New Clash of Clans Reworked Army Training System!

Hey guys! This is the second sneak peek of the current super big Clash of Clans October 2016 Update!

The second sneak peek shows us everything about the new reworked Army Training window in game. Let’s take a look for more details my friend!

New Clash of Clans Army Training System

New Clash of Clans Reworked Army Training System!

  • All troop and spell training progresses now can be performed in single and dedicated Tabs.
  • Players now can fully train 2 armies at the same time.
  • The Quick Train tab lets players create up to 3 army plans and train any plan with one tap!
  • The Quick Train Tab lets players retrain the last used army.
  • Troops and Spells now be easily reordered by a long tap.
  • The green check mark shows the overqueued units.
  • Barracks are now used to unlock troops and reduce troops training time.

Please take a look at the video below for more details guys!

Also, lots of Gem costs and times are adjusted:

  • Training single troops is now much faster. For example, it now takes only 3 minutes to train Dragons!
  • Full army-training times reduced.
  • It now takes less Gems to finish training the large amount of units.

What do you think about these big changes guys? Please share your opinion!


  1. I guess this is a step in the right direction especially for those in higher leagues like champs and titans. With the new shield system finding opponents for your level is hard. With shorter training times, people will attack more often and hence lesser time behind a shield. Hopefully this will ease the searching process and can play more of the game rather than sitting in the clouds. And for those who ain’t in the higher leagues they too will have their share of fun.

    The downside of this i feel will be – lesser dead bases for farming. That’s gonna be the biggest challenge farmers are going to face. Well let’s hope I am wrong and let’s keep those new updates coming.

    • This has advantages, my friend. This will give an edge to weaker players. And, this will make a lot of balances in the game. The game will become a lot fairer. Costs and training time of troops drastically reduces, which makes it easier for lower players to compete with powerful players. This will actually make the game tougher, as, new strategies will come up.

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