shrek plastic toy model.. lol
    Not impressed with it at any level

  2. I think this is just the Valkyrie with new textures and some code thrown in. I don’t think it’ll have that much of an impact on the game in general… But as always, we’re bound to be surprised.

    • Nah .. nothing like valk.. valk stats are way too high than this bowler guy. Valk is way too quick and this guy’s speed is almost matching to witch. Simply valk is cheaper and way too better than him .. but as said we might get impressed when update is released

  3. WTF??? This new troop is totally boring and useless. Neither he looks cool nor his stats are any good. Valks are much better. Seems like sc developers are totally out of ideas.Same old goblin just blue and big. Same old idea of hitting 2 buildings at once which failed miserably last time and i think it will fail again . Absolutely ridiculous troop.

  4. Am so extremely happy about this update, cant wait maybe the most exciting update yet! Extremely happy about the valkyrie boost, and so much more, however i wish i got to use the bowler at th 9, cant wait to see the next new dark troops tommorow, what do you guyz think it is?

  5. Chill guys! Don’t like the troop? Don’t use it.
    It isn’t like the Valkyrie. His rocks bounce over walls so they can attack at range. I’ll wait and see what it is like in gameplay before screaming into the air….

  6. Somehow i like this update only thing they shouldnt touch is attacking time. Hogs n Valks prety cool also they didnt nerf queen thats good and that air defense is so ugly, old one alot better.New troop kinda ok(Purple goblin that stole golems head just kidin).

  7. I thought it will be a bad update…. Bcause of the decreased time… what is bad for me either. However I really enjoy the troop buffs. And the new levels. Also the new and perfect design. Well done, Supercell

  8. My problem with Bowler is that I have to sacrifice wizards and archers to accommodate it and when you strike a base with aerial cc troops on defence, your attack is very vulnerable, especially when, as in my current case, my queen is busy upgrading.

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