New Clash of Clans Troop will be out in the upcoming update!

Hey guys, I have some more great news about the new troop that’s coming out soon in Clash of Clans! Supercell had just confirmed on their Facebook page that they are indeed working on a new troop and that they have cool plans for the next BIG feature. This is directly quoted from the Clash of Clans Facebook page.

New Clash of Clans Troop

They also revealed that this new troop is going to be a dark troop and that they’re looking at TH10 because it’s next in line and because it’s the first TH level that doesn’t have its own DE troop. And that makes sense since you’re going to need to upgrade the Dark Barracks to level 7 to unlock this new Dark Troop. It also makes sense that it would be unlocked at TH10 not only because there isn’t a TH10 exclusive troop, but also because TH10s lack a very good weapon to 3 star opposing TH10s. Everyone knows how easy it is for a TH9 player to 3 star an opposing TH9 player when using their Lava Hound with their  Balloons. But it’s like 10 times harder for a TH10 player to 3 star an opposing and well developed TH10 base.

new clash of clans troop

More at here.

They had also stated that the update is likely to happen before April in response to someone’s post about the next update being in April. Unfortunately, they decided to remove all of these posts on their Facebook page. I’m guessing they decided that they don’t want people posting on the forums about when they are going to post sneak peeks and when the next update is every 10 seconds.

But yea, with all the information we were given in those few posts, we can safely predict that the next update is going to be in March. I mean come on, the Lava Hound was the last new troop that was released around a year and a half ago. It just feels too long to wait this long for a new troop.

Anyways, with the information we’re given about the new troop, I’m going to do something fun and try to predict it. I would consider myself to be pretty good at this sort of stuff because I had released a video about TH11 around 5 months ago in which I predicted many things correctly about TH11.

So yea, if someone was to ask me what I think the new troop is going to be. I would say that it has to be a troop that would make it easier for TH10s to 3 star opposing TH10s, but not be able to 3 star TH11s. And the only way to really do that would be for this new dark troop to somehow be impervious to the Inferno Tower, but at the same time be very weak to the Eagle Artillery. However, Supercell had already recently made it so that the Eagle Artillery does 3 times the damage on Golems, while TH10s have no access to level 3 Witches. So it’s plausible to think that this new troop works excellently with the Golem. Why? Because mass Golems are one of the deadliest attack methods for TH10s and because it’s weak to the Eagle Artillery. And the best troops that work with the Golem are ranged attackers like the Wizard. However, the problem with the Wizard is that he’s weak to Giant Bombs and Multi Infernos. So I’m guessing this new dark troop would have to be a ranged attacker, but also have very decent HP (like a Giant), but at the same time not be as powerful as a Wizard because that would just be too OP and would outclass the Wizard. So I’m guessing it’s a bulky ranged attacker that occupies just as much space as a Wizard, but isn’t as powerful as a Wizard. And that in my opinion would be perfect for TH10s because the main weakness to Multi Target Inferno Towers are high HP troops, while the main weakness to Single Target Inferno Towers are hordes of low HP troops. So a troop with very decent HP and very low housing space and ability to attack from a distance can be used as a swarm behind Golems and be extremely effective against opposing TH10s.

Well that’s just my predictions, maybe you guys have better predictions. If so, please share in the comments below of what you guys think. And I’m going to continue to dig up more information on this new update with what this new BIG feature is and what this new dark troop is going to be. So be sure to subscribe if you haven’t and I’ll see you guys again soon. Later!


  1. I know it would be way OP, but wouldn’t I be cool to have a Witch Queen? The BK controls barbs, the AQ controls archers, and the WQ would have special control over all larrys as opposed tours ground larrys. Imagine a WQ that could generate air larrys, switch to bombing larrys, and then switch to ground larrys. It would be cool as the WQ would be very versatile. Oh well, so much for dreaming. ?

  2. troops that not yet in game, but IMO can be added:
    -troops with very long range attack(we only have heroes)
    -troops that can be deployed anywhere ignore the spawn area(maybe it will prioritize defense so he will not quickly target townhall, and have low hp or low damage so can’t destroy Eagle artillery fast)
    -troops that can take control enemy building (similar to yuri or engineer in red alert 2 game)
    -kamikaze style unit, but target building not wall
    -troops that have split attack

  3. Hopefully this troop doesn’t replace another troop(like a wiz or something) and it’s a good and original troop(not like a buffed version of a troop now). Hopefully they test it out, we wouldn’t to be 3 starring th 10s as easy as it is with 9vs9 right now.

  4. Btw, the eagle buff is nice and all, but people didn’t really change their strategies in the titan+ leagues, the just replaced a golem or two for witches -_-. Any possible solution so the “top players” can use killsquads and not just “spam”(no disrepect to all ye pushers)

  5. Greetings. I am having an issue. I sometimes donate troops from my 2nd account, than I go on the 1st one, but the troops aren’t here. Althrough when I look to chat there is written 25/25 1/1 but nothing is in the cc. I want that issue to be fixed ASAP but: I am trying to report it but, Supercell is super lazy or stupid because they won’t just read it to the end, They just copy some text which is most similar to my question. They always respond: That is because your clan castle was full, you need to remove your troops and than reqest. I used not few gems for speeding my barracks to donate faster, but… the troops has been lost somewhere. Any idea what do I have to do? I am reporting it about one week, They won’t respond normally.

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